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 Stephen Tree’s Wild Hearted Romance in Spirit


The equation is here!!!!!   Now FREE Ebook, Wild Hearted Romance with Spirits!   


John the Baptist was no wind swept reed, his heart was sown from a Wild Seed!  Listen to this Poetry and begin to wonder then you will benefit from the ebook. Be sure to enter through the letter to my children as it will reveal the “true intent of my heart” and the fathers. You see the smallest of points will soon alter the largest of equations and render all interpretations meaningless! Get the free Ebook and get free access to the recorded poetry of Stephentree. Find out what the builders of religion have overlooked. Find out how you can have more out of life by finding the source of your life. Stephentree’s Romance with spirit is a love spell. This book will change reality as we know it. The equation that alters everything we have been taught and places us on track with our original intent and that of our fathers. Find out what is truly on your heart, why you are here, and what you can do to become more of who you really are. This book is a must read!!


Written by Paul Steven Spence this book will be a classic.  The poetry is so captivating and spellbinding and the stories of the synchronicities that led to the poetry are amazing. Download this new Free Ebook and the .reg file. Included with this book is a free download of poetry you will find beautiful and helpful in creating your own romance with spirit using your new understanding of an altar and your own DNA. File size 2.5M


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