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Re: I need direction please
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Pam's story of meeting me the day after I got off the train coming from Florida over 7 years ago to do the project with the hurricanes here in California. She had been on her own for a while and was emotionally broken. The day before we met she went around to her old connections and released all the blame and shame and opened herself to a new life. I opened the door at the local Unity Church for her as I was following my life to find what it was I needed here in California. She opened up to me in the rose garden as we were the first ones there and what she said reminded me of my poem about a rose. I told her the poem and she burst into tears. We were not attracted to each other at first glance and put off getting together while taking care of some business. Within a month we were off on an adventure that would last until now. If You have been on this forum for any time at all You might recognise the poem.


The heart is a rose, and the fragrance draws the life we need.

As it was in the beginning my life, when I was the honeybee and You were my apple tree
For then, it was the fragrance of Your heart that drew me to You
Remember, we let the seaswells rise in the air
We let the mountains crumble, we did not care
Whatever happened I was the honeybee and You were my apple tree
I was Your Prince, Your Wizard, Your lion of Judah
Anything You desired, I brought it to You



It is not a man You need but it is to know the Spirit that is life, Your life. Once You find and recognize Your life then You will recognize it in him and everyone. Love is KNOWING YOU, my life and seeing YOU in them. This keeps me in synch with YOU and keeps negative intentions from gaining root.


If You cannot be alone with Yourself and be happy, You will never find happiness with another.  Seek first to find the Joy in Yourself as life is not about finding Joy through others but in sharing Joy already found.