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link Original post about kim Jong Un on July 8th 2014

Dove on a Branch wrote:

I am feeling a synch related to anger toward leaders.

I reminds me of the feeling I had when for the first time I posted about Kim Jong il just prior to his death.

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit

Not only do I feel the same way about Kim Jong un but also the arrogance of leaders in our country.

Leaders need to be shaken with the knowledge that [b]WITHOUT SPIRIT YOU ARE NOTHING.

Related disrespectful leaders

I am awaiting the SPIRIT as pertaining to their presumption!

Better than a bullet! Perfect Love!Don't act on anger, but rather give the pain to the SPIRIT Believing.

Kim Jong Un hasnít been seen for weeks and no one is quite sure why

I was moved to post about Kim Jung il three months before he died and this post about Kim Jung un is three months ago.

98 Days after my post Kim Jung il Died Posted Sept 10 2011, Died Dec 17, 2011
80 days as of today since I posted about Kim Jung Un, Posted July 8th 2014, Today is Sept 26,2014