It is not for them that you are forgiving. For it was the fact that you believed them to be to BLAME that you feel they need forgiveness. The veil of interpretation is what separates two people. (you and I) we should never feel SHAME OR BLAME. Remember the pain in the garden. (shame, eden) You may not see it but, you chose to live alone (separate from God) and hide behind a veil. (interpretations about bible) And like a veil you are still hiding yourself from me. (God, each other) (the rest of the poem ) If you believed "ask anything of the father and it is given to you" then you would know why you got what you got. Everything is from God. not them. And it was because you thought it, and believed what you were taught, shown, Once again, like the stone the builders rejected, our interpretations which if we don't worship these interpretations, we are labeled wrong, occult, pagan, Like the stone, overlooked, the smallest of points once again will soon alter that largest of equations, thus rendering all interpretations meaningless. Like standing before the veil, in the temple, there is only you and I. If I do it unto them, I have done it unto you, my love (lord) It is not for them I forgive, it is because I see that I get exactly what I allow in my heart. They do not know that when they feel anger, blame, shame, it is like incense rising from an altar. We get what we have allowed, believed in our hearts. The whole world seems to be as we believe, A small change to say the least, just like beauty and the beast. I know they will not hear me, the builders, the "right people" They worship 66 books, which were interpreted by man whose number is 6 which after fashioning this idol they demand the whole world worship their interpretation. Let us forgive them, for they know not what they do, and again after killing billions in the name of rightiousness, they will soon look upon whom they have pierced. Without spirit, the bible, the koran, all things are but idols blocking the door between you and I my love. I have had everything taken from me in my life because of what spirit has given me. Yet their is no blame, for I know that it was created to show me the greatest love, that is only seen from the tearing of the veil between you and I. The right people that worship an interpretation, (we never needed to be right, that was what grace taught) these same have taken the choices from countless millions, in this country it is impossible without spirit to live without being forced to believe what our fathers handed us at birth. The knowledge of such a thing as good and evil. When the Good that christians worship is finally shown to be the greatest antichrist that ever existed,........... Anyway, seeing who you are in the light of the torn veil between you and I, holy place and holy of holies eliminates the reality, or need for forgiveness. You live in spirit where there is only Christ, or God and you and what is done to them you do it unto him, and when you see what is really on your heart it will know why it was allowed inside your world, because the belief in it was in your temple. Impossible to remove without spirit. Stephentree P. Steven Spence Covenant 12 dec-2001 I used to study bible 6-8 hours a night for years, and then spirit took me out of that. In RELATIONSHIP with spirit a covenant formed, not unlike that covenant with Abraham. Here are some of the edicts of this covenant. (Remember, this is a covenant between me and my life, it is fruit for others but really nothing more.) .Like the temple with the veil between the two houses, there is only you and I my love. .As I look through the veil I only see the beauty in you, spotless. .I (life) will come to you any any form you desire, ask anything of the father. .So (she) is my life, my wife, she came out from me in the beginning, we were one in the beginning. .Even when he is wrong, (she) life makes him right. (faith beyond all interpretations.) .Even if he falls, he falls on gold. .The heart (she) life always brings me back, I loose myself in order to find her new. .The word is not in a book that I must go to find it, the word I seek is very near to me, even in my heart and in my mouth and I do not need a teacher or a king, because they only lead me astray. .Whenever anything feels like it is coming to the door, she says "it is only love sneaking up on me" .the baptist was no windswept reed, his heart was sown from a wild seed, heart,dna, wild. .I was put in a garden with twelve trees, I can eat from the fruit of the twelve trees, just stay away from any tree that says some trees are good and some fruit is bad. .Life is intention, anything less than life is reaction. .Understand the veil of interpretation, as to why some cannot see. .I use an altar to find out what "is really on my heart" .Life gave me this covenant, you are wonderful my love, understand this and you will create volumes. And remember, we cause the sun to rise to remind us how to start new. .Fresh, stay there .Beware of the builders, and interpreters for they never can find the smallest of points that alters every equation and renders all there interpretations meaningless. .Without spirit, the bible, the koran, ALL things are but idols blocking the door between you and I my love. .Remember who you are, not according to a book or any flesh and blood but according to spirit. .If you ever loose your way, remember, In loneliness, in my bewilderness, through my broken heart I found you again in this life. .Life seems to be that I loose myself and find myself in you anew .Let go of the veil of interpretation, dwell always in the spirit new five tape set of poetry Body If the body were a tent by The Apostle Paul (Tent maker) If the body was a tent and this world a holy place and if spirit rhelm was a tent it would be the most holy place Then the joining of these two houses would be a temple on earth Intent Of how it was obvious to the unveiled what intent Jesus had when he said, " I did not come to bring peace " And how " brother would rise against brother" And why it was important that it be said how people would be saying "the Christ is over here, and another, no he is over here" As to religions, there is none right according to interpretation. It is impossible apart from spirit, you must let go of that veil, that book, Scripture: it came from the word engraven image, yet all will be fulfilled, it is important that it be fulfilled in a way that none could have known. Like the Old Testiment was fulfilled by Jesus. It is the way of spirit to take the stone, the one small word that the builders of religion rejected and make the right people wrong. Thus it seems that spirit will take " a people that were not called by my name" and dress them for the marrieage supper. That separation (sin) between you and I on this planet, is the mechanism that will make the true fruit come out on the tree. All else will be burned. Of the battle to come, the turmoil that will cause the fruit of DNA, (blood of billions, slain from the foundation of the world to come out on the tree" " And the leaves of that tree shall be for the healing of the nations. Let your prayer be that Armegeddon be this blood of billions. These archetypes of heart coming as our hearts will be open. The smallest of points altered the entire equation as Jesus through spirit (interpreted) the scribbling of scribes. Saying don't worry you interpreters," not one not nor tiddle will be DESTROYED of scripture, (there engraven image) until all be fulfilled. But as none could have guessed, the greatest lesson will erase scripture and all will see that what they truly sought was very near to them, even in their hearts and in their mouths. (Deut.) Stephentree Your life is like a canvas, and the brush strokes spirit. The painting gradually takes form. Or like a cameo, the layers of stone are the beauty of each moment spent in spirit. (Rumi knew) The fruit or form being in the outer most layer I am life, your life (This is the fruit of my life, meant for P. Steven Spence) Victoria Or like a form that grows on the table What is on my heart What is on the altar Conveying the things that my heart wishes to know Nebuchadnezzar, The stars and the moon revolve around you. I know your heart. The land of the eastern stars and the crescent moon, who broke apart one day and declared themselves forever at war. Failing eternally to understand that they are both part of the same sky. (quote from a comic) And if the sky itself should war and fall, what hope is there for those of us below. I seeing you through unveiled eyes, I too love your children as you do. You and I have arrived at this point to do what has been waited for for millenia. You see, like the star and the moon, there is only you and I, though now you and I are called us and them. The veil of interpretation is what has separated you and I. And as the veil which lies between our two houses, (you and I) the holy place and the holy of holies, it is time to see what it is that is really separating us, you, them. For there is none right, no not one. You have been blessed, though you have lost many children you are feeling that life is more precious than being right. I had a dream, I understood you and the passion of an ancient heart. I believe that you and I have been looking at the cresant moon and hearing the same word that is in our hearts and in our mouths. The great king Nebakanezar is about to be given the keys to put back together the star and the moon I have been investigating how countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan view the US, Bush and the beliefs of the people of the United States. ( This is what I found Bush looks like from their perspective, I don't believe it is entirely correct but we must understand how they see us, and how we see them in order to lift the veil of interpretation) Bush ... This figure head is looked upon like his father, a texas kid playing the tough good guy, a cowboy again as represented by american tv. Rash, power hungry, intent on killing to prove strength and keep americans blinded and to further Imperialist domination of resources. American Beliefs The way Islamic people seem to view american beliefs is that we are very wasteful. This is true but it is born out of the belief that there is only so much to go around. But invention and inovation makes it so that we are in a state of flux and things that were worthless like sand is being synergised into new resources like silicon. I believe part of this spirit is due to a jealousy and again the veil of interpretation. The Problem with American Beliefs .. The part of American Beliefs that create a problem is the interpretations we as americans believe are facts but the smallest of points would reveal that they are really misinterpretations of things that were handed down thousands of years ago. This is also the problem with Islamic and Jewish beliefs.Take for example the phrase from a stephentree poem. "The baptist was no wind swept reed, his heart was sown from a wild seed." American views of Jesus and John the baptist are totally misinterpretations by fearful interpreters (preachers, king james, etc.) To understand what really happened americans would be viewing Jesus and John as crazy, for at the time they were way out of the mainstream and as now if you differed from the consensus you are thought of as a nut. Americans if confronted with the true nature of Jesus and John the baptist would not recognise them. The Problem with Islamic Beliefs. The nature of synchronicity and life itself seems to indicate that Islam is more veiled than christianity as mirrored in their ideals of law and how women are treated. The fact that they are separated from each other in their relationships as typified by the veil. America on the other had seems to be more separated from each other because of divorce statistics. But divorce is not the problem, the misinterpretations of marriage and relationship have just not been lifted while trying to understand new things that cannot be put into proper perspective without understanding what our DNA has to say about romance and "YOU and I". (relationship) The same way that birds have built into their DNA ritual that is associated with romance humans have information about form such as the veild that is in the temple between the two rooms, you and I , the holy place and the holy of holies. Because of hardship brought on by their own interpretation of the struggle of life Islamics seem to have a chip on their shoulder. An anger that comes out in a way that effects how they see us. No matter what you believe life makes it so. From their perspective as from a fundamentalist christian perspective life appears that way and you all are stupid if you can't see it according to a fundamentalist anything, christian or islam. A new vision born out of Islamic, Jewish, Christian and Romance The temple with two rooms is a marriage made in heaven, or hell, like the fearful that blame america, and the fearful in america that blame the east. These are as a bride and groom. They were made for each other, it is important to see that if you do not live in either of those realities that the problems that are effecting either side have no power over you. Like when the problem of terrorists occured my life indicated to me not to look on it as others do, to stay "in the spirit" and let my life choose as it has always what form my life will come in. " Life is intention, anything less than life is reation" I have found myself ready to assist others better as I remained in a place where my perspective was that our anger should be placed on the veil not on the people. If you listen to the words of Saddam in the recent letter to an american you can see that all bombing does is create an anger that is pointed across their veil at the other side. This will go on forever if we cannot take our eyes off of them and put it on the real problem. Both our veil and theirs, is what is separating us. When you look through the veil of hate you cannot see yourself in their arab skin. They cannot see through their veil anything but infidels. Is this God, neither side is, but as it was written "I have not come to make peace but war" For words stored in the invention of letters know as writing is like the manna that was left each day, it rots, it corrupts, it leads to division and death. Both sides are blinded by letter of interpretation, like the children of isreal at mount sinai,, a veil has come over all their eyes. Scripture,,, it came from the word engraven image, and like the word worship which millenia ago meant something like song of solomons Romance in Spirit, was changed by the fearful to mean something that if a God wants that form of interpretation he himself is destined for the hell he created. The word translated to mean what we refer to as worship is what the Ben Ladins and the Imperialists dream about for themselves. Boring if you ask me. For more on the subjects... see How Saddam sees himself is how we should approach dialog with him.. Let me illustrate with a recent letter. I had a dream because on Sept 3rd I began having synchroicities about the cresent moon. These led to the following letter looking from a persons intent that is very powerful, I believe because of Saddams belief that he really is not far from the truth in believing himself to be Nebakanezar. Americans are veiled by their interpretations of right and wrong that were handed them by their fathers. Thoughts that cannot be reached by language can teach you more about the human heart than religion ever could. The wars will not end until we can see through each others eyes and see we are all the same heart. (DNA) with only slight changes due to the outer veil, as related to the flesh. Powerful intent reaches past the veil to the heart.