The Thicket

When I was a young boy I used to go for afternoon adventures after chores were done. I knew I had to get home by a certain time or I could be in trouble. Many times as the hour that I was due home would draw near I would find myself a long way from home and so I would begin to turn directly towards home and invariably the way would become blocked as my emotions got more worried. The way would soon become impassible and I would have to turn around and scramble to get home the way that I came. Over the years from learning from my moments this changed to where with the help of Spirit I find a way through that is wonderful. A door opens up to me.


Genesis 3:18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;


Thorns in the path t had to do with following the wrong thoughts and / or leaders with wrong thoughts. We cannot have two masters so following a leader is actually a mistake. One is to cling only to the Spirit that is their life.


All religion is following a king (they desired a king) and leaders only lead astray as do idols for they are always brought to misinterpretation/ misunderstanding by the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field. For the preacher and lawyer in their misinterpretation are very subtle/crafty in their misinterpretation. What do you suppose is their “true intention of heart?


Jesus knew this but had to give the people what they desired (king/leader/idol) but he also said in parables the true message so that seeing THEY will not see and HEARING they would not hear and destroy the message. This was done so that “all/ or both sides would be fulfilled. For those that love the world and society love the misinterpretation and they would not allow anything that does not fit the misconception of humans to proceed. Jesus would not be revered if he had told them the truth outright for as he said “I will send them a deluding influence” and “You will be denied by all men for my name sake” and “You never KNEW ME”.

Remember the pain in the Garden?

Remember You chose to live alone and hide Yourself behind Your tears?


What does thorns and thistles have to do with our intentions as humans in the garden? Painful thoughts and beliefs propagated by interpretation are they what cause the creation of thorns? Are plants and animals reflections of our beliefs and poetry to speak to us?



The Impassable Way


Pam and I were over in the Area of the SoCal fires and the sky was Orange.  We decided to go out to the Mojave desert and work that direction as well as camp in one of our favorite places. I wanted to take off on an adventure as she wanted to rest at the campsite. I joked about going the new way around to the back of the mountain to see the “ Valley of the Things”.

I began my adventure as always “looking for You” my life, as I walked the trail leading to the other side of the campground that I had not yet explored. When I got to the top of the Ridge I saw the valley that Pam and I had not yet seen.

View of the West side of the Ridge (campground on east side)

I began to write as I walked and one thing that Pam and I  have noticed was a change in the Media in this country during October (2007) where the right winged folks that used to back the president are now changing and talking about global warming and about things that they did not accept before.

Change in the Media written on pad,


The West Valley was very vast and empty which is like the places that I have the most vivid experiences with YOU, my life. Now as I went I saw that the way was somewhat treacherous.

But I felt that that was part of the experience that I was to have. I also have been wanting exercise and so I kept on going wanting to come out on the other side of the ridge. I got to where I could call down to Pam from the top of the ridge and she wanted to come to where I was but I yelled down to her not to try it as it was too difficult for her. I wanted to hurry and get back so that I could take her on our evening walk which is a ritual of ours. But as I went on it got more difficult so I decided to try to climb down but after getting almost all the way I came to a point where it was IMPASSABLE as there was a steep cliff.

Now it was getting on in hours and I did not want to be gone too long. (Sort of like the emotion of the Thicket when I was young.) So I climbed back up to the ridge and backtracked to come out where Pam was in the campground.

View of the Campground on the East side of the ridge


Red Cliffs

We decided to go for our walk across the highway at a new place we had not explored called “Red Cliffs Trail”.

One trail let over the hill to a beautiful lonely valley where we wanted to walk alone. The Moon was full and rising as the sun set. This would become part of the poetry of this experience later.

The view over the hill

Moon over Red Cliffs trail.

At the top of the hill is a trail marker where we descend into the valley.


We found ourselves in a beautiful valley as the sunset and found unusual things along the way.

This is a circular formation among the Joshua Trees

The poetry of human experience related to the wanderings of the Israelites in the wilderness and how they could not enter the promise but rather went in circles backtracking for years. As we walked we saw in the distance the road and decided to go all the way through the valley to the road before sunset. As we walked I told her of the synch about the Impassable way and told her that I had a feeling about this valley as well. After walking a long way we came to a road that was fenced in. (private property) and we could not pass and the sun was setting but the moon was rising and though we had to backtrack as the story goes we knew by the light of the moon that it would be a great experience. Now as the song goes the sun is jealous of the moon but the reflected light of the moon is much more appropriate. (Intuition rather than the power of mind and thinking using the flesh) We were enlivened by the promise of the moon’s light and the way became clear by her light. Though we were backtracking it was a new trail.

Sung by Eva Cassidy
Lyrics by Sting

You'll remember me, when the west wind moves
Among the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in it's jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold


We wanted to stop in and sit in the lonely moonlight and get all that we were there to experience.

Pam sitting in the moonlight (moonshadow)


Like Pharaoh that did not know he was off track and did not believe that there was a power that knew his heart and many calamities happened to REACH YOU during that time. For Pharaoh took the inheritance of the people and gave it to his cronies and then brought about the belief that every Man, Woman and Child must work to pay it back.

And then they will be led to believe that it is the only way and that the straw also needs to be taken from them which they used to make the bricks. (Let him that has an ear) Using spin Pharaoh makes beliefs that are used to change what we believe in such a way that we will work to pay what we do not owe except we believe the system.


Again the Jealous God of this World keeps us from our intuition by spin.



Awaken my soul and open my eyes
Show me the journey and feed my mind
Take me away to lands of green
Forever falling through Gods black veil
Darker spirits than this, have fallen past my eyes
Even through this twilight, my smile lies to me
I can smell the scent of dark and cold winters frost
Deeper in the void we look searching for a golden glance
The jealous Sun is burning for me
So many years my heaven has wept
25 winters of mourn
In darkness I reach out for light
Sighs from above
Rain down on me
Pitiful heart
Always alone
Face down I lay, I'm forced to lick the earth
Cold rain drops far, covering me, soothing my pain
Swelling eyes, fill with blood, blinding me, visions of red
Bitter sweet, taste of life, broken man, I spit on your gift



So if we follow a leader/and the fears/ terror reactions and overlook our intuition we find thorns grow up in the path until it is impassable. So it is with society, for they shall tell You what needs to be done and the path will become more and more thorny until that society/life/way of life dies.


After the thicket grows up there comes a great fire.

Fire trucks going to Southern California that were in front of us

Fire trucks going to Southern California that were in back of us as we traveled to Bakersfield.


To Remember YOU, my life is to understand how all things that start out crazy or scary and like the Whirlwinds and the Fires and the Severed Heads, end up being transmuted by YOU just by knowing YOU (through experience with YOU) and going to YOU with the fear. I found that these things (for the one that goes to Spirit) is transmuted. Fire becomes passion, whirlwinds become great change, and severed heads become a group singing about the whale. Growing in the Spirit was like waking up each day and exploring and even getting off track but learning from YOU (Spirit) and soon I came to understand how it was that I put the thorns there with my beliefs and with my misconceptions and by growing the path became clear. But to follow those that do not know the Spirit leads to an unforeseen impassable point. (destruction) The kingdom of Spirit is like a tree that grows within and each day that we learn from intuition (though it is slow to get to what you want and requires LOVE and Patience) the tree grows until the fruit eventually bursts out suddenly. (In a moment, in a twinkle of an eye)


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