Explanation of my life experience


1.    First sought to understand spirit of Jesus through study of bible passionate intent until the synchronicities started.

2.    Went on long journey through synchronicity which led to aloneness in the spirit.

3.    Trauma started Romance in spirit and There is only “you and I” my life. Listen to poetry.

4.    Sanctuary built alone with spirit.

5.    Learned to carry “YOU” in spirit, as the smallest of points that changes all equations. Wild Hearted Romance in Spirit

6.    Things that were seeded by the sower (heart, rose, through interaction with spirit) such as the fires and the hurricanes alone began to occur with others in connection with my spirit.



Wild Spiritual Romance

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What I meant by what is below is as the stories of the Hopi are not to be interpreted but used by the spirit to relish and gain experience in those that hear them, so scripture should have NO INTERPRETATION except the spirit work in you through your moments. Thus removing the argument over (who is right), for there are none right. That is one of the smallest of points overlooked by the religious. Rightness is not having the right interpretation. Rightness is knowing the spirit and the spirit will make your steps right. True experience in spirit does not imitate Jesus. For as Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, and Jesus knew the spirit yet each was a different creature and the smallest of points overlooked by the right people of their day changed everything. So the right people of today that hide behind a veil of interpretation will have that interpretation melted and they will be exposed. For they love their interpretation more than they love each other. And they demand the whole world worship their interpretation which is an idol blocking the door between YOU and I.

Get ready for the wild ride!

Scripture and the original intent of the fathers.
In this letter to my children I introduce a book, I know that if they try to interpret it they will misunderstand, so I tell them to read it but let the spirit reveal the True intent of my heart I tell them in this way to find me in their moments alone. Your moments in Wonder,,,, will reveal the True intent of my Heart And like the smallest of points overlooked by religions this point renders all interpretations meaningless!!