March 2004 Lummi/ Steve Lewis White Synchronicities


The major coincidence of this experience was that just days after being contacted by Steve Lewis White I was to go to a funeral in Washington St. for Mary Alexander (Pam’s fathers life partner) It turned out when we got up there that the funeral was to be on the Lummi reservation just minutes from where Steve lived. This followed the syncs about the whirlwind, and the fires having to do with the passion to reach you. (You= family, children) Also this occurred soon after the syncs with “The hearts of the children will turn toward their fathers” While on this trip many other coincidences (synchronicities) occurred. Especially having to do with subjects relating to recent syncs. (family, children, genetics, sign of the whale etc.)




Steven and Steven

I was not able to spend much time with Stevie but I did tell him some things that were clearly genetic.

1. about the expression that his father and he share when they get intentful .

2. The way that they both tease both children and girls (people they like) (they poke fun and over tease)

3. The way that Spence mind’s work (systems theory to quickly assess a job and become proficient.

4. The loner aspect/ showed Stevie the newspaper clippings about Lewis working alone. Also about my experience alone. Stevie felt that same expression in his life.

5. About dreaming and wonder.




Picture for John of Blaine city hall

Lummi tribal center

Lummi tradition of giving blankets to each other when they have tribal/family meetings

Stevie and Son Jackson and Wife Terra                        Earl Norton Siblings at Lummi tribal meeting

Wild heart and elk