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Hurricane Season:2005

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Maximum Wind speed:173mph (150 knots) mph (miles per hour)
Lowest central pressure:902 mb (millibars)
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Storm name:KATRINA
Maximum wind speed:173 mph, (150 knots)
Lowest central pressure:902
Advisory Start Date:2005/8/24/00Z
Advisory End Date:2005/8/31/09Z




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The Whirlwind is drawing near








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Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow

From: "dnatree" <>

Date: 10 Feb 2005 11:28:39 -0800

Local: Thurs, Feb 10 2005 12:28 pm

Subject: The Whirlwind is drawing near

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Time is short and the whirlwind is almost upon us.

In the days of those who truly lived by faith in the spirit if the
country was attached then those prophets that were in the spirit were
consulted and instead of sending in a large number of troops the spirit
usually showed them the smallest of points overlooked. Let's take the
case of  David and Goliath. The country did not have to have a war
because the spirit knew what they did not. The Ideology that is a God
to the religious right is leading all in this nation to destruction.
(according to the spirit ) Many countries
are REACTING to our arrogance by preparing for war. (North Korea, Iran)
The religious right and this administration tell us that they know God
and that we are going to win, they feel safe because of the military
might not because of their faith in God or even their faith in their
ideology. When the whirlwind occurs (brought on by this arrogance) it
will reveal that these never knew the spirit and will reveal all those
hiding behind a veil of religion. The purpose of what is fixing to
happen is to reach into the hearts of those that are left behind (after
the whirlwind) and take away the veil that is separating YOU and I on
this planet. The right has followed a deluding influence rather than
follow the spirit and they love their interpretation more than they
love each other or our country. I know I am hated by them for revealing
the veil they hide behind.