Blue Star at the Top of the DNA Tree

Blue for Certainty

Also Blue diamond and Blue icicles



I spoke to my father this morning (he is back in ICU) Dec 22, 07  because they made mistakes in his biopsy and punctured his lung and then he got a stomach virus that the guy next to him died from. So Victory is Driving his Chariot along the edge of life and death.

    My brother was caught in the snow STORM in Wyoming and is late getting home for Christmas as right now he is in his truck in Colorado. My sister wants Daddy to know she loves him as I seem to be the only one they allow to talk to him on the phone.

   This Morning I told him about the ongoing story that I have had about those I love. Some of You have heard about this story but still do not know the meaning of it. You see this story (I called it the Fairies that See through the Eyes of Flies) was about how when we feel alone, or afraid that I AM there with You. It started when I sent You (Raine) back to your siblings and You went to school. I wrote a poem because when You were that age You missed Puddles (Raine’s Cat). Where are You puddles was the name of the poem and it was about when You feel alone and You stare at the wall that I AM there with You. And then when the Smallest of points overlooked came when You (Pam) needed eyes and You got eyes how we were both dreaming when You were on the operating table. I was dreaming about how I was with You and about how (I want to see You with a million eyes) and the glass outside the building where they were performing the operation was giving multiple images like that of a flies eyes and how You saw with Your cataract) I ran up to the operating room because I knew that I was with You there in Your moment and when I entered the room You and the nurses would not let me tell You because You wanted to tell me that You already knew as the operation had been stopped half way through as a FLY was caught between the many layers of glass in the window I was having synchs with outside and You had told them (the nurses) “oh, that is just Steven” as You already knew that I was there with You.

   And then I was awakened the other night again as I was dreaming that I was there with You (My father)    I and how both You and I wanted this to LINGER. Years ago, while alone in the farmhouse I had written on my walls what I wanted to share with each of You. And for You my father, I had written that You would experience this in such a way that it would bring Tears of Joy. I wrote these words down and shared them with You this morning and You understood that I love You.




Ocean, Death, Whale, Jonah, Jesus, Victory

And quote



I am HE
Victory (The Spirit that IS LIFE) driving his chariot along the edge of life and death
They are She Horses, they run as one spirit
And the crack of my whip only EXCITES her.


My family are all having a very special Christmas as I felt this one would be. My brother’s wish to see every one in the family this month is coming true as he and I met in Milton

From Ours to Yours      Merry Christmas

           I will reach Your heart.


So since my father did not have faith in Doctor’s but he does have faith I told him to not believe it is the doctors but that it is his heart drawing what he needs through them. A small change to say the least, just like beauty and the beast. Now some believe that the faith must be in the “Name of Jesus” within the family but I tell You that to believe in what the Spirit gives You (According to Your faith) this is closer to the meaning of the Name of Jesus which they will find that through interpretation “they never knew me” anyway.


Now another synch with Friends was about the WILD WINE of the Spirit.


We were talking about the wine as experience and were playing the Rumi poetry cd that said. Nothing is Eternal except the Drinking of Wine. And of course like Jesus who said “If it is possible, let this Cup pass away from me” for the cup is the experience that reaches Your heart that You might Know Me by this experience.

Drink this Cup.