Smelly Beach

While traveling recently to the San Simeon area we stopped at a beach we had never been to. The first thing that caught my senses was the distinct smell that reminded me of growing up in Karsiyaka Turkey and the seaside there.

Karsiyaka Turkey

Nature Colors

As I often do, I began to dream about the colors I found there in the rocks and the handsome line of women’s outfits I would design from these colors. I decided to call the line Make Waves cc and thought about a sister line because of my connection to trees called Grow.

Perhaps the line might be related to the Robin Hood theme and nature.


We then left that beach and found ourselves at the Moonstone Gardens a place called the Hamlet.Bar and grill.

Connected to the Moonstone Bar and Grill was a nature shop and a large garden called Grow.

The synchronicity with Grow that started at the beach seemed to be related to learning to deal with difficulties and learning from synchs

Pam in the MoonStone Garden

Colors related to Grow and Make Waves Line with Special message embedded in the name.

More colors of the Beach and the critters living in the cracks


Note if You are interested in working on this project with me please email me.