Independent Electronics Repair Consultant

Motel Television Repair/ Motel 6

Most Repairs $25-35

Specialized in audio, video, oem repairs without the luxury of schematics. If we cannot repair it we do not charge any evaluation fee. We bring to the site all tools needed including but not limited to digital scope, meters, repair tools. Call (800)224-8493 and leave motel name, number, qty of units to repair, or email for a quote. Repair rates as low as $25 according to qty and make.

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Velleman PCS64i Digital Scope


Spence Tech  .




Stephentree (Paul Steven Spence)


Inventor (family history)

Writer (Spence is an accomplished writer)

Teacher (Spence has taught leadership school, electronics, cadd, service techniques and much more)

Locations we repair for

We repair motel tv’s for all locations in California as well as across to Reno and south to parts of Arizona. We do not charge if we do not fix a unit and most parts are free while repairs are starting at 25 dollars.