Stephen Tree’s Wild Hearted Romance in Spirit


Written by Paul Steven Spence this book will be a classic.  The poetry is so captivating and spellbinding and the stories of the synchronicities that led to the poetry are amazing. Download this new ebook for free as an .exe file and read the first 21 pages. You may then order the key for just $5.95 to the rest of the 300+ pages of spiritual insight about Spiritual Romance with Spirit. Included with this book is a free download of poetry you will find beautiful and helpful in creating your own romance with spirit using understanding of an altar and your own DNA. File size 2.5M


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After you download a copy you will be able to sample 21 pages where you will have a detailed description of the contents. In order to unlock the rest of the book you will want to register your copy. Click on Register your copy and follow the links. You will be taken to to pay the registration ($5.95) and then you will go to a page that will allow you to download the key. Once you download the .reg file you then run it and it will activate the rest of the book. This process should take less than five minutes.

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