These are the words that express the love affair between the writer and his God. If any other should read these it should be consumed as fruit. Eaten and the parts that are not understood are let go of and passed on. Perhaps you might keep these crazy memoirs locked in your dresser drawer until that day your heart is broken. Until then you may not understand the babblings of this fool. In that day this instrument will reveal itself on the strings of your heart in a way you will not be able to comprehend, yet you will feel. Let that day come as a theif in the night. Stephen Tree Wild Hearts Wild hearts can't be broken Wild hearts can't be broken Was love the pain that started all this Was it the cause that drew the first kiss Or is it the reason I wanted her so My blood runs hot but she already knows This is my passion play This is my passion play The preacher and lawyer have taken my bride By their law she's made to abide Is this the reason that I died It's love across time get ready for the ride This is my passion play This is my passion play The trauma and loneliness of loosing family and children circumcised his heart and shattered his soul. Feeling the pieces revealed a life of romance in spirit that fullfilled all scripture. Each experience over a three year period revealed more and more of what he had longed to understand his whole life. This is the story of You and I. For there is only you and I and when the veil of this flesh is lifted we are one. In the beginning I was called Adam. I was alone and like a dream you came to me. In my loneliness, in the wilderness, through this broken heart you came, my love. You said: You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall But you were in my heart The vacuum that draws you to me In my loneliness I found her, I found myself, and it was then that I knew that she had always been with me. She was my heart. Ark of the covenant She came back to me my "Dream Box" And it feels like the first time, like the springtime She is more than woman nor man She's MY heart and I can't help but love her She She is life She is my wife She came out from me in the beginning We were one in the beginning She is dream I am dreamer I have been to heaven and I have seen what it will be. It's us living as one eternally Though now you may not see, through the veil separating "the you" and "the me." You see my love, there is only You and I Even if we speak of us and them And though you call yourself conservative and I am called liberal Or you liberal and I conservative Or I the bridegroom and you the bride When the veil of interpretation is lifted or even torn We will be one What power draws the two back together again. It is the heart which is a rose, and the fragrance draws the love you seek. As the altar of incense that stands before the veil between the two houses. The holy place and holy of holies. The fragrance of the heart joins the two together. I want to be your honeybee, won't you be my appletree It's the fragrance of your heart that draws me to you Let the seaswells rise into the air Let the mountains crumble, we don't care I just want to be your honeybee And you can be my appletree I'll be your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah Anything you want, I can bring it to ya! There is so much the lover wishes to say to his bride. How beautiful you are behind the veil.(The flesh) If you allow me to I will transport you to the spirit and the context from which all things I have to offer came forth. The words are as mere points in the equation whereas the spirit I wish to offer is the entire equation. What we term as life has filled each person with a valuable pool of emotion that is an effective similtude for that which I do offer. Like tools, let us consider the following experience as though we are a six year old blond haired, blue eyed girl who is experiencing extreme emotion while being accused of something she is unable to defend herself of. The scene opens as a woman in a school yard is speaking among the faculty of something she has only heard about. She speaks out with a loud voice... Destroy the fairies!... That is what she said, and I for one will not stand for any of that talk in this community. The woman said in a angry tone. Well, who said this. Asked one of the faculty. To which the woman replied. I hear she goes by the alias "Angel Number Seven." Just then a young boy standing by her side pulled her coat and said. Yes, mom and there she is right over there. Everyone looked in the direction that the young boy pointed and were astonished to see Kimberly, a six year old blond haired girl that was visibly shaken by the accusations. Just then one of the faculty spoke up. Well young lady are you the one responsible for this kind of language around here? Yes sir but..the young girl was unable to defend herself and began to cry. An old man that was in the back of the crowd took compassion on the little girl and came forward placing his hand on the girls shoulder. One moment! The man declared. To understand what happened has very little to do with the words. The man said in a sure voice. You see, this little girl was on the second base plate on the ball field this afternoon and it was the Angels against the Fairies. In her jubilation she did allow the words "destroy the fairies" to come out of her mouth yet it was the spirit and the context that is important here not the words at all. In this example I have shown you that reading what I offer will not get you much closer to the spirit from which it came. No you must become the one experiencing it. You must experience it with me. Actually, my love, you already have. I'm not perfect at SPELL-ing but here is what I have to offer YOU. This spirit I speak of is that of human, both male and female, being torn over and over (dieing daily) by the apparant pain of life. Yet confident that something is there.. like a mother to comfort when I come out from this womb. Unwilling to accept what man (flesh and blood) has interpreted life to be. Unrelenting in this quest, as though it were another within me or an emptyness designed for this task. Like seeing her eyes (life, she) in a crowded train station and knowing you knew her before yet unable to pinpoint the when. Until one day the coincidences begin that take me on a long journey within myself. Unable to communicate this to anyone without pushing myself further to wearing the purple robe of fool. Yet where it leads within is worth the price of loneliness, and makes use of that pain as though it were the very door to heaven. After twelve years of these coincidences occuring. A dramatic experience happens that shattered my soul. Feeling the pieces reveal a life of romance in spirit that fullfills all scribbling by scribes. It began when I lost my love, my wife, my dream box, and feeling that I would never find the joy I had with her. I longed for her return. She did return but as the life we all had known and lost millenia ago, she is is life, she is my wife. You see, she really never left me for it was God loving me all along. It was "The Passion Play". Ark of the Covenant You came back to me my little dream box And it feels like the first time Like the springtime Your more than woman nor man Your my heart And I can't help but love you My love, my life Even though you sley me Yet do I love you Bust my hymen Tear the veil of my heart And reveal the secrets The true circumcision is of the heart Tares and wheat The veil of interpretation is what hides you from me my love We should never feel shame Or blame RE-MEMBER the pain in the garden You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears Like a veil you have hidden yourself from me I waited, I waited at the door of our house But you would not take me back Why does she hide herself from me!! Re-member the covenant we share Re-member we created the sunrise to remind us TO START NEW! You see my love all relationship consists of "You and I". Even if we are talking of us and them. Groups contending with groups or individuals cooperating or divorcing. There is only you and I, my love And though you call yourself conservative And I am called liberal Or you liberal and I conservative Or I the bridegroom and you the bride When the veil of interpretation (That which separates being interpretation) When this veil is lifted or even torn We will be one This illusion of duality This veil (flesh) is the perishable part, the outer layer of the snake is what will be shed, the outer form of the Cameo blooms but a short season. You and I will stand before each other naked yet without shame. As it was in the beginning my love. Now we see through a glass dimly. This love will unite those who were formally afar off. Eve your name means life you came out from me in the beginning. There seems to be that which I call inside myself and that which I call outside myself. Where do I end and you begin. The smallest of points will soon altar the largest of equations and render all the interpretations meaningless. Thus lifting the veil between you and I. When you feel, feel with all the layers of heart. Don't think girl, feel, therin is your power. Thinking is as considering points in an equation yet I am unaware of the synergy of their combination. You may consider few points at a time yet you can feel every layer of the depth and heigth and width. The heart is a rose and the fragrance can draw anything your heart desires. Clear the table of your mind it appears to have conflicting forms on it because of empty interpretation. Remove the veil with your love. I am always at the door waiting and I will love you in any form you desire. Turn around brite eyes. (Total eclipse of the heart) Your interpretations are the veil. You must give up your life in order to gain it. You must loose control in order to find it. I got up from my bed feeling lost and alone. I went out on the street looking for the one my heart adores. (Song of Soloman) Have you seen my love I cry out feeling this deep emptiness. Moments later I have forgotten everything for something has taken my heart and I am again found. Life seems to be that I constantly loose myself and find myself in a completly new way over and over again. Again in this moment the poetry begins to flow and again I am found. My life is hidden in you. In you I have my being, and move, and live. Our love is poetry in motion. You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall. But you were in my heart the vacuum that drew you to me. Let my anger tear the veil which lies between you and I, for to put the wrath on you is to be angry at ones self. This is the cycle of pain. This veil (interpretation) is not part of us. It was the clothes we were handed at birth. Meant to wear until we found each other, my love. Then we are clothed in glory. When I look at you I look past this veil,.. and see myself. Then who you are,...who I am,...who we are is clear. (Think of the pain and loneliness of the young lion as he peers into the pool.(Lion King) I remember now that when I found you, I was to leave my father and my mother, and cling to you. Individual, on either side of the veil. Without interpretation, with nothing but the emptyness that is individual. Naked before each other (unveiled) they are the same, they are one. The ones emptyness is filled by the others fullness, here is the mystery of ecstacy. This truth is all of this and more. You, you my love are wonder-ful. This is the key to more. When you think you have finished unveiling this mystery, I swear, you have just begun. It has not entered into the mind of man that which is prepaired for you, my love.(NT,bible) I do not speak of what you will read here. No, this is a shadow of the love affair that is the experience of this man. You are a completely new expression and if you are aware of what you are experiencing then you are aware you were carried on eagles wings to this meeting between you and I. The true romance, the true worship will be at the door of YOUR spirit. How beautiful you are behind the veil. Tablernackle (OT,bible) The original intent, A thin veil is hottest isn't it baby. What shall I liken this love affair to: It is like the steps of a blind man that are met by plateaus. This love is like the groove the needle rides, Rock me in the groove. Heaven is like you and I in love, no words are necessary, it is unspoken. Yet all is said. Heaven is in puddles, like a squirrel in the woods unseen until she spirit moves, then she is distinguished from the backround. Like the wind when she moves you hear it. Deut 30:14 For the word you seek is very near to you, even in your mouth and in your heart. She comes to me in many forms, and in poetry and syncronicity When he and she meet they KNOW!!! it is right They dance like waves on an ocean of romance He builds a house from the bottom up She cleans it from the top down When he and she meet they know it is right She She is life She is my wife I have been joined with her She and I were one in the beginning She came out from me in the beginning she is my dream I am dreamer He builds the house from the ground up she cleans it from the top down when he and she meet they know it is right What is the momentum of all that I AM? I am relationship. I am the joining of two houses. Remember the pattern in the wilderness. Exodus 25:9 He builds a physical house, she creates a spiritual. She and I, You and I. There is only you and I, my love. Ohh baby when we touch the honesty is to much, and I have to close my eyes and hide. Moses veiled his face from me on the mountain. He had to veil himself from the people. At the reading of interpretation a veil came over all their eyes. If my face were suddenly unveiled, you would surely die.(change) I promised you in the beginning. I hid from you in the garden. I am the desires of your heart. Relationship, the fragrance that draws the honeybee to the appletree. Spirit to form. Consider for a moment the fragrance of our love. Earth flower with twelve petals Exodus Only what I want do I consider all else is removed from this temple Hearts unfold like flowers before me I am bursting forth as roses on the vine And my fragrance will draw all men unto me Precesion, yes, as the honeybee plunges into his love he is unaware that another layer of loving is carrying massive amounts of information and love on his tail. All that is needed to create more of what the honeybee desires. (Pollen) At angles to our action other processes are moving. You see, you do not DO magic, you ALLOW it. My mind is like an altar from which fragrance rises. Dreaming of what form she is to come to me. The dream and the dreamer are one. When she comes we know it is right this love has been sanctified. On the mountain he prayed and his sweat was as great drops of blood. I am as a table, an altar. You see, I've been searching through the past down the DNA TREE I've been remembering what life Has to offer us for free I came upon the advent of poetry It taught me, It rocked me down to my knees I called upon the councelor inside of me to ask about the things that had grown upon the tree He said the BLOOD OF BILLIONS had purchased this for me It's the DNA DNA DNA TREE What work doth a table wish to see When four legs and a flat you be Form dictates so much to thee This was the secret of sanctification for me She comes in many forms, When we meet it is right. Don't need a preacher or bible to tell us it ain't right. All will be fullfilled... The smallest of points will soon alter the largest of equations and render all interpretations meaningless, thus fullfilling all scripture. Scripture (engraven image) apart from spirit and context to which it was given all interpretations are but idols blocking the door between you and I. Apart from you spirit, the bible, the koran, all things are but idols that veil me from you. The me and the you, they should not be two words for there is only one. I cannot climb these walls you are building and I cannot unlock the door.(Words to a song) I promised you in the beginning my love. Unless you draw me in I cannot tear the veil. The illusion that there is separation. My heart is aching do not say it will end here, let our love go on to double the synergy of this creation. Let our love be found in our children, and in the work of our hands. Lets do each and every little thing. Bewilderness I am astonished by this Angel guiding me on my journey through loneliness She fills my emptyness Bewilderness A loose interpretation of the original exodus I am a house of wonder I am a house of prayer I wondered if I could make a living wondering And life just.... became.....wonderful!

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