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That is the the secret contained in love making for as Abraham was said to KNOW his wife and in that knowing (seeing face to face with spirit) there is conception/creation. So all the romance and shared mutual intent is that which is IN THE SPIRIT or a ritual wherein the secret of creativity is kept. But to be blocked by shame or blame or any separation is to veil at the door. Now add words and often this just leads to misconception because the layers of the experience were pointing more to the spirit than the words (approximations of spirit)

Quote from book Wild hearted romance with spirit www.stephentree.com


Scripture,, it comes from the word engraven image,, without spirit and
context to which it was given,, the bible,, the koran,, all things are
but idols blocking the door between you and I...

Religion is sin,, separation from each other...

and also


Panning for Gold (romance in spirit)
Words, too many words, confusion/ conjestion
therefore you removed the veil
When you find the gold then open your mouth and shout
Things our fathers have been saying for generations
Love indeed fulfills all scribbling by scribes
There is only you and I my love
Standing here before the torn veil

Don't think, feel the layers of heart and sanctuary. It will be shown that ideals and interpretation are as points in an equation but overlooking the synergy of a moments combination.

Writing tonight/ experience tonight

Jesus Mountain

Pam and I decided to go buy some coffee and to walk as we generally do to a coffee shop and try a new coffee. We walked into Jitterz Coffee House, Stockton, CA and told them we had walked a long way and were told that Jesus Mountain was to be found in this coffee shop. He pointed to the coffee selection and the grinder on the opposite wall.
The Stone Covering the tomb

As we wandered and wondered our way home I began to think about all my synchs having to do with the mountain that faith could cast into the sea and the symbolism that was connected in my experience with spirit to the mountain. The symbolism of the stone covering the tomb and the veil separating the two rooms in the temple representing man and spirit. The moment let go of that veil of interpretation and looked only to the spirit to overcome that interpretation something began to grow in my experience relative to that meaning. The intent was to be taken to the place where I truly trusted my life to deliver what I needed to know to overcome what was growing to separate people and that was the belief in that interpretation. But because when you go to communicate what it is that led you to overcome this mountain, to roll that stone away, to lift that veil separating YOU, my life/ God from me is when my journey began. It is not done through as much effort on your part as trusting and intending that each moment it be happening through You by the spirit.

The veil that is torn the moment you find the true spirit

But the fearful and unbelieving that used the veil only to hide behind will never see the spirit. And those that use the interpretation to control others through shame and judgement. But those that weld the spirit with true intent of heart will overcome these and the letter of misconception that is the the power of fearful masses.
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes everything and renders all the interpretations not given of Spirit,,,, meaningless!!!!