Salinas Walk

I begin this experience in Salinas California where Pam and I spent a few days working. Pam was enjoying reading in the room and I went for a long walk as that is one of the things I do.  I started at Del LaTorre St. and walked east towards downtown.

It was about three miles there and about four miles back as I took a longer route back. Now the thing that came into my reality as I walked was the processes related to the industry around the area and in particular the cooling companies that I found along the way. I tried to take some pics of the cooling places along the way as even as late at night as I walked the place was bussling with forklifts going to and fro and in and out of the several acre cooler.

            Modern life and the idea of relationship keeps people’s moments interrupted to the point that they never really grow in synchronicity to know the Spirit that is their lives. This is one reason that I have taken to walking so much in order to hold a thought long enough to engage synchronicity and the rest of the layered pearl that is my experience with YOU/life/Spirit.


Just now took off for a walk


Back from the walk.

I had an experience that speaks of what folks spoke of about walking in Salinas at night alone. The subject was fear, and back years ago I needed to find sanctuary from fear by being in Synchronicity with Spirit. I would fast from bad thoughts in order to create an emptiness out of which experience with synchroncity taught me that it is never as I expect, there is always the point overlooked. Now loved ones also are having trouble at this time controlling their thoughts because they really do not know the Spirit to which I am speaking. Some of them believe they must be good and up to date with the  law and/or interpretation of religion in order to find a safe place. Their shame is what draws their fear. They need to actually have experiences with love related to this Spirit. Not just hear of this Spirit as religion wants to believe. Anyway, as I left out for my walk this evening it was dark and misty and off in the distance was a loud boisterous young man that was saying things that late at night would perhaps scare most of those that I know.  I walked into a parking lot to let the source of the noise pass. As he passed he looked at me. (It was after midnight) I let him pass and went to the other side of the road to let go of that energy. Later I walked further up and road and the young man came out of a house across the Street. I felt I needed to make this good so like I did with his energy before I saw it as a good thing and his own desire to show that he was not afraid by speaking with such a tone so loud when there was no one around to hear him except whom he fears in the dark, so I then felt that he was trying to put out a Spirit that he was not afraid. I spoke to him as he passed and told him the conclusion I had come to. I said “thanks for the upbeat spirit, I kinda needed that”. I went in the direction I was leading and acted happy that I saw him that way earlier. He then said “stay SAFE” with an emphasis on the SAFE. Now that was the synch I was having and I was also feeling all the synchs before in my life about the subject. You see the layering or repetition is what is important in the heart not the learning, and by the Spirit so that it is fresher. Walking just a block further I came to the McDonald’s and there was a Loud Boisterous car and inside what looked like what they call a skinhead. He circled the parking lot where I was walking.


I was just interrupted by a comostion in the parking lot of the Apartments. A car alarm went off and that doesn’t happen this time of night when no one had driven in in the last five minutes unless, well I got out there and someone was jumping over the fence.


Well anyway I had learned a long time ago from experience that it is better to be in sanctuary with the Spirit talking about fears even that to be outside of the Spirit and fearful.


I wrote on a card while walking earlier


            The safest place is here in Your heart


Once in my life, I had lost my way and if I did not stay in synchronicity I felt fear that one of the many things that seemed like they might happen as many holes were in the boat due to many situations and due to those that were despitefully using me. During that experience of being always in the Spirit for a period I had the experience of being all alone and fears would encircle me if I did not stay in a good place trusting the Spirit. I came to know that YOU being all who went before me had lived in such a place. Part of a Rumi Poem that reminds me of what YOU/those who went bef4ore us had experienced. It is with the this timeless heart that sanctuary exists. For You were created to share these moments, for I was alone, and I wanted to share this experience. As in the poetry of Eve in the garden. So humans are that created being, made to share these moments/experiences.


In love nothing is eternal  drinking YOUR wine. Rumi






Steinbeck Center

The best laid plans of Mice and Men are completely changed in the moment that SHE/Life and I have met. You must loose Your way in order to find it.

Wrote this while visiting the Steinbeck Center

In the distance I hear a voice say “I locked myself out”

The next day when we got done with what we had to do we decided to go to the Steinbeck Center. Of course all the experiences walking the night before related to writing and Cooling Vegtables were the energy of the day at the center. First we were talking to the lady at the welcome desk and told her about living in Turkey and Hungary got stuck in her mind and I remembered another person talking about Hungary related to Turkey. It turned out that Steinbeck had traveled in that area as I was about to find out.

Like Steinbeck I am writing out of my experience in Salinas. Like Steinbeck I am finding richness in my experience and through synchronicity. This lady could not believe that I walked in Salinas at night.

Much of the museum was dedicated to the processes that Steinbeck wrote about in his books which were the processes my life brought to my attention during my walk the night before.

Map related to Steinbeck’s travels with Hungary  as one of his stops.

Pam in the Steinbeck Center

There was a period in my life where the synchs related to a box and what we loved was in the box. The box was like the heart and was related to what YOU and I  shared in this lifetime. My rose box is where I keep the most fond memories of synchs while alone and I also keep a small box that came to me on my table. One of the poems related to the box.

The Box

You came back to me my dream box

And it feels like the first time, like the Spring Time (the freshness inherent in the synchs)

YOUR more than a woman or a man,,,,, YOU are my heart

And I can can’t help but love YOU. Dnatree

Related synch to this poem is from a movie “They never knew he had a heart, until they found the box”.


This is why there is only YOU and I in my reality, because there really is only one heart that You pray to and YOU, my life come to me in many forms, and it is like poetry, like synchronicity, and when He and She meet. (the manifestation)

They know it is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dnatree


I began to have synchs with what was in the box (dna) like Bob Hope (thanks for the memories)


I keep a box on my altar because of the synchs in my life about the box, and I also have a large rose box that I keep many of my “favorite things” in it.





The manna that I had ate before from the Spirit and what had worked yesterday needed to be fresh today and so when I try to do something through an old interpretation of what I had received from the Spirit just a season ago, something was missing, I needed to have fresh experience in “this moment “ to make it work.


We designed it from the start that I would reach You through the temple of the heart. The temple not made with hands.


The thing about synchs is they always lead to the heart of things.


Pam and I took off after the Steinbeck Center to experience a new place to dream about the synchs. We found this beach that was surrounded by Artichoke fields.

After walking the beach I went for a walk on this road and then suddenly tasted the artichoke hearts that I was to have later that day. I called Pam on the cell and she was standing by the field of artichokes thinking the exact same thing.

Picture Pam took right before I called her. We could taste it and knew that our experience would be related to this “in season” item.

As we left the beach we were attracted to this roadside market.

Just a few minutes later this poem came into my head

I  had to leave the car or I would have eaten the whole jar

We took of to loose ourselves and find dinner on the way home. We ended up in the little town of Aptos and walked into a Tai Asian place and we were then blown away by

The Soup

Artichoke Soup with Coconut Milk Wow was it ever delicious

Thome Kah-Artichoke Soup


Speaking to the heart of things from an earlier post


We really got into the synchs we were having one that I recorded was


Talking to the heart of things

Pam and I both felt it when they started to talk on Huel Howser’s California Gold when his guest started talking about the heart of the Canoe. When I observed how the Spirit communicated between Pam and I even though we had had separate experiences that day but still we were open to the Spirit and what the moment wanted to share with each of us. In fact then we began to find this in our other experiences that day.



Later the synchs pointed because many related synchs about YOU being the heart of all things, and when I speak to YOU I speak to their hearts.


Human learning is a misunderstanding for the spirit brings to the heart in fresh new ways the things that we love.


In my life

Love is related to the number of times in a season that YOU/my life returns to me in a form or a thought and it TOUCHES even to the heart. Those that know the Spirit through me know of whom I speak.