The Synchronicity from my fathers of

It’s your life, now SNAP it up!


      I had begun to talk to Pam about the synchronicities with the emotion “snap”. The emotion was as “she my life, comes in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye”. It was how each day I experience synchronicity. (Moments in the spirit)

          While in Santa Cruz the synchs around town were about the word snap. On a KODAK dispenser we found the words “It’s your life, now SNAP it up”

          One Saturday I was looking for synchs on the internet that others had and found one about a man that took a picture of a location that he saw only to find out years later that his grandfather had taken a picture in 1924 of the same SPOT. Unexplained Synchronicity


          The next day Pam and I decided to go to Calaveres Big Trees State Park and walk. As I (Stephentree) walked I began to put on tape things about one big tree as the BIG BIG tree or the DNATREE. As I walked I compared the tree and the branches to “you and I” and the fathers. I then came upon this picture.


Excerpts from tape “Snap”

1.    The 1924 snapshot coincidence Saturday

2.    Calaveres Big Trees.. The big tree, DNATREE the grandfather tree, thinking about the photograph, the SPOT of the snapshot.

3.    SNAPSHOT, like the spirit, a layered experience of related coincidence, texture, intent, smell, sound, like in sanctuary with “you” my life.

4.    The last days, memories of “YOU” fathers, those who went before us.

5.    Meeting Lewis Spence (writer) Story of meeting, the poetry I wrote. March 3, 1955 he died.

6.    Window on the past (see picture above) After putting the above thoughts on tape I ran in to that picture. I was standing next to that tree. So I decided to take a picture of the picture of this spot of that moment in this moment. What spirit was saying was that this moment was related to our father’s experience in that moment. (snapshot) (It’s your life now SNAP IT UP!)

7.    Not as a snapshot per say but as the spirit you visit that is made up of the layers or aspects of the moment. The door between “You and I” you being the fathers that went before us.

8.    The misinterpretation by those that never experienced spirit but intended to cover themselves with a veil of interpretation through scripture. The Television like writing is an invention, should we then say that without TV you cannot enter the kingdom since it is an invention along the same intent as writing. No writing and therefore scripture was intended to HELP pass on a spirit but those that wanted to use it for another intent have removed the ORIGINAL SPIRIT.


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