Yesterday was a shrimp day.

I went to the plant shop and stared at the caladiums feeling like I was at a buffet. The sales man came over and said to me, while I was staring, 'we have some cheaper ones in 4" pots'.

I still stared and said, 'it isn't the price, it is as if I am staring at the buffet and there are tons of shrimp and I am going to get all of them. I feel glutonous. I don't want to take all of them but I think I might need them. You know, like all of the shrimp at a buffet. I want the bigs ones and the little ones.' We laughed.

I bought what I needed and then started driving home. I thought about it being a lollypop day for my son. He decided something very man-like and pleased me tremendously. I felt like he should have a few lollypops for his excellent behavior. So I went into a store and picked out some. I stood and waited a while for a lady's credit card magnet to work. I wondered about magnets and the cost of her cigarettes equalling the cost of the lollypops. Then I looked up and on the back of her shirt was a picture of a festival somewhere and it read,


'Shrimp Happen'.

I went home and continued my day.

Last night I felt like sharing my 'shrimp synch' experience at the mexican restaurant where more spirit-synch has occured with my son and husband. After I told my story my husband said, 'tell your mom what I had for lunch', and my beautiful son said, 'Shrimp!'
Sending Prayers for Tibet.
Truth has a memory.


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How perfect Sabrina!!!!

My synch with my daughter Sarah

Synchs related to Sarah


This is related to the Star, sand dollar, shell etc synchs and the "true intention of the heart" when I say to my daughter Sarah that " A star will lead you back to me."


Another memory was the spring downtown where the goldfish swim. I remember wanting to reach my daughter Sarah with the feelings that I had alone sitting under the trees by the water there.


My daughters live in the center of the drought (Raine and Sarah) but I feel until the heart changes for the "religious right" in that area, the rain will be slow in coming.

Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain, YOUR love is coming down like rain.

Quote from Prophecies


The wedding synch started a wonderful experience that intermessed with me speaking to my last child Sarah yesterday and walking in "Miracle Mile" last night. [that is the name of the place in Stockton Pam and I walked and ran into several bridal shops. And Quinceañeras
As I walked I was writing a chapter in a book, the chapter was called "The Morning".


It was like any other day, I woke up knowing that YOU would reach them and today I was going to once again REACH for YOU. Be unto me this day as my daily bread.

I tried to remember in my heart
what I'd dreamt about
during the night
before I became aware
of this morning
of life Rumi

One day back in the early 1990's I took my daughter to her mothers after her stay with me. For the past few days I had been having wedding synchs and as I left traveling through Pensacola I began to sing what I was feeling.


Stand me up! Dress me down! Put on the big white wedding gown.

Sounds strange for a guy but the Spirit was exact for as I passed Seville Quarter there was a great wedding occuring and white gowns were everywhere. I felt I needed to pick up something there so I stopped and walked over to where some napkins were for the wedding that had in gold letters that days date. It was the first day of Spring! The Spirit was telling me that this is where YOU and I would stay and that this day represents the PASSION AT THE ALTAR of that first meeting.

Sarah,she said yesterday that they are saying that I am Just like You.[that Sarah is just like me] And without having been together since a child I had the synch that it is the PASSION AT THE ALTAR that they are speaking of.

She said that she could not stand her heart to be broken further and that she had resolved that she only had a "heavenly father".

Exactly: my experience with the Spirit last night was all that had been happening lately like.

The Spirit said: It is I who broke Your heart in this misunderstanding.

for Time is Short


We are mortals
And it is wise
To break Your heart
For the one
who takes Your heart away
For time is short

The Spirit said that it was he [according to how You believe] that broke Your heart and delivered You to the Father.

After talking about many bridal shops and the synchs on this board we came to a picture of a young girl that was sitting on a ledge in a faraway place but she did not feel as though she was there, she felt as though she was here with me.

Yes, Sarah the father was exactly where I was to deliver Your heart as You believe. Therefore Your heart was broken for the ONE that was to take it away. [rapture synch on prophecies] And like the coffee and the cup this was meant to go together.

The song YOU alone came on and then

Your Sermon "Crisis in Faith" at RESTORATION Church I felt there was something there but did not know where to look. [feel that she feels the same way]


You can't hide Your eyes [song came on]

Then one of my songs about Sarah came on


I want You to remember, Forget me nots

How does it feel was the recurring synch all night

Where is the passion when You need it the most.

Then Pam picked up a book I had on the shelf because of a synch many months ago about it. It was "Captivating"

And I put it on my table. All in all we could not go to sleep last night until the sun came up. And all the things I shared with the Spirit about You [Sarah] came alive last night in REMEMBERING.


Swept away, and caught up in the Rush

song last night about rapture in the Spirit related to the dream of reaching You.

On a funny note You said "it is kind of creepy that I would know so much about You".

But it had to be "true love" for me to believe the Spirit would do it.

Does Winter question when the Spring comes?

No Ryme of Reason, I knew I loved YOU before I met You.
Beyond the Yellow brick road

When the music starts to play and Your ability to reason is swept away.

Oceans Apart

Pam and I went to Windmill Cove last night and there was a synch with large "BOOMS" or explosions, startling. And then again while walking the "Miracle Mile".

Let's play ball was written on a huge sign above our heads last night.


Then Pam picked up a book I had on the shelf because of a synch many months ago about it. It was "Captivating"

And I put it on my table. All in all we could not go to sleep last night until the sun came up. And all the things I shared with the Spirit about You [Sarah] came alive last night in REMEMBERING.

I am everything that would be misunderstood by those that interpret without knowing the Spirit that is their life.
I am the Smallest of points that they have overlooked. I am the resurrection and the life.