London Fog March 2004

 Camping Point Arena 

Ventura and Mt. Diablo

Point Arena                            Camping near Santa Cruz                  Devil’s Postpile

Devil’s Post                London Fog                Point Arena, whale watching parking lot

Redwoods Santa Cruz                        Avenue of Giants                   Red Rock Trails Ariz.

Sedona Ariz.                           Cathedral Rock Sedona                    Grand Canyon

Tape “Those who went before us” Bell Rock                                  Stephentree

Knights Ferry                                     Woman’s Grove (Ave Giants)           Dreaming of “YOU” my life

Coastal Lighthouse (big sur)   Thinking of Raine                            Wild Man

My Car                                   Meeting with you in the moment     My bench ,,AV images

Stephentree                                        Wander/wonder/ toilet paper      My Jewish Friend Mark

Fernwood, favorite hangout big sur        Romance in Spirit                         Steven and the holy tablet (death valley)

London Fog Rain       Jade Cove (pam’s fav) recorder

Wonderbrella, Rain, wonder,     Pam pic