The Robin Bird

Memorial Day 2008


Today about  6pm 26 May 2008 while waiting for Pam to finish her shower I went outside and began to walk around in anticipation of our walk. A young Robin bird I saw unable to fly and moving along the ground. I wondered if the mother and father knew this bird was here and it looked scared and needed help. The bird ran under my orange van and I went inside to tell Pam. She said “It is ok, the parents will feed it on the ground”. “What parents”? I thought and I went and got something in case I was to catch the bird and help it as we had cages etc. to put her in. As I got near the bird running across to the bushes I found where the parents were as both were in the tree above me making a wild racket. Later as we took off for the walk I felt that something related to my Sister Robin was about to happen and told Pam as we walked about the bird and my feelings. As I said this a parent Robin bird swooped all the way through the parking lot just two feet above the ground and I felt it was looking for it’s non flying offspring. After about a two hour walk we got home about 9:15 and there was a message from the daughter of my sister Robin and the feeling was that maybe I could help her. So I wrote this story and got ready to post it while I lookup Robin Bird behavior to try to see the intent here.