Its big and it will surprise everyone.

Had this synch this morning

Shocking Secret


DNA Tree you rock. If the bombs fall, or the mountains erupt, or granny gets run over by a reindeer, in the end there is only what is right now and if you are at peace with the present then you have peace eternally and you are more open to allowing God's universal support to flow in

Quote Dnatree poem:


The heart is like a rose, and the fragrance draws
everything you get.....

As it was in the beginning, my love. When I was the honeybee and you
were my apple tree. For then, it was the fragrance of your heart that
drew me to you. (my life speaking to me here). Remember..... how we
let the sea swells rise into the air, we let the mountains crumble, we
don't care , whatever happened,
remember, I was the honeybee and you
were my apple tree. I was your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah.
Anything you wanted, I brought it to you. Remember, there has always
only been, You and I.

Synchs are about HERE and NOW, all true power is in this moment. My taught beliefs kept trying to get me to go to the future or the past failures but the Spirit kept me looking at the wonderful things in this moment and over time it proved the most important. Hey it is where YOU are, it must be the most important. (find a dot, save a lot, Old synch with Ross's clothing about finding synchronicity)

Pam and I are talking just now about how the spirit takes you from the thoughts and intentions of the world view such as a group of people talking in a room and you are just open to the spirit or YOU, spirit and you hear it over in the words of this child in the corner and then written on a magazine but it keeps you focused in spirit. (When you change the way you look at things, the things change. On tv right now,Wayne Dyer)
The changes that are coming are to teach you a new way of seeing only YOU.

As was written in scripture there are folks saying on TV this morning that Christ is come in human form again and it is interpreted "not to believe them" but I tell you the reason not to believe that Christ is in a form over here or over there is because he or she is in You and that is the only important place that You find Spirit.

There was a time in my reality when it looked like the sun would not rise anymore but the synchronicities had said that it would be different. I developed a way of staying in synchronicity by taking what came in synchronicity and putting it in form on a small table and I closed the doors and started to work on the layers of my sanctuary/heart. The synchronicities were to be found in a state that was beyond peace and joy. As the heavens are said to be above so is the state of joy that I needed to get to. I found that thoughts felt lower than just feeling and in order to let go of that pain/dread. I worked on the layers of my heart and it was then that I found a wonderful resource that came to me in a wonderful synchronicity. I was wearing a pinkish red shirt and had just taken my daughter back to her mother's for the weekend and walked into a bookstore in Pensacola. I was looking for YOU because to think of ANYTHING else was painful at the time, in fact I did not even want to speak to anyone for a long time because of this state of staying with YOU, my life. On the top shelf in the back of the bookstore was a book that had that victorian color that I was having synchronicities with. I felt the layers of that book before I touched it. I went back to the book and took it off the shelf and opened it to the name Lewis Spence. That is my father's name and also a relation from Scotland that was a poet/writer. http://www.stephentree.com/lewis.htm. I then noticed that everything that I had been having synchs with was in that book. You see when it looked like I had lost my life I began to meet babies named Victoria. I had many cameos with the form of Victoria on them given to me by different people in one week. My moments were filled with synchs about layered things like heart, cameo, pearls, roses etc. and I was being taken into those layers in my Romance with Spirit. The name of the book was The Victorian Grimore on Enchantment, Romance, and Magic.



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Mr Tree I have this book. It is one of my favorites. I tried to make both the rose petal beads and the red clover lip balm. I needed the clover so I drove around looking for the stuff and found a field of it. Very awesome book.

Cool, look up Lewis Spence in the back when you get a chance. But since I did not have a significant other to pamper I began to treat myself to layered experiences like baths and began to layer my sanctuary with thngs from synchronicity. As my experience went on I began to dream of reaching those that I loved and that was when the synchs with the Huge Waves, Hurricanes, and fires began. The poetry of them spoke of how I would reach them and the experiences began there with the storms in Milton. The list in the Victorian Grimoire of items about luck began to show up in my reality. Cherries, boxes, roses etc. I carried the cereal box tab for Lucky Charms and a "wild card" from the Uno game as I had many synchs with them. I had written of the storms that were coming and how they would effect my reality and then the first storm came and tore only the roof off my daughter Rain's room to expose the things on her walls about Rain, and Fern Gully. During the storms I experienced the most wonderful rapture where I was carried to safety. (Another Story)

Let us all agree in the spirit as we know these changes are coming but we also agree that it is a wonderful thing and will be a wonderful thing for each of us.

For what is life except to be ready for the wild ride! Get on the wonder train and forget your fears. Live open eyed looking for that lover which is life.

PS. That picture looks just like Rain at that age. I will try to find a pic of her at that age, I think I will have to scan one.

When I saw that the abundance of my heart drew to me circumstances such as I believed and feared emotionally then it gave me the strength to let go of the world that I lived and go to what my heart had taught me and to remain in synchronicity with my life and that is when my life began to feed me experiences that transmuted all the fear of the changes to come and allow me to thrive during such cataclysmic change. You see as you become aware of that smallest of points that changes the whole equation you realise "big deal that I have wrongly dreamed these things because of my past fears, YOU love me and with you all things will change to reflect that in my life) Never mind who is right, that will not be important.

The coming fire (passion in hearts, weightiest fire) so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet. And leave all those merely hiding behind a belief, with nowhere left to hide!

Get ready for the wild ride!

PS. Pam loves Ellen Degeneres and her favorite part of Ellen is Dora

I was looking at the pic of your child and the spirit said " can I hold her" (synchronicity on tv Pam is watching) as in would you trust your child''s life to the spirit. Without words to convey it do you have a dream that the spirit reveal to your children? Abraham did but it is not what is interpretted. The letter brings an interpretation of dominion that was not the original intent and leads to your children's end but the spirit carries the love of that father to the hearts of his children. It was the future for his children because of misinterpretation that Abraham addressed with his son on the altar.

Synchronicities of Late:

And Life is full of surprises, and surprise her and many other synchs with surprise.

Manhole cover synchs started with this story in Mammoth Lakes
Many more the last few days related to undercurrents of government

Manhole cover on Ellen Degeneres, and also on Honeymooners
Pam and I walked and had many synchs with vortex related to manhole covers.

Religious hate disquised as Tolerate or TOLERHATE/ many synchs with with the word hate tonight
Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intentions of my heart. The smallest of points overlooked will soon altar everything and render all the interpretations meaningless. http://stephentree.com (Gambling with money not their own) Synch


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