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The Sanctuary Walk

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:43 pm    Post subject: The Sanctuary Walk Reply with quote

The Sanctuary Walk
9 Dec 2009

I am sitting at this table writing this morning

Pam and I had traveled from Stockton to Walnut Creek then to San Simeon and the next morning to Porterville up past Fresno to Porterville. We began to travel home but decided to stay at a Cheap motel (Hwy 99 Motel) We were given this room with a back door and stars on the ceiling when You turn out the lights. It felt like a perfect sanctuary to dream in. We went for a walk in the cold for a little while and then we settled into the room. Pam was doing her yoga and stretches while I wrote about what the Spirit had me to write about.

There was a time when Calamity was all around me and bad things reflecting my fear that was in my heart threatened to occur at every moment. I was scared because of the negative occurrences that my broken heart drew. I decided that I would take this time in my life as I had lost my life anyway to find what it was I really needed no matter how long it took. I limited the time I had to do necessities so that I could stay in a place of synchronicity with YOU my life and find peace.

As the commodity of peace dwindles, the value of peace increases.

I had to find that YOU I had experienced over and over in my first 12 years of seeking Spirit and I needed to stay in a fresh place with YOU. I needed Sanctuary from the Storm.

It became the most basic tenant of Sanctuary that I had to hear from Spirit (experience synchronicity) as I came to notice that if I could stay in a wonderful place surrounded by layers of beauty and focus on those layers to make all aspects feel like the moments when synchs flow that I would be in a safe place and sure enough CALAMITY STAYED AT BAY. It was peaceful letting the moment decide what to dream about rather than going to worries or necessitates. I was going to collect all these moments and sure enough they began to GROW LIKE A TREE.

As I came to recognize Sanctuary and I came to recognize YOU in the experience I began to see sanctuary as a place where the inhabitants of that sanctuary are peaceful and quite and the surroundings are fulfilling their intentions.

Take for instance a natural spring that has evolved over eons. The animals and beings that come to that beautiful place are responsible for creating it through intent. They are likewise radiant inside


For where YOU are,, my love,,, there is perfect peace.

Wildhearts the time is right
The sun chases away the night
And the battle is won without a fight
Cause no ones wrong, as no ones right
You see the Baptist was no wind swept reed
(he was not taken by interpretation but followed the synch of his heart)
His heart was sown from a wild seed
And everywhere that Jesus went
Few understood what he really meant. (They heard the words but never knew the Spirit)
But there is coming a time and it is drawing near
When within the heart all men will pear
No longer will they believe that truth was to be found OUT THERE (They would not allow another to say,, this is the right way)
For the WORD they sought was only to be found very near… within their hearts and within their own mouths.

I noticed in Sanctuary only wonderful things seemed to happen. And as I learned more about STAYING in sanctuary, I began to notice I was at HOME. Finding Home is not unlike this.

Come Lover, dream with me here, for I will make YOUR dreams REALITY.

The pictures on the wall were simple, they were pictures of flowers. I saw how the Spirit had made me an artist creating sanctuary first in my being. Each time it was a new setting but always it contained YOU. Tonght maybe YOU were a Orange Tree Garden and the name of the creation was “Come In” to my sanctuary. Consider the mutual intentions of the lovers, how they are fulfilled in Sanctuary.

I am Your LOVER,, come settle Your heart with ME.

Sanctuary is so important, especially in infancy. The delicate balance that sustains the intimacy that is sanctuary… That is YOUR HOME,,, my life.

Having the intention of money rather than the commodity of peace is the reason the earth/sanctuary is being destroyed. The sanctuary which is to come is not made by hands. The way to peace in sanctuary is to know this house is not Your own.

When the owner of the vineyard Returns
What then?

The temple was never a building but the earth, those that love interpretation overlook this.

When I learned to nourish and nurture synchronicity wonderful things happened in and around me. But when I was taken from her, (MY LIFE) I am not much better than a plug nickel, falling into addictions trying to find the joy had before. But it was not through such intentions that I found that joy before that is why it does not work the second time for YOU are always FRESH.

That is the resurrection, for as when I found YOU FRESH it will not be me doing it but YOU doing this through me. You do not DO MAGIC, YOU ALLOW IT.

When I sought the comfort that being with Spirit gave I realized that the comfort of money was fleeting and taken when rent was due and times were hard. For as the bee that works day and night and it is in the end taken, so it is with money that is the poetry of this wild ride we have shared.

Seek relief from all worry through sanctuary.

Relationship is destructive to sanctuary and peace, therefore for a time the Bridegroom MUST go away, be sweet and keep him in sanctuary that he might stay near, and his going away is short.

The inhabitants of the earth sanctuary create beauty through love and intention for it. But lovers of money destroy it to create more of what will be their cross and humiliation.

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Joined: 19 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Beautiful words, Mr. Tree!

And oh-so-true...

Was that train actually painted on the wall of that room, too??? How synchronistic for you especially! Very Happy

Way cool, Steven!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only one room had this mural (room 200) the others were the same layout but without the mural.
We could have driven home but we decided to spend time in a new sanctuary for the freshness of it. And it was only 39 smacks as You say..
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Joined: 19 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

dnatree wrote:
And it was only 39 smacks as You say..

Shocked Wow! Only 39 smacks! Such a deal! Very Happy

I'm so glad YOU two youngsters had such a lover-ly sanctuary experience!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well we might be staying at this one again tonight.... on our way to Mojave and Bakersfield and maybe Mammoth Lakes if the weather improves.
Blizzard up there in Mammoth Wedns. Decided to just do the valley jobs and put off the high country till next week. All the time I was gone I was trying to find a wifi spot to post something. But it had to wait till I got home I guess.
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