Those who went before us (Steven and Pam in Ariz and Utah)



Exerps from the “Those who went before Us” trip

. The new man that has been growing overtakes the old man. It is better to go into heaven having one eye than having two being thrown into hell. This is the two minds that grow side by side the one (spirit) overtakes the other, flesh (interpretations of man, letter, own understandings) Many synchronicities happened on this trip.. with the blood of Christ being as those who went before us, our fathers. This tape had many surprises on it about seed spewing into the future and about those who went before us.


All day long I ponder your poetry, you who made these mountains and these trees. He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock.  Deliberate intention,,,, as we climbed the bell rock trail. When the footprint comes back… that moment.   The smallest of changes… It’s not the person that I am running into as I do my deliberate intent that is making me mad, it is the fact that I am running into things as I do my deliberate intent. After 40 min and 40 sec. Deliberate point in the equation… Saw a seed burst forth…. Like the temp made it spew.. after the plant blooms it dies.. Popped and spewed… Moses had to veil himself.. he got partial,,, limited in scope.. saw in part.. the passion and power of it was also part of the spirit of the moment. This seed hidden in the fruit. Fresh fruit right off the dnatree, not that manna that was put in a box so only a glimpse was left. Intense red at bell rock… tree exposed looked like blood.  Grand lore: lore that is grand


. The new man that has been growing overtakes the old man. It is better to go into heaven having one eye than having two being thrown into hell. (note here about loving a woman and domestication of a man by love.) This is the two minds that grow side by side the one (spirit) overtakes the other, flesh (interpretations of man, letter, own understandings) The love of spirit domesticates a man you do not need a law. For the law had me pondering what it is I was not to be doing but the spirit had me pondering a universe without regard to that thing that I was not to be pondering. (the bad thing the law says not to do)And if you allow it (that which you should not be pondering) in your temple then you have created it. But if by the power of love’s spirit I see through this veil of flesh and only see YOU, my love, my life, my savior, my queen, in the forms that make up this universe with me, then those things (bad things the law says not to do but have the thought of the thing I am not supposed to do in them) are not even in my world


The similitude in spirit having to do with the mountains being the high most layered places in the landscape of dna. Where the layering of experiences (the most layered forms) are evident and wondered at. They layered it with their thought, with their intent. (Actually with the intent of the heart, canyons of the heart, awe and beauty) Get totally lost that you might get totally found. Moses built an altar and erected twelve pillars. Those who went before us (the blood of billions, the blood of one,,,Christ) has layered your path with poetry. For man makes his plan but the fathers (those who went before us, blood of billions, blood of one life ..Christ) determine the steps of his feet. For I did dream the home and the hurricane (storm) came and removed the old. And when the storm was over my feet were standing where it was I dreamed I wanted to be. I tell you from the moment you were conceived you were found, but you veil yourself. The wisdom of youth is joy and they learn it in play. Has any child had to be taught to play? No they are only taught to forget play. To rename the moment for fear the coffin catches you. But forgetting all else (laying aside the belief that yesterday or tomorrow even exists or that anything except seeking you here in this moment. That I might glimpse yet another spirit of your countenance. (read the rose, It wouldn’t have been written on my heart, If I had woke up and they said “you are found” it would not have been “written on my heart” The foundations of interpretations made by mans teachings (you shall break down (in yourself) their idols and their pillars. As you grow in the spirit that is what happens to your old interpretations and what is already written on your heart by the blood of billions that went before us, paid for by their lives, is the wonder of that inner lanscape revealed by the lifting of that veil.

    More on the tape of the bell rock in Sedona,,, likened unto siani (mountain of moses) Found these pillars on the path of bell rock and the Sinai spirit showed up. The pi portance of the pillars,, the 3.14 pi portance of the pillars. The twelve pillars of the dna strand…The form is increasing as we move closer to the top of the rock.  Headed up,,, the spirit of a big step for mankind. Engaged on a pillar,,, up on bell rock… you and I ,, romance of the stone. The pillars mark the PATH up the dna cameo,,, and seeing Sinai a large layered cameo of experience by those who went before us. As the mount of Olives is. But the mount called the scull (thinking, interpretation) must never be visited again that you do not crucify Christ all over again. The pillars were the steps along the way up the DNACAMEO put there by the blood of billions (his name being ancestors, Christ, slain from the foundation of the earth) For it was before known that the interpreters would overlook the smallest of points. But that all may be fulfilled and so that the place dreamed of by the fathers that his children may live and believe and go on and build a city without hands but with spirit. For the city is and has been in us from the beginning as has the kingdom. They sure created some nice steps before us didn’t they.. your moments will teach you this by use of sidewalks and trails. Streets paved with gold,,, prepaved by the blood of billions. Yea Verily (just playing in the spirit) “he who sits in the most high place has the two (……). And then the sun shown brightly over the mountain so that we could not look directly at the apex of the bell rock. Therefore it was necessary to veil our eyes as we came up the trail, but when we reach that point put there by the spirit of those that went before us (the fathers, much greater multitude than our history reveals) we will be unveiled, (naked before each other as it was in the beginning) We must trust the markers for the trail started to go down hill,,, decending…. I did not understand the reason for the change at that moment. (just wait) We must trust the markers for the trail descended. Like a Dirvish priest going round and round the mountain. Then the sun shown brightly in the heat of the day,,,, ahhh,, he hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock, I said. She wants to sit in the shade as the sun passed over. Wow look at this shady cave entrance with no top.. Yea Verily those who went before us sure made our way straight this will be a nice place to hide in the heat of the day. The forms protruding from the path. We were going to experiment with sounds up here.. the Great Lore… as I yelled Yeeeeeeehawwww!  Who shall ascend to bring it down to me I then thought. Then I found this in my spirit “ nobody needs to ascend” For he who has ascended has also decended and has left these twelve pillars to remind us of the path.. but we have to see past the interpretations of our stone belief in order to see the twelve trees.. pillars… in the nations and the cultures of the world.

     Here is a crack in the rock…. And the water (understanding flowed from very simplistic conciousness and in the synergy of many beings and lives this form appeared. For in the universe of reality there are many forms but some are reflected in the poetry of the forms and the trees as the twelve reflected in all time and form and space and cultures, and understandings (waters).

   Playing in spirit here ( heehee I pick up good stuff when I am bee bobbin hob knobin,, or how a tree walks.) Altar ceremony..

I saw a face in the form,, a beautiful lion, until the pharaohs transmuted it.

   We all must walk this path alone not influenced by any other, and for God’s sake not by flesh and blood. Oxegen is only one way that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.

   Inhereting GREAT PURPOSE,,, He who has ascended has also decended. Left the twelve pillars marking what it is that is there. Yea Verily with the might of spirit I can jump up there to the most high place but I would rather stay down here amougst the twelve pillars that I might finish this path, the greater purpose. Then Pam and I found these flower stalks that as I felt on the beginning of the path were spewing seeds into the path and future. An exercise of walking the bewilderness trail (path of wonder after spirit) No you do not have to ascend,, neither do you have to decend (hell) you are free to create in any house with spirit, eat from any tree remaining unveiled with spirit. Like the piss path used by the ceyote to find it’s way home the fragrance of your heart will not suffer you to be lost except in the joy of loosing yourself in order to find new life to layer your pearls. Yes anywhere in reality with spirit is made perfect, or sanctified by spirit after knowing spirit to the degree she is with you always. (for we are veiled to a degree to what is always there in the moment.

    The 144,000 seed spewers are itchin to spew. So then I saw the tabernacle of the wilderness but there was only the two rooms with the veil. (because here we are not talking of the furnishings but the two as in relationship. Then below this or round about it we see the twelve houses or peoples and they are as one and another of these two houses to be joined. Like the relationships and all the combinations of you and I, us and them, God and man. How the joining of the houses of Isreal is the same similitude as that of the Zodiac and how the twelve relates to all time and who we really are united in all time 12 as illustraited in time, month, year. These building blockes were preserved in our dna. This is the story we heard from the start (love story, it’s love across time get ready for the ride) It came in myth because man could not understand what a remnant (seed) within us has understood. We did not have the tools,, but the tools are decending like the New Jerusalem and these tools will allow us to see much farther into these layers than we have formally been able to. He who has gone before you (your fathers) have prepared a place for you. And there are none that are not on that trail.

   Big berries appeared in our path, wow those were some big berries they found in the promised land…. Yea biggest berries we have ever seen are here on this path. Communication… tool that decended. (thanks pop) In those days writing was scarce so many had their own realities in the far out places. The wonder of wizards…

   Die to the interpretations of man and live in the moment using love to provide the veil the veilel require.   Wildheart the spirit fulfills all the requirements of the law so you do not have to focus on that you are to focus on what you know your life to be about in this moment,, paying close attention to what your life is telling you and developing relationship with your life. Heart like a clay bowl and it was being formed by your experiences and beliefs. If you are seeking for it to happen life through your genetics will show you all the powers of your fathers that went before you. You heart is a formable thing,, and your dna and soul is a greater body,,, and when your heart is formed in the manner of heart of hearts (soul) it then adds unto that and is a part of it eternally.

   Publicly announce your wedding… standing at the altar and the preacher wanted to read the same old crap,,, but I replaced it with what I had written for we had already created a covenant together. Who is it that interprets how we should love and how the covenant should be. Who is it that interpreted what the covenant should be. For is it not obvious that he never had a good covenant with his wife.. For what does such as interprets for the rest of us know about this love anyway. Let no man take it from you, what God has joined to you. God, love , spirit, she… blessed is she that nailed me to this tree.

    About the entrance to the garden,,, it is actually the whole planet that is mirrored in our dna… The tree that was in the center that said this is right and this is wrong.. that was the tree they entered by, they thought they left the garden.. the fullness of the fruit will reveal we never left it. That it was fear that made us interpret that way. The fearful controllers that added the tares to the wheat. But they are already dead, they got their reward,, let’s move on. Those behind the veil were told to look on the right side of the road and missed what was on the left. Why else did he need to come as a thief in the night except that it is that he has to steal something back. If your relationship with your life is not right then it will show up in all your relationships.

   There will come a time when man will understand precisely the poetry of Jesus and the problem of interpretation without spirit and then we will also lay that down and move on.

   Sign,, red rocks top.. Airport Mesa… who shall ascend. If by a thorn you may meet me.. for roses you shall bloom. Silent decent,, I come as a thief in the night,,, a sculpture of an eagle decending on a fish.

     We keep seeing this image since Stockton about the rock with the whole in it that was carved by water over time. We wondered how there can be water in this desert and we saw this donut whole fountain rock. Where someone collected the water of life and their life became a fountain. How the flow of conciousness created form over time and then form being an intelligence created more.

    We went to see Cathedral Rock on Back and Beyond road. We found in the book that the parking lot was to be at the end of the road leading to the Cathedral Rock.. But we found that Back and beyond Road has gone on much farther than the map showed in the book.. Ha ha.. sort of like how the book has kept the religious as pillars of salt not able to go on while many others have gone on beyond the book. (to spirit) You already got what you needed from religion.. we learned about “endless interpretation”. The snare!

He who has gone to the most high place,, (the blood of billions that went before you, your fathers, the lamb slain from the foundation of the earth) says you have already learned what religion could teach you,,,, you get in bondage and are led to the cross (death) of which when you CREATE this you then receive what you created it for,, the understanding and belief written on your heart that though you followed this path it lead you to a death and there you see by the experience what power it was “in you” that created it. Not this belief or that belief,, but the constant belief in certain things that then turned on you as you believed. So then, armed with this truth written on your heart and in the spirit with the layers of your life and the moments that speak you begin to resurrect with your own intent. And you walk back out the door to religion that you came in,, the door of the knowledge of Good and evil. Take up your cross and follow me.

   We could not see the last pillar until we got right up on it.

Time below the rim.. those who went before us

We then decided instead of taking route 66 now to visit the grand canyon. We had no idea of the magic that was to occur there and later in Zion National Park Utah. Water flow,, conciousness flow,,, dna,, over time forming layers… Gradually taking on the form by the flow of consciousness. Like the forms of rock that are like donuts with the water flowing through them. This form in the rock that keeps showing up in my reality since the restraunt in Stockton with the wagon and the desert form. That is why gallilee was called circle and Jordon means water that decends. Consciousness is not what we think all these forms do not exist as we believe but rather as a river and we draw from this river both good water and bad according to our intent. For pure water is defiled by a small amount of germ. (fearful thinking, leaven of the pharasees, leaven of religion)

   Synchronicity with the channel Kryon and Enron. Orbits and magnetics, properties of realities are changing. Like this other magnetics can be altered, like thoughts,, like one magnetic property to the next,, sun to earth to moon, earth to person. Circles within circles. I saw matter growing in the universe like a tree.  The water (jordon) flowing through the circle (galalee) like a tree, the sun flowing through the tree, synergy of two dimentions. All day long I ponder your poetry, you who made the mountains and the trees. That form the water flows through. So in the understanding of spirit many cultures have spoken of the spirit of the river and the right people that misinterpreted their own scripture did not recognize them as taught of spirit.

    As you have believed, as you now believe, (all power in this moment) be it unto you. Because they have believed it and they are believing it. By changing a belief there will be a devil from the old belief to tempt you.

   I realized that the formula for getting lost and finding spirit each day is that same formula that is kind of set up for in the bible. (Age old path, those billions that went before us) That was laid down in our dna,, went from believing what flesh and blood and the interpretations that were handed down and salted with fear by the fearful and unbelieving transmuted it in a short period of time to a lifeless shell. As you try to do what the interpretation of the great one spoke we find ourselves getting lost and that leads to a death and you turn around and see where you came from and you can walk back out of it. That path to sinia, in bewilderness, where we were veiled has been followed by countless billions who went before us. Languages might have been different but the SPIRIT seems to be the same here. As you do it and get more intentful about doing it even though he is still leading you to a cross, where you will turn around and see what you created by belief and that knowing becomes the power that raised him from the dead.

    Historical marker,,, pillar upon the path of spirit in dna,,, we are somewhere in Utah and I am thinking about markers upon the path. Remember in the springtime when we first met,,, you and I,,,, we placed a marker there. The marker said,,, you and I met here and now we can create anything we want.  How about the last days are really the beginning,, it is letting go of the veil again and starting new.. living life in the moment. And when they say “you will be cast into the outer darkness” tell them “ what does it matter for if (she) my life goes with me I have all I need”. In a dark and lonely place is the start of the human race.

    Down at the last stop I said I don’t want this sand stone it is so young it is not interesting and then we found the same thing only hardened. They are solidified and the layers of sand were layered over time and then this got washed out to reveal what is there. The layers of our experiences like the sandstone are speaking. It was cut by something else. Water seeping out and turning to ice through the sandstone.. Natural arches are wanting to convey something to me about intelligence could have evolved from a rock. Abundant forms, ancient forms, now if the smallest of creatures can look at these forms, can they not be created? I wonder if that is where idols started,, spirits erecting forms to create them. They wanted to be creators, the creators. Or maybe they came from another land and erected the form and focused the intent to create them. For as abraham’s intent was alive and lived on so you may understand how those who went before us have left a treasure. Seeing seeps.. I wonder where this torrent came from.. water here rises 20 feet in a moment. Swept away by love!

    I was thinking about archetypes and forms and the powerful intent that they hold and we drove around the corner and were stunned by the sight. It is called the “Court of the Patriarchs” but the moment said to call it the “court of the archetypes”. Here we are in the “court of the archetypes,, I mean the court of the patriarchs” We then found the “holy tablets” standing before the archetypes,, then I read the writing. Sentinal slide,, in a moment the form changed when the sandstone fell,,, I just had an even better image of “it escapes their notice that the world was made by water (understanding) through water. The picture of the cameo as representing our dna and how layered it is just like the earth creator heart. (Oh how pagan!) We had no idea that we would be here in the court of the patriarchs.. we did not know where we were going.. but the spirit leads us.

    How Kryon spoke of how things ending in “ON,such as enron” are related to that spirit of Kryon.. funny how Enron is related to energy collapse. We are rethinking our interpretation of energy,, and who is the master of it. And how those that use it are responsible for it. Sanctuary…Zion.

    Went into bookstore and came upon this Hopi Indian book. Much of the programming of DNA came from earlier races that were not even physical. Back at the Grand Canyon I was asking Indians of their language and then here I found this book of Hopi and the writing of their ancient tablets. (so cool, many syncs from earlier on this trip) Their records and language,,, comes from without but it is within them. Their wanderings and the story of their wanderings. The picture of how humans evolved but in magnetics. Both realities are true like creation and evolution. We are in Zion now again and I am reading from page 213 book of the hopi. “then you really knew that your ancestors participated in the emergence and you were proud that you were participating in this ceremony that has preserved it in memory for countless years.” (The synchronicities with “those who went before us” fathers, blood of billions increasing on this trip now.) And then a sync with a Rumi poem slightly modified “ I was a hidden treasure and I created you to discover me”.

    Sitting here back in the “court of the archetypes,,,ooops.. I mean patriarchs,,hehe) These archetypes,, these pharaohs,,listening to the birds. The white mountains behind the patriarchs. By having the confusion and separation caused by the misinterpretation it created more fruit coming out on the vine. How wonderous you are my life, how wonderous the synergy of you and I are. I wonder if these mountains are wondering. I wonder “am I wondering about you, or are you wondering about me”. I stand before you all as though I stand before one, for there is only you and I. Were talking about patriarch,, fathers,, a Korean man was up here with us talking. Somehow I got from the spirit of these patriarch mountains to a verse in the bible about how “there were giants in the land in those days”. I then saw that layered beings such as the great mountains were the giants and the patriarchs. Bear, ichey, ooch, dirt, besh,…eee, eenie meinee mienee, and mo… were the five from long ago. Like one (I am) two (there is only You and I), three (trinity us), four eenie meinee mienee mo, were the four from long ago.. like the four wives that bore twelve sons, or like the elements. Five (patriarchs) six (something to do with the number of man) seven, (well we will rest for now) yes and after resting he went back to  work.. well not work more like childs play for he enjoyed all that he created. I tah utah, did you tee utah? I will give it to a people not called by my name. Could it be the hopi Indians,, yea the hopi Indians were right the rest of you go to hell. Somebody is right..hehe .. few there are that find it.

   And the patriarch walked out with the twelve stones upon his chest, signifying the twelve tribes (whole) of the planet. But the interpreters could not see that for they knew not the spirit. For even the interpreters could be made right if they allow it but none will have it (at first) . So that all may be fulfilled.. now come on.. all the interpretations both sides even the interpreters. Why in parables.. so that it would be interpreted in a million ways and then some interpretations were mixed in but the pearl was still hidden in the field of tares and wheat. For the illusion of separation is the door into this reality. Actually it is my anger that is tearing the veil… I am not angy at you but what is separating us. Raine I am not leaving you. The hills are alive with the sound of music. Refreshing as the water from the rock so is your words to me, my life. So are your kisses, here in the moment, without a book, without a teacher. The water washed away the sand and revealed the true form of the fathers. So it will be with the understanding to come. It escapes their notice that the world was made by water through water. (they teach that here at Zion national,, about how the water created it.)  But also how the flow of consciousness created it.. there has always only been you and I. The hopi thing about the snake and how it gaurds the tree of knowledge in order to bring spirits in that have a longing. Like adam and eve civilizations following this snake into illusion of duality.. like dna being a snake that layered over billions and billions. And it has a vital story,, it will sting you but you will overcome. It was the illusion that our fathers handed us that was separate from dna. It was like the tree that grew outside the heart, but the one that grows in the center of outside.. what the earth teaches. The true tree is the heart. Love considers all things. Like several billion cells looking at each door and the one that fits steps forward for that moment. So is the poetry of our love. Like trying to remember spirit by letter the illusion is coming to an end. The magic father,,, “though I am not with you I am there in your midst”..  And I come in puddles.. it’s related to the poem I wrote for my daughter Raine entitled “where have you gone puddles” it’s about poetry of though I am not with you I am in you.

   Here we are at the Virgin trading post in the town of Virgin,,, all I can see on the sign is the word wild.

   One day everybody found that God was within themselves but it manifested in billions differently but we all knew it was the same spirit. Grand view,, like looking through eyes of spirit how it all evolved.. the water flowing through the rock. And the form itself was the door to spirit. We came into a mall and found 11 pillars done by a school. One is victory having to do with the greeks determination. Independence,, one was to knowledge sort of like the scientist of atlantis in Donavan song. The twelve.

    Grids, Date.. 7feb2002. increasing… you talk of a 11:11 door hahahahaha.

Speaking of home the song came on the radio… “ a thousand miles from nowhere and there is noplace I would rather be”.

   The compressor and the sync with Freon… and the gas compressing,,, and the energy increasing.