Four synchronicities occur in one parking lot Aug 31 2007

The whole thing started last night as we walked in Stockton to the Store I noticed a cloud at sunset that looked like two f16’s, sort of like the image I made to show You below.


And then tonight Pam and I went to work in Hayward and then asked where a nice close by place on the bay could be found and we were directed to San Leandro Marina



We had watched some of “The War” on public television also last night and it was about the bombs related to taking out "the bridge over the river kwai", and about the year 1943. At San Leandro we found this huge Torpedo that looked like the bombs in the program the night before and the Memorial plaque was to the soldiers lost in a ship nearby in 1943.  As we looked at the Memorial 2 f16’s flew by that looked exactly in the same position as the two in the clouds the night before that I had mentioned to Pam.


Pam’s Eyesight Synch


Next Pam was emotional because she could not see the planes landing in San Francisco across the bay as well as I could and wanted to dream about her eyesight. I told her to give the problem to the Spirit, let go of it, and dream of the Spirit instead. Then I went walking as she dreamed in the car. I walked over to a place called El Torito that looked nice for dinner.

As I walked inside I noticed that the windows were tinted which would really make a difference in her ability to see the airport so I went and got her and took her to dinner there. When Pam saw what the MOMENT had provided she knew that it was by letting go of the problem and going to the Spirit that created this experience.






The Color Coordination

While walking in the Parking lot after leaving the Memorial Pam started to bend down and pic up a cardboard object and then decided not to, I then decided to pick it up and it was a Lowes Color American Tradition color examples.

Three colors were listed 1. #5006-4a Irish Paddock , Filoli Ginkgo Tree, #5006-4B, Cliveden Forest #5006-4C

Related to the synch with the colors of Ocean’s house


The Child and Rule Synch



While jumping on the rocks behind El Torito I noticed people walking on the SIDE WALK that looked at me like you should not jump on the rocks, you should walk on the sidewalk. I realized that they had that feeling because of their own fear of falling and then the picture of a child holding the hand of an older person while walking on the sidewalk. I saw that some are able to do things that others would be as a child doing and that even the adults are learning and children of older adults and we are all Children of the Spirit. The laws/ rules/ norms in society are based on the fears/ misunderstandings of the mass consensus to which we all are subjected to though it is a misunderstanding.


The masses are unbelieving in the Spirit

That it exists to lead others therefore we are all subjected to the norms of the unbelieving masses

Unlike the animals which are not under this subjection.