Pam and I decided to spend a day in a very different and refreshing sanctuary while we were in Nevada so we stayed at the very inexpensive Gold Hill Hotel.

We were surprised that the Gold Hill Spring Follies were practicing that night and we enjoyed sitting in the den and listening as well as interacting with the folks.

This is where we sat to watch the follies and this is the view out our window.



This hotel is said to be the oldest hotel and we wanted to stay in the oldest room. This hotel is also known for it’s haunting.


One of my synchs is about the mountains in DNA (inside you) that were formed by the massive amount of consciousness related to a particular subject by the Blood of Billions that went before us. This treasure or Gold Hill is the fortune of our inheritance. As I walked the railroad tracks dreaming about this synchronicity I have had for so many years I began to add to the experience. Feelings related to emptiness and a lonely wilderness always bring back my moments alone with my life and my relationship with Spirit. Here are some examples:




Emptiness and spirit

Dnatree wrote:


I am astonished by this angel guiding me on my journey through loneliness, she fills my emptiness, in bewilderness, it's a loose interpretation (clue) of the original exodus. (Original Emptiness intent)

The emptiness which was the earth alone, void. That was the gift that was given to me, for the emptiness was not empty, it was full of YOUR poetry, my life.

I used to take my emptinss with me walking, (sometimes for days alone) I would walk from the Panhandle of florida even up into Alabama. It might be a lonely canyon or a winding river that I found myself experiening but the emptiness was a gift it turned into poetry. Remembering those moment alone with YOU, my life.

Quote Dnatree webpage:


After posting the following message on the internet Pam and I had many Synchs this week about that emptiness and the work of spirit.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and blessed are those that know they are poor in spirit for they shall be filled, Don't be ashamed of feeling empty, of not having the answers. Allow yourself to be empty and let no man fill what is the spirits to fill. She waited for her beloved and knew his heart when she met him.

Pam and I talked about the time I had gone through so much about emptiness in a deserted canyon wilderness. I was crying because I had lost home and children and was alone and my life had indicated that "she (my life) is even now at the door". So I was in this basin crying "girl, girl, why have you forsaken me" speaking of spirit from my perspective. I then found myself in a layered cave with no ceiling. The spirit said that I was in the "heart of girl" I was crying and digging because I needed so much and did not know where it would come from. I found this ugly small stone "beginning of a pearl" I did not know what was to happen in the days to come but now I know it was to layer that pearl. (Cameo)

So this week she wanted to take me to a place called "Indian grinding rock" near volcano California. We were talking about the grinding rock and aspects of heart. (many holes in the rock used to grind acorns) Then we began to talk about the "vacuum of emptiness that draws what the heart will allow" Like remaining empty during a fast to draw spiritual food. We went to the next park which was called "black Chasm" it was a large cave under our feet we were told. (large emptiness) and then the synch with the gems and the water because that was also what they did there. So spirit reminded me of the experiences before about the gems coming from the emptiness. "Blessed are the poor (empty) in spirit". But this adventure matched the experiences I had had before about emptiness and gems. We also played with the spirit here.
(Black chasm, emptiness, and the chasm between you and I on this planet. the emptiness between us. Chasm spelt shasim,,, shazam!!! the emptiness is a magic word or the magic word more closely is in the emtyness, in the chasm. (writer) What's wrong with the obvious, get a clue vs an interpretation. Gems water panning emptiness.) Ok, so you see how my life offers many aspects to WONDER after.)

Pam and I walked to the store and on the way we found a bracelet with 11 gems (yellow green) we then went to the store and she wanted candles so we found these new ones the exact color of the gems and the candles said "fortune" on them. So then we came home after renting the movie DEEPLY that just came out on video. It was about a story how a love was lost and how this story reached to the heart and of the emptiness between the two lost lovers. The story spotlighted a boat that was the same green as the bracelet and the candles, the boat was called "fates fortune" having to do with the "knowing" that the emptiness had brought. Then we began to have images of Michael Angelo's painting of man reaching to God and the GAP between their fingers reaching. And then of the poem I wrote my daughter about reaching for each other. Many other Synchs occurred about the power of emptiness and of not filling it with an interpretation until spirit gives you something real. So this is just the last few days in which all this and much more happened about the spirit and emptiness. About creating emptiness in the form of what we want and allowing it to come.

Can you feel what the faith of one that has had experiences with spirit would be like compared to reading a book and trying to believe?

So you see that between you and I is this veil,,, and in my knowing I wish to focus on creating an empty place where the veil once was so that like the Gap between neurons something magical can happen. (where ever two, or three are gathered in my name (spirit) , there I AM in the midst.

(The smallest of points will soon alter the largest of equations and render all their INTERPRETATIONS meaningless. Thus fulfilling all scripture)


The train synchs and “those who went before us” related to getting in the spirit in an empty place (wilderness sanctuary) The gold and gems hidden or woven into the fabric of your moments.


Also when we got back to California we drove down a road we never had driven on and there was another road called Gold hill.