May 3, 2006


Hello everyone at Cedar Lodge


            Steven and I enjoyed ourselves at Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy.  Then HWY140 to Mariposa was closed by a huge rockslide May 1, 2006.



I had made a landslide map for the Plumas National  Forest back in 1977 so I wanted to see the slide. At sunset we walked two miles past Savage’s Trading Post where the road was closed to ‘check it out’. We quickly left because above us the huge escarpment was still moving and more rocks were falling. HWY 140 WILL BE CLOSED FOR EIGHT DAYS.


Also as the photos clearly show the power for Yosemite is in danger.


We camped at Dry Flat, near Foresta.  In the morning we walked four miles down to the Slide on the other side of the Merced River to take photos. 





Thank you Cedar Lodge for letting us work on the computers and the good eats and the good company.


Pamela Norton-Nesin  and Steven Spence



Pam at Hetch Hetchy


Picture from Cedar Lodge (Announcement that the road was closed)