Small List of DNATREE/Spirit Predictions

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Irene was predicted because of human Presumption, checkout exact dates


JAPAN prediction on Aug 10th 2010  


The Meltdown and Stockman Predicted exactly one year prior


Stockman come and take it all away predicted exactly 27 sept 2006 it happened 27 Sept 2008


Boat Sinking Bailout will not work


LA train crash exactly predicted relative to the Tunnel 13 days prior


Our trip to Arcata, mudslide synchs


Katrina predicted and this post shows just after it was predicted to be the biggest


Southern Cali Fires Predicted 7 days before


Early  Whirlwind  Predictions and My daughter Raine  (The internet post date does not lie, put this javascript into the address bar and see the date last changed


The long lost Nephew


The Snapshot Sync


Pet Dove comes on New Years in Parking lot


The Snapshot Sync


Big California Landslide predicted Three weeks prior, was at it at the moment it happened  Oroborus link to old Landslide posts


Some older predictions