I have to tell you this story about preparation because it is how I have learned from the spirit.

Pam my roommate used to prepare for an outing like the boy scouts and not forget anything. But after loosing everything once in my life the spirit indicated not to worry about having anything for the spirit would be my bread and my water, my house and my medicine. Even though I had no money for a period of time I always had what I needed show up in the moment.

Pam and I when we first met decided to go for an outing. I told her that the only thing we would bring on this outing was a blanket and the spirit would provide. We showed up at a park and placed the blanket on the ground. Right away a birthday party nearby came and offered us birthday cake. And soon Samoans having a huge cookout came and invited us to get in line. We ended up speaking to people and they loved our spirit. We turned out to be exactly what they needed.

Let the moment give you everything you need. Let your heart unfold like an apple seed. As on the fruit each moment you


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Sounds like you've been working on this for awhile, any luck coming up with a categorized short list?

Your probably right but I can't help wondering. Did she think you were a bit of a tightarse! Smile

Someone has to bring the matches....!!!

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You know I get asked for a cigarette so often , even though I don't smoke, that when they show up I hang on to them for the next person, and matches too. I found that it does not take much to be happy and that having things is a responsibility that takes me out of the moment. But we did find our list of essentials as far as the life we live now. We love our VW Camper and we love to give the hippies rides up and down the coast to meet them and trade stories. Tape recorders and writing pads, we both have cheap laptops. But as far as needing something in the moment my life has been like the Israelites in the wilderness minus the bickering, My food and drink invent themselves in the moment and when I prepare in the spirit it is my heart that I prepare. You know that everything starts from spirit and that if you spend 90 percent of your time dreaming what you have in your spirit would turn out to be what is needed far above any item in the moments ahead. So I say as those who went before me not to worry at all what you will eat or drink in the next moment but to joyfully dream of the flavors and textures you are surprised with wherever you go. Having lost a million dollar business and my old life I would wander out and meet people and it turns out they really needed to meet me.

Lists are good, systems that you develop with essential items are what I like. Like the cooking systems being very small and efficient. We camp most of the time to prepare ourselves for being in new sanctuaries and to find the spirit fresh and new each day and so we can develop systems for comfort. I do not believe in dreaming of survival as when I did earlier in my life I created the need and survival is not as comfortable as thriving. So now as the hurricanes that only brought me wealth so I dream the earth changes. The spirit indicates that any such storm is just a wild ride that leads to greater wealth for me. And wealth starts with MY MOMENTS WITH YOU, MY LIFE, I TREASURE. Now this would sound a bit crazy if you have never know your own soul , storehouse. But there is coming a time when the things you will not be able to ca