Many posts from old Prophecies

Sign of the Whale synchs breaching again  Daughter Raine’s Mother wakes from Coma on Thanksgiving/Raine’s Storm

Black Car

My intention/prediction for Kim Jong II on Sept 10 2011

Irene prediction on Aug 26th  predicted on 08/09/11 at 11:56:49

Irene was predicted because of human Presumption, checkout exact dates

Hype, presumption, synchronicity and the Swarm

Scarlet Brought to her Knees

Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



JAPAN prediction on Aug 10th 2010   goto post by dnatree

Rectent posts on Oroborus

Mt. Whitney Story

The Walrus and the Sea Turtle/ Spirit of Place


Bear Encounter Yesterday

Ocean edge whale life death

How get over it`?


Great Spirit - Owl Spirit

Great Spirit - Owl Spirit2

Three Days in the Wilderness(Alone)

Even the baby has a baby

They find they have worshiped a lie never knowing Spirit

Oh, Not AGAIN!!!

The Eternal Tree and the AVATAR

The Sanctuary Walk

Christmas Walk with the Mother lode Scotts

So far off the Wagon

Magic in Mistakes

Synchs with Shangri La

Harmony State Park and Wonder

The Eternal Tree

Alone in the Desert and the Time Travelers Wife

Oroborus and the Time Travelers Wife

Lewis C. Spence Memorial

The Great Train Wreck

Total Eclipse of the heart

Teaching a 14 year old how to cook

You cut me open



Better than a bullet!! Perfect Love

Chaos and the weakness of the law. continued

The Meltdown and Stockman Predicted exactly one year prior


Betrayal fears judging without Spirit



Fragrance of the heart and Turkish Tea



The hidden truth about Wilderness and religion



Our trip to Volcano and the news this morning



Anger synch growing and the Hulk


Message to James Dobson and the Christian R I G H T.

Enchanted life Path and Synchronicity


Post From Main Page of Prophecies


Dow soars more than 900


Stockman posted Sept 27 2006

Boat Sinking Bailout will not work

Train Crash

The Ongoing Tom/ Brick synch

Chaos and the weakness of the law.

Don't be afraid to break hearts, least of all Your own

Mr. Tree's All Seeing EYE!

When the Levee breaks

Our trip to Arcata, mudslide synchs=

Relationship Synchs and the Golden Calf

Bonneville, the coming Death and Rebirth of our Earth


I synch U have forgotten me!!!!

Latest Cool Thrread /Mim and Dnatree

Crystal Skulls, Robin birds, Poetry Camp?

The Even and the Nevada Shakin predicted 6 days before it started

What the heck is Synchronicity???

Sarah and Forget me nots


The Spirit says “It is I who broke Your heart, for time is short”

Contrived love, The only real love is KNOWING YOU, my life and SEEING YOU in the least of them

First Apple, My son has returned to me!!

A walk together / old prophecies site is coming alive

New Blog entries

Mayan Glyphs and the Dream of life

Listen Up!!

Bye for now,, Time is short

I brought You on this wild ride

Humiliated by those that are in Religion is the end of religion

That First Valentine's day Alone=

Freshness after the storm and reaching You in the Spirit

Grace, 'synchronicity, swans, rainbows

The Wave and the Worry [synch about healing]

Strait of Hormuz synch Nov 29th

Birdy Bird YOUTUBE video

Rain –and the crying land synch

The Crying Land/ Storms hitting families

Loosen Up to Walk in Wilderness


My Families Christmas Miracle

Ongoing thread on Oroborus (click above )

An Emperor of China Governs by Synchronicity

Written by Yale professor Jonathon Spence

Southern Cal fires and the coming Impassable way

Prophetic poem 5 days before the 2003 socal fires

The coming fire so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet

And leave those hiding behind religion, with nowhere left to hide. dnatree

Ongoing brick synch (see

Meltdown Synchs

Stranger in a strange land

Prophecy One year ago coming true

Lawful parents lead to lawful children but loving parents don't even need a law for the children discover the True intentions of the heart.

Power of Sweetness

The Coming Christian Humiliation

The Universal dream/fantasy of creating home

Comfort vs comfort of the Spirit

The synch with Starting Over (Pushing up Daisies)

No room at the Inn (Aug 2007)

Tree synchronicity  July 30, 07 tower.htm

Addictions (You have to get to know dnatree or You will misinterpret)

Ohio/West Virginia trip synchs with the movie October Sky

Oroborus October Sky synchs

My ongoing synch with learning from bugs Oroborus

Most prevalent predictions by dnatree on net

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia


My Moments Loving YOU

Living Closer to YOU, life, closer to nature

Ocean edge whale life death

Fire and Water

A Star will Lead You to Me

Starfish, sand dollars, shells and cameo’s


Growing up on the boat (Maranatha)

A thread where others had started talking about living without electricity and running water

Reconciliation and forgiveness, Edison and Frogs

Ashes and Diamonds

Gold Hill


Catalina Island

The Coming Crime of Following a Leader

The Judas/ Jesus Connection

Hurt By Love



The Freshness of Obsession



And so I go away and leave the struggle

Conflict Resolution

Leave the Struggle, go to that place where you meet the spirit

(Spirit, conflict mediator between You and I)

You cannot and will not fix a problem through conflict

But I have found “You Spirit are able”

Let there be silence in heaven and earth



In the Spirit all opposites Unite






After many prophecies occurred on I was banned by those that misunderstood my intent and wanted to get rid of me. So I continued at


Healing (The Fairies that See through the eyes of Flies)

The Naked Coffee lounge (You and I, Dem/republican)trains

Stockman Comin and he take it all Away


New writings of late mountain/




Steve Irwin


Florida Trip

Our wonderful trip to florida

As in the book and song Rain by Madonna

“after the storm I would return”