tote-a-ble shelter for homeless peeps

I decided after PMing You Choco about systems theory to read your posts today and found they were on the same subject as I PM'd You about.

Here is part of the PM I am sure You won't mind.



Systems theory: When I was alone and or homeless, I began to develop simple systems for shelter and daily needs such as cleaning eating etc. Since You are on the road You may want the lightest tent and sleeping gear that would be very warm. You need a cleaning kit which I imagine You already have and You need to develop Your system. Most of this is making up Your mind what would work and allowing it to come.

Pam and I like the bike tents. To have a bike systems set up with all You need to travel the coast.

And freshness is so important so we want a shower to take with us in the vw camper.

We have gathered many stories to put into our magazine for homeless people called "The Hermit's Lifestyle Quarterly" which endorses systems theory and creativity. Also the idea that all things are resource and how to be creative with resource. Also we are looking at ways to network the homeless as they would be of more help than the rich to each other as the rich are busy making systems to stifle any lifestyle except the one they sanction. The problem is that one small thing they have overlooked can wipeout billions. We see that life is not about wealth but about living and the time afforded the homeless to wonder is a great wealth if put to focus.

We put forth that the wealth of moments treasured will be vastly greater than the treasure of the rich in times to come. For when there is nothing to buy what is wealth? But when the Spirit moves in You to see then all is resource. I see a great time of synergy ahead.

When nailed to the cross those I see on my right are those religion believes are on the left for they were looking at those they are persecuting. They have seated themselves on what they believe to be the "right" but the Spirit will reveal their hearts.
matt 25:31-end