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Three days in the Wilderness (alone)

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:06 am    Post subject: Three days in the Wilderness (alone) Reply with quote


Three Days in the Wilderness

The Synch on the radio was a familiar one that I have experienced over the years about being Alone for a time. The theme was Three days out in the wilderness. I had dropped my partner off with her sister so they could have some time in Sedona. I began to travel up hwy 395 from Mojave to hwy 88. The snow had just fallen and was blanketing as far as You could see in the Sierras starting in Mammoth Lakes and Continuing all the way to Walker.

To find a wonderful sanctuary to spend some time alone is a wonderful way to allow Synchronicity. I decided to make my first stop at Fossil Falls. I had been there before but there is always something new to see at Fossil Falls. And this time I was not disappointed.

He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock

Before I knew that I would choose Fossil Falls to stop and dream I began to sing the song “He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock” And when I saw the sign on the side of the road I remembered that I had that experience with that song in earlier synchs with Fossil Falls. My experiences in wilderness can be is like this statement: YOU hid my soul along my path. The odd experience that drew the attention of Moses was very much like what sends me off into wonder and Synchronicity. This time I saw something different than I had before when I was there. Here is the picture of what I saw.

Such an experience often takes me back to how the Spirit revealed the smallest of points that reveals that religion is a lie. For as we try to interpret what something might be and then we are taken to the experience by the Spirit so that we might see more of what it really is and then all the interpretations become meaningless. So it is that each time I have a synch I must not interpret for the next one reveals the smallest of points I had overlooked and then the next one again shows that I could not interpret for I would misinterpret having overlooked something. Now I say this because now is the time for the OLD which is now Christianity to persecute and misunderstand the new (Son of Man) so it would be for You to let go of that veil and learn only from the Spirit. By eating the fresh fruit of experience in synchronicity with Spirit and Wondering after them that as You came to know the Spirit through fresh experience (wine) with Spirit through synchs that those that worship the letter and interpretation would also misunderstand and reject what You have to say from the Spirit. For they were the same that misunderstood in the last dispensation believing themselves to be the elect. Now these hiding behind the Christian Veil that they did not get each block from the Spirit, they do not know that LOVE is not having the “right interpretation” which amounts to self rightness, but knowing the Spirit and seeing the Spirit in the least of them which they reject as “wrong”. So that as the Spirit returns in the experiences of many that they will reject them and likewise reject the Spirit for they never knew him.

Adam and Eve

All humans are to learn from the Archetype of Christ or the ONLY SON Therefore it was written that they were Adam and Eve when it was really the human race that veiled from one another. For it was not Jesus that spoke but the Spirit that spoke through him when he said “I am the way, the truth and the life” and it was known that they that worship the letter without knowing the Spirit would overlook this smallest of points.

When humans rejected the Spirit and wanted an interpretation the poetry of the “tree of the knowledge of some things are good and some things are evil” was given as a veil for them to where or hide behind because they would not receive the truth, they wanted a lie. They would not receive it, therefore they were given it in this manner. (Poetry), the same as Jesus speaking of the Kingdom, there is not Kingdom as humans desire a king and a kingdom but they would not receive that and they also desired a king. Therefore it was given them because otherwise they would have destroyed the message. For as the tale of Adam and Eve was not about two people but about “A PEOPLE” divided from each other by interpretation just like in these times the Democrats and the Republicans or the right and the left, or Husband and wife are divided by a veil of interpretation not from the Spirit that is over their eyes. So a veil was fashioned that they would receive it.

Synchs with Sierra Wave Radio

Upon leaving Fossil Falls I began to have wonderful experiences with the Music on Sierra Wave Radio. One in particular was a song I had never heard that was so much the experience of my partner Pam. You see Pam used to be a map maker when she was a soil scientist. We even have this map on the wall that she was responsible for making while working in that field. Now often Pam gets lost as we all do and fear sometimes sets in and as I listened to this song I thought about how perfect it was related to her fears and getting lost and how such a synch as I was having would be perfect for her intentions to grow like a tree. I decided to call her on the cell phone as the song was still playing and she was off with her sisters. (that is one reason we decided to get cell phones so we could still be close even when we are alone) She was overjoyed by the synch and I decided that I would post this and find the lyrics for her and perhaps order the album.

Mary Black - Columbus Lyrics
Album: No Frontiers

Better keep your distance from this whale
Better keep your boat from going astray
Find yourself a partner and treat them well
Try to give them shelter night and day
'cause here in this blue light
Far away from the fireside
Things can get twisted and crazy and crowded
You can't even feel right

So you dream of Columbus
Ever time the panic starts
You dream of Columbus
With your maps and your beautiful charts
You dream of Columbus
With an ache in your traveling heart
See how the cormorant swoops and dives
Must be some thrill to go that deep
Down to the basement of this life
Down to where the mermaid gently sleeps
Not like here in this blue light
Far away from the fireside
Where things can get twisted and haunted and crowded
You can't even feel alright


And as tide must ebb and flow
I am dragged down under
And I wait the livelong day
For an end to my hunger

So I dream of Columbus
Every time that the panic starts
I dream of Columbus
With my maps and my beautiful charts
I dream of Columbus
And there's peace in a traveling heart
I dream of Columbus

Listen to a sample

I had just posted the other day about the Snowmageddon and had begun to have synch in a song on Sierra Wave Radio about how the snowball fight in Washington would escalate or Snowball and so this song that came on with the lyrics “In a New York Minute Everything can change In a New York Minute Things can get pretty strange” really felt like a synch.

Other pics from my experience

I climbed this hill and looked back at my car.

From a related post at Oroborus

I have been off alone for several days and even my partner Pam has been in Sedona with her sisters allowing me time to spend with my life alone. I need time alone very much. I need to catch up on my sharing of all my friends experiences here at Oro. I had a wonderful experience and thought a lot about my friends and loved ones while on this trip I have much to convey about the experience. Over 100 miles and I did not see so much as one foot print in the vast snow from June Lake to Walker River.

River Wrote:


"I was frequently so wrought up that I had to do certain yoga exercises in order to hold my emotions in check

During those six years alone where every moment was communication with Spirit I would take off from my Shack and walk sometimes for days. I found that this helped to brind order and flow to my moments that I could better understand what I was being told.

River Quoted:


No, it is your Lord. It hit me then how I had always wondered how Abraham, Jesus and Noah could follow their Lord's instructions and not ask for other options.

Yes,, it is YOU, my life. (My LORD)

Other things I wrote while alone on this trip.

Some of You love the Spirit when You see it in my experience but You don’t really like me when I speak as myself.

If I was to remain silent and only speak when the Spirit speaks instead of this blending You would really change the way You see me. I am telling You the truth when I say that if Jesus was to reveal his humanity in the same manner as I am that those that say they love him would hate him. Therefore he said “I will say to them, I never knew You” for they never knew the Spirit that was speaking through him. This also is the reason he spoke often of the least of the brethren that are misunderstood and rejected by the same. (those the law would judge as the least of the brethren) From the Spirit’s perspective I am completely viewed differently than I would be viewed by those that judge by the interpretation called the law. Both the law called scripture and the law in America. As those that misunderstood and rejected me in the past until I would leave that struggle and go away for a new life. From the Spirit’s perspective the Spirit has already left them so as to render them dead already though they walk around.

Loosing Myself again and again

I lost myself alone to find this life of synchronicity. And like the weakness of the law, that understanding that came from my moments learning from life was not to be the end all truth. (like the law) For in relationship with Pam and with You all those systems I learned alone are wanting to evolve. (I came into relationship with You to reach You) As I lost myself to find those answers I now again loose myself in You. Now this sparks me to ask my life again to evolve my systems to freshness. After all it is not by the flesh’s power that these systems are upheld so I must further intend they evolve to include You. How the Spirit treats me remains the same, love is what does not change. But the systems to address this new day are changing. The rain that comes from the Spirit is like the rain that causes a tree to grow, but there exists more times that it will rain to cause the tree to grow further and eventually fruit. You do not judge a tree (judge a man) not even when the fruit has come but is still green. You,, seeing only the Spirit in a man and in the fullness of his season then You understand what You misunderstood in the man as he grew.

Religion takes all the past interpretations and puts all that burden on the person in their interpretation but like with love intended by Jesus we were to purge the old law from our consciousness and see only the Spirit in this new day/moment.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I always love the desert. Very Happy

Natural disasters, major attack on the U.S., martial law, civil war, WWIII, foreign invasion/occupation, and then survival on our own.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I also should mention since it was valentine's about this thread that is connected to this time alone and wilderness and heart.
That First Valentine's day alone

Pam and Kathy just finished telling the coincidences with their trip that matched mine. They had the same snow experience in Williams Arizona and the rock experience I had and the song matched the experience they had with getting lost and emotionally recovering. They were very much awed by the synchs in the song that matched exactly their experience.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"you hid my soul along my path"

Well spoken dnatree!
"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them."

Mark Twain
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I guess it has been about once a week that Pam speaks of her regret for going on a trip with her sisters during Valentine's Day as she was wishing she had gone on this trip with me. At first I felt angy that her sisters tried to take her away at Valentine's Day but now I see that it cemented her with me though we were apart.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If life reaches You to the heart by seeing loss then don't think as the world teaches that it is punishment.
For as I tell Pam, what is better?, for a man to be alone with the Spirit in the wilderness often for three days, or to have devastating JOLTS that will reach You to the heart in the coming years?
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