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They find they have worshiped a lie never knowing Spirit

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:14 am    Post subject: They find they have worshiped a lie never knowing Spirit Reply with quote

Worship of Jesus rather than knowing the Spirit that spoke through him reveals

He knew that those that read the letter and Worship \Jesus without knowing the Spirit that was speaking through him for the letter appears to say to worship the man/beast Jesus while it was the Spirit that spoke through him that was the power.

And in binding those that seeing they do not see and hearing they do not hear he also spoke of this terrible person that was to come knowing that those that knew him by the letter never knew the experience of his younger years that were mysteriously missing in the history that like his cousin John (the baptizer) that all would misunderstand and therefore it would never have been accepted by those that think they knew him. So he said that when You seek to know Jesus this lawless beast like all the animals that seem to be doing better than humans following INSTINCT seem to resemble in many ways and the western world and Israel at that time were given a lie/interpretation that they would accept as a king/law. That when he comes and they worship him/ even speaking of the being Jesus since they do not know the Spirit that spoke through him and did not distinguish it from the beast/man/being that the Spirit spoke through that that generation would worship the person as they never knew me (The Spirit)
Since the beasts seem to be more in balance with nature than humans are developing to be via interpretation rather than Spirit/instinct so we are there where the whole world worships the men and prophets and the words spoken without knowing the source that connects all beings. This Generation being the most controlling of the interpretation that Jesus and not the Spirit through him is being worshipped and that when they see him whom was as Jesus he would be hated by these same that say they know him.

How is it that they think they know him?

For they not knowing the Spirit and what was being done through the one Jesus did not know that it was not the man Jesus but the Spirit working through him. For he was made to appear as they would accept by speaking only what the Spirit gave him to speak. They were bound in their worship of an idol/interpretation by this fact that they never asked the Spirit whether this they read and the interpretation of it was true or “what is the true intentions of the heart of Jesus”. For this was the binding of the strong man or the group /religion that fulfilled their interpretation through the letter and fulfilled those persecuted by this self right group through the Spirit.

It has been before known that they would do this following the letter and that those truly seeking the Spirit would be torn in the heart until they truly sought through Spirit to learn only from the Spirit.

It was written that the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. Now when the letter says that those that believe on the blood of the man and in that man but in seeking forever the Spirit they find the EXPERIENCE very different from the interpretation of the letter.

Related post about the cross and humiliation of Christians as they the end of that world comes replaced by Fresh Spirit/baby in a new life.

For as they are following Jesus to the cross in order to experience the truth they would be betrayed for money by one that says he loves them and Jesus. Who might even have meant it but in our own power and without true Spirit all fail in the end.

Trying we all fail, but only through knowing the Spirit will we overcome the great lie.

The end of this WORLD (Christianity like what happened to Israel in 70ad was inevitable and programmed as The Spirit through Abraham programmed Jesus and Christianity as the fresh flower/baby of the Spirit. The old world of Judah-ism passed as the Spirit came in a new manefestation.

Since 2001 I have posted about the Humiliation of Christianity and the great slide because of what would happen in the Bush era. It was considered by very few but all those prediction related to the poetry of what is happening came about.

Hurricanes, Tsunami (Great reording wave which is all these changes that we are in the midst of) fires, stock market, meltdown, Christian right humiliation, and many more. The two sides both fed by a feed from two sides rather than getting a mutually benefiting approach to the two sides from Spirit was likened in the poetry and synchs as two trains amazing for a great crash which is the inevitable end of society portrayed in the poetry of Abraham putting his son/descendants on the altar as when that time comes that though they would be dispersed in the earth that they would go on in order for this poetry to complete.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My own belief is philosophy comes from everybody, and it is often expressed best by individuals with communication skills.

I would equate it to a living body, such as the human body with approximately 10 trillion cells. Most philosophies would say that there is one, or just a few cells that know everything, and control the human body, when in reality all 10 trillion cells contain all the information to create a human body. Two percent of those cells may be used for communication, but they are no more knowledgeable, or better, when it comes to keeping the body thriving.

I would equate egotistical philosophers looking to duplicate their egos through others as a cancerous disease.

“What would Jesus do?,” is a cancer, because every person is different in what they do, and what their purpose is, and I fully believe every soul contains all the information to create this reality.

Megalomaniacs try their best to keep individuals from tapping into their creative abilities.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is showing how the smallest of points changes the equation and reveals those looking for the anti-christ are him by using their own power instead of Spirit. Christianity created this bubble that made it possible to see this and made it so greater things can be done through the Spirit in the worlds to come.
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