His heart was broken

It struck me to the heart the way folks treated me about my baby.
Steve Irwin

Not knowing the true intentions of my heart.

When you dream your life and then it is shattered by misinterpretation of original
Intention of the heart then it is the fearful and unbelieving that did not know my true intent that killed me.

It strikes me to the heart what they will do to my children.

It struck me to the heart the way I was treated by the fearful on that board.
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No judgment out of fear or unbelief is true
Any judgment made from fear or unbelief into a law or a household rule is hating your own children.

True love casts out all fear in order to see clearly the truth.

The fearful masses mascarading as the “right people” (holding up a veil of misinterpretation) in society love their interpretations more than they love each other. They use fear as an excuse to make laws to hide behind that veil.

The fearful masses that love the interpretations of society more than they love their children have judged themselves to death.