I am writing my story about
Telling my Story
About Living My Story
About Sanctuary and How my Story and through My story I came to know YOU.


The way I came to know YOU was through telling the story

Each day a new story would unfold and I saw that it was YOU

The place, the water the pitcher, everything was YOU

Through EXPERIENCE I came to recognize SPIRIT

Something Fresh, Something NEW, that reminds me of YOU

Each New Synchronicity with a Place

YOU were “that Place”

Here at China Camp I found this spot and above were purple flowers, bees and many Humming Birds

Through each place I came to know more about YOU and about TRUSTING YOU




Within each tribe I found they had stories

These stories were both individual Stories and Shaman Stories

Tribes used the Stories to make sense of their world

Within modern culture we were handed stories from Patriarchs

It was already known that those that would presume would follow the Story

And misunderstand the SPIRIT, that it really is about having Your own Story

So to follow Jesus is not to follow the scripture which is his Story but to

Experience SPIRIT as he experienced SPIRIT and thereby be a new

Creature with a NEW STORY

The NEW STORY about experience with SPIRIT fulfills the intentions of the heart of Jesus

Therefore there is written into the STORY which is about JESUS that which would

Reveal the hearts of the presumptuous, because they reject the SPIRIT and claim they know GOD

Without having experience with SPIRIT and having the new STORY which is the purpose of life experience.


Through the experience at China Beach, Pam and I found many forms to look at and ponder the poetry of what they meant to us like rocks and this hat we found. One synch became the new hat that I would wear because my business is changing right now after twelve years.

This is how the moment helps to put form to my thoughts and thereby my moments can communicate with me through form such as the spiritual significance of “MANNA” or “What is it?”

Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intentions of Your heart through this world of form and wonder

This is the covenant that YOU/MY LIFE and I SHARE as this formed from experience with SYNCHRONICITY

Gratitude in Sanctuary


The Meaning of Loosing Your way in order to find it

Is not as the presumptuous throught

But is reflected in each one of these experiences of finding a new sanctuary

In which I dream of YOU new and fresh

This is the original intent of Worship

Not as those that lord it over You, but as he who is alone lost in wonder in a place with YOU.

Out of that place, Out of that Story, Out of that EXPERIENCE