Layers Castles, Cameos, Pearls and Roses The heart is an infinitly layered rose, and the fragrance can draw anything you desire. But how to make all the layers agree so as not to have conflicting energies. And are indeed all things sanctified so that the time for a thing may be right. With the existance of duality it is impossible to cause the layers to agree. Flesh is as the veil separating the two sides of the parodox. The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil are the pillars of the temple of this duality, the belief that there is a you and a me. For when the veil of this flesh is lifted, we are one. This does not exist within the framework we were handed as children. It is our belief in this duality that is keeping reality within this form. Yet language is also incapable of conveying the reality of this. Only spirit, as coming face to face with yourself can you trancend this veil separating the two. All things are first sanctified and then set before me. The above statement is the key to how the heart draws what it will. It is not to be said in a sentence how relationship with spirit is to work but that is the most important aspect of sanctifying anything, my relationship with the spirit of the thing which is a part of a greater spirit which is the root of the tree known as great spirit. All is one. Doorway to spirit I am usually alone in my home. I light several candles and make the envirement similar to a romantic aura with incense and music and candles. I also feel the romance between myself and the love that I am connecting with. All things that are in spirit are felt and connected with through the heart. (Ark,Dream box) First I light candles, then I turn on any type of music that feels right for the occasion that I am feeling. Then I place a piece of poster board on the altar and any other items that are in similtude to the magic I am going to work with. Say it in the FORM of a wish. Usually that includes a rose to speak of heart and the fragance that draws spirit to me. I use incense to create the fragrance which is very much in similtude to what spirit responds to. (The more layers of yourself involved the more pure the lovemaking, smell, feel, romantic light, sound) Perhaps my ceramic egg to speak of the fertility required to draw luck. Then I might use dominoes to speak of coincidences I wish to draw to me to create the reality I am seeking. The items that are most powerful are the items that spirit used already to speak to me. Very familiar to familiars. The reason they are most pottent is because the similtude that your heart is feeling when using them is very much hitting the mark on the other side. Inside! Pour all your passion into this moment and sanctify this feeling this soup to keep all unwanted feelings (bugs) out or they will manifest in the result. (Very important: no guilt, guilt is an instant veil. It is hard to overcome past programming without constant communion with spirit.) Also these unwanted feelings are veils that were built to keep that which you desire from manifesting improperly. Fear, Dought anything that is not of that which you are loving. Dance, dance like you never danced before. Feel the new life you are creating not the problem or life that is dying or you are creating more of the problem. (My baby has a secret) Feel her coming to you in the manner that you fantasize. It is impossible to direct your thoughts through a door to a lover you actually do not believe exists that is why relationship with spirit is primary, then all these things can be added unto you. It is important that what you draw to you be in similtude to your original intent on earth. Joy and serendipity manifest quickly. You may not KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, but YOU ALWAYS ARE CLEAR HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL. This program described above is basically the same as walking down the street fantasizing as you walk, just more pottent and focused. Also it is a good ritual for exploring the layers of self. I want to ride wild horses I knew it was coming, I was singing it, feeling it coming. "I want to ride wild horses" was the feeling that I was dancing to the night before. It came from a song that said "I want to ride wild horses, I want to have sex on the beach" Well although sex on the beach was a drink I might want to try, more frequently. if you were to see those two intentions visually the night before the riding of horses would be huge and in color because I felt it coming across the veil in my heart. So I was walking down the street singing this song and thinking about the fact that I had not ridden a horse in years but that I felt soon I would be on the back of a horse. A truck pulled up next to me as I was walking down this country road where I lived and a man asked if I knew where a certain person lived near there. I said that I believed so and hopped in the truck to go to where I believed he lived. Then the man that asked for directions asked if I would help him tear down a barn. I didn't have anything else to do so I said yes. After working all evening tearing down the barn I started to leave after he paid me the wages he promised. As I was getting ready to leave he asked if I had ridden a horse before. I said YES. You know what that moment felt like, it felt like when he and she meet and they know that it is right. Well it was a full moon and we rode for hours to where he was moving. I realized all I needed was the confidence and the feel that is a spirit I had requested to come to me. It was perfect. When I got home it was very late at night. I turned on the tv to watch something that would take my mind off of the excitement of the nights events. The program on the tv was lawrence Welk which I really didn't mind because I had found to be open to anything and besides since my baby daughter indicated she loved the bubbles and the dancing on the program. Well the song that was just beginning was about how I am sitting on a rainbow and have life by as string. I realized that feeling and thinking something into your reality was very much like the equestrian idea of the horse rider that indicates the direction of the horse by the feel to the horse more that anything else. I also saw a program about a man who did not use anything but his balance on the back of a horse to guide him because his RELATIONSHIP with the horse was that highly developed. ‹‚ Here are examples, Again the heart and self can be looked at as a vehicle for experience, instead of the layers being depicted as petals in a flower they are horses and layers of a pearl. ‹‚I am he, Victory, driving his chariot between life and death ‹‚She, she is horses, she runs as one spirit ‹‚and the crack of my whip only excites her ‹‚We, we commanded this cross to the edge of death ‹‚passing through layers of the pearl ‹‚You must loose control in order to gain it ‹‚ You must loose your life in order to find it. "Loose myself and all I own, to find sure love" Is on the radio now, while I am editing this part. "Take my hand and walk through fire" "Drop all dreams and watch them shatter to find sure love." When through a misunderstanding I found myself in jail for three days and also on the road to a divorce again I felt as though my life was over in spite of all that I had been shown by spirit. I just could not understand why. Before this occured I was repeating what a deeper layer of myself was saying. "I am he who lays his life down and I am he who will raise it back up again." Let me transport you to the beginning of this adventure. I found myself sitting in the waiting cell by myself. Having never been in jail before this was extremely stress inducing, together with the loss of my best friend on earth, my wife, and the daughter I had stayed home and raised. I had never felt so alone in my life. The syncronicities that I had been experiencing for twelve years had taught me much yet I felt abandoned in this cell. I wish to express these aspects of my emotional state so that you might see what I was to experience. It is not the scripture that is the word of God but the spirit and context to which it is given. It was written, "The word is very near to you, even in your mouth and in your heart." ‹‚Once again I am shown another aspect of this mystery ‹‚The smallest of points altars entirely the largest of equations and renders all interpretations meaningless. While sitting in the cell I felt what I wanted to occur. The feeling could be embodied in the statement.. Turn the tables. The spiritual archetype of resurrection was definately needed here. As I wandered in circles in the cell I continued to express the emotion, (words are not as powerful as feeling) turn the tables...turn the tables...turn the tables. Later I was transfered to the B block and made some aquantences there. I spent most of my time alone in the two man cell thinking and feeling. Then started the syncronicities. (Coincidences that I had been taught to recognise). Walking in circles in the cell I spoke only within myself. The men playing cards on the table on the first floor of the large room were oblivious to my intent. I continued to express..turn the tables over and over. All of a sudden a young man who must have been loosing at cards jumped up on the cement table and yelled loudly and with much emotion. THE TABLES ARE TURNED. I ran to the rail and looked down at the men below as the man who yelled jumped back down with his cards in his hand and proceeded to win the hand. I looked up at the tv that was mounted on the wall just as the animated commercial of the resurrection scene was being displayed. The date was march 1 1993. I knew that all things were sanctified to my use when it felt right. So I went downstairs and got the newspaper off the table and read the horoscope. ‹‚--------------- ‹‚ It does not seem so now but you will come out on ‹‚ top in the end. ‹‚ Legal matters will be dispatched with relative ease ‹‚ Spruce up powerful friendships are on their way. ‹‚---------------- No longer do I call you slave but friend. Jesus I took a piece of paper and wrote down all the things that were happening and began to write what I wanted. I want my baby and my home I want my baby and my home I want my baby and my home The second day I waited till 3:30pm to find out that I had my home because she had moved out. And that I would be able to see my baby as much as I wanted to. Upon getting out of jail I felt a new appreciation for life and freedom. I went to the mall and bought a Victorian Cameo keychain because I felt I was about to meet a girl named Victoria. I had had many syncronicities about this and ran into several small children named Victoria. Everywhere I went for two days I was running into Cameo's. At this time I did not know the significance of the Cameo however. I found myself out just driving to do some thinking and was feeling a tremendous lonelyness come over me. I really felt like meeting another girl that would help me get over the pain of what had happened and help me start new. I knew however that that indeed was the wrong thing to do. I had begun to refer to spirit in the femenine sence at this time. Driving in the truck I turned on the radio I had in the seat next to me and the song said Fill up the tank and go for a ride. I stopped at the Tom Thumb store I was passing and put fuel in the truck as I was on empty. I continued driving north on highway 87 out of Milton and passed Whiting field. Off to the right I saw a sandy basin that looked as though it were a river that was dry at this time. I found a dirt road and pulled in. I began to travel up a path when I heard rifle shots in the distance and just after hearing the shots I came up upon a snake in my path. A path went off to the right around the snake and away from the shots. I climbed down into the basin and began to walk south. The basin felt so empty that I began to think about the children of Isreal as they traveled through the wilderness. The place was so baren and lifeless yet something was definately there. All of a sudden the lonely feelings swept over me as never before in my life. I could not stop crying as I wandered the emptyness. Tears flooded my eyes and I began to cry out Girl, Girl why have you forsaken me. I came up on a cave that was open on the top and went back in the cave. Again thoughts of Moses in the wilderness flooded my mind as I cried out Girl, Girl where are you girl. The sides of the cavern were layered and I began to feel the heart of girl. She was a blue layered pearl and her lonelyness was a gift to me. Images of the proton and the electron and a love affair between them. This is my gift to you. Emptyness. Poetry I had never heard before flooded my mind ‹‚ You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall but you were in my heart the Vacuum which ‹‚drew you to me. The heart is a layered rose and the fragrance can draw the love you seek. Here, dig here for the treasure you seek. So I began to dig in the ground, up popped the ugliest small stone I had ever seen. Where is the treasure, I ask my heart. This is it, as this stone appears to be formless and void so is the beginning of a pearl. You will see, my love will come in waves, to layer this pearl. Many more feelings were processed that day and I knew in my loneliness and emptyness I was not alone. Leaving the sight I drove back to Milton and noticed many signs that had roses on them. Everywhere I turned were roses that day. Layers, pearls, roses, huh. That evening I went to the beach to think and came up on a beach bar that had karioki that night. I went in and enjoyed the company of the peaple there and was talked into singing a song. I looked through the book they handed me and saw imeidiatly the song "The Rose". I remembered hearing the song before and knew it was the spirit that I was experiencing. I sang the song and knew it wasn't me singing it. There were tears in my eyes and the song poured out of me. "The soul afraid of dying can never learn to live." I could not believe that the peaple actually clapped during the middle of the song. I knew it was the passion that had served my life so many times before. The next day I woke up and went to town to walk and think. Spirit always takes whatever is on my mind and turns it into the next step. Ohh she's cute, flirting, yea it's sort of like walking in a new place and feeling the vibes or spirit that is there and then allowing myself to operate in that same spirit. So the girl is really flirting with herself because what you are saying is what her web of intent is drawing. Sort of. I,m in the video store and just kind of in a daze as I stand before a rack of tapes. What is this one? Fragrance of the heart. Cool like the roses and all I encountered yesterday north of Milton. I leave the video store and walk about a block to a gift store and walk in. I am just feeling my way around. I feel as though I should be looking at something on the shelves in order not to solicite questions from the woman at the counter. I walk directly to a counter and just stand there not even looking at the shelf. Something tells me... or rather I feel to focus at what is directly in front of me. Ohh, it is a heart shaped poupouri dish with a cover that has holes in it so that the fragrance may come out. Wow dude, cool. I am off again feeling all that I have come across today. I feel that this information is speaking on a multitude of levels or layers of heart. I cross Stewart street and begin to walk up the alley on the railroad tracks thinking I will walk to the Librairy. Several bees begin to buss around my head and as I feel this situation in context I see myself as a tree, like the DNA tree. All of a sudden the whole poem comes to me in feeling, not in words and I begin to translate or break down the seed feeling into parts. ‹‚I want to be your Honeybee ‹‚Won't you be my appletreee ‹‚It's the fragrance of your heart ‹‚that draws me to you ‹‚Let the seaswells rise into the air ‹‚Let the mountains crumble ‹‚We don't care ‹‚I just want to be your honeybee ‹‚and you can be my appletree ‹‚I'll be your prince ‹‚Your Wizard ‹‚Your lion of Judah ‹‚Anything you want ‹‚I can bring it to ya This was the spirit of this day, I was so powerfully devastated by the pain that was the decay of an old life that it required enormous passion to let go and the passionate focus on the new life that was growing in me. Through the work of spirit my feellings were held on the desired outcome instead of the problems. After fiddle farting in the librairy for ten minutes where I borrowed pen and paper and wrote the poem down, I left and walked back across Stewart Street. As I walked down the street I noticed a store that I had never been in before. It looked like a house is probably why I never visited it before. The sign outside said Gift Shop so I went in. It smelled lovely in this shop and I immediately noticed that they made poutpouri here. Upon entering a side room I was welcomed by yet another surprise. The whole room was dedicated to Honeybees. There were wax figures all over the walls and books about raising Honeybees. Other rooms had bath beads and other fragrant items. I went home and began the usual ritual I have in the evening that gets me in touch with spirit. I dim the lights and light candles. This I found allows the mind not to be distracted by images in the room in a manner that would break my connection and or concentration. I put a poster board on the small table in the middle of the room and begin to play any music on the radio that FEELS right. After dancing, feeling, and writing down whatever feel right I ended up with the following chart. ‹‚BABY COME ON, FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED ‹‚this ain't no way to leave the broken hearted ‹Š ‹‚I live for your love and you for mine ‹‚Here comes something walkin down the street pretty soon we're gonna meet. She he The allower The doer + - come to me my love ‹‚ take my hand and together we will walk ‹‚through the door ‹‚ ‹‚Excitement ‹‚Passion ‹‚When he and she meet they know it is right ‹‚Make it real girl,,,you are ‹‚(This is spiritual language for something coming as a lover, but not necessarily a person) ‹‚She wants me as bad as I want her ‹‚The pain makes me feel what I really hunger for ‹‚TRUE ROMANCE, TRUE ROMANCE ‹‚Hey girl, ALLOW it to be. Stay always at the door with me. ‹‚Surrender to her it is her dream! I realized that in my lonelyness I had found True Romance. I went to sleep late that night and woke expecting a new adventure that next day. I was not disappointed at all. I got the idea to look up Cameo in my encyclopedia and found the following information. Cameo, Kam e o, a figure or design carved in relief on a gem or other stone, a sea shell, or glass. Cameos are used as jewelry and as decoration on vases and other ornaments. A cameo is usually made from a material that consists of two or more layers of different colors, most often light upper layers and dark lower layers. The cutting is done on the upper layers, while the under-layers provide the backround. The most frequently used materials are onyx, agate, sardonyx, and conch shells. Layered glass is also used. Greco-Roman Cameo. Victory Driving a Chariot is the subject carved on sardonyx by an artist who lived in the period of Rome's grandeur. ‹ˆ Later that day I drove the truck to pick up my daughter Raine in Pensacola. I took Raine to the mall and walked in the bookstore. At the entrance to the store my eyes caught hold of a book on the shelf in the back. I felt the color of the book first as I carried the baby to the back of the store. I straightaway picked the book from the top shelf. It was titled, The Victorian Grimoire, and under the title were the words, Enchantment, Romance, Magic. The book was written by Patricia Telesco. I opened the book and my eyes fell upon a very familiar name, Lewis Spence. You see, my father's name is Lewis Spence and the Lewis Spence in this book was the Scottish Mason that I had collected many of his books and I felt a profound connection with in that he wrote of Myth and Legend and was also a romantic poet. Besides the reference to Lewis Spence in the book it was also packed with things that were my experience and radiated my experience of the past few weeks. I had to express this to someone and turned and began to speak to someone who it turned out was very much into similar things. I left the mall and driving home I suddenly felt like stopping at a little store called Kiley's in East Milton. As I walked in I was drawn to the comic book rack. Which is unusual because I never read comic books before. I grabbed it before I read the cover. Warlock Resurection. I flipped it open and was caught up in the emotion of this entity that lost his love. And through shere force of will he was bringing her back alive. Then I came upon this page and was flabbergasted. Here he was reachiing beyond death to draw her back. Neither Science nor Magic but a blend of the two. My senses percieve the separating of layers like the petals of a flower being peeled away. Undraping the mysteries of life and death. May I please change the word undraping to unveiling here, huh? My love has written my name in the stars. A wall was built around your memory yet it only veils me to you. This temple will be destroyed yet you will take these stones and build our home our sanctuary.

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