Wild As Flies

A unique view of the Rainbow Gathering

Near Madeline Ca.

By P. Steven Spence



          I am walking down the path leading through the main part of the Rainbow Gathering, in the background I can hear people calling out “welcome home” and “I love You”. A bowl containing slices of orange and watermelon is offered as I walk by. I take a slice of orange and it seems to be exactly the amount and the flavor my body was just dreaming of. All day people are offering and hooking up with someone that has just the right amount of what they were dreaming of. Money is not wanted here only free offerings to “YOU” and offerings by “YOU”.  I have never been to one of these gatherings and did not know what they were about but I had had three synchronicities (seeming coincidental happenings) about the Rainbow Gathering and the moment seemed right to go. Why the spirit here is just like my wild hearted moments alone with my life. Such as how intention and synchronicity seem to draw what the heart and body need and when synchronicity is it is usually free.(coincidentally) Not only am I having a high levels of synchronicity with others at this gathering, but the use and understanding of synchronicity seems to have come naturally to those that I speak to and they have no problem at all conversing about the spirit of synchronicity in their lives.

Now all these dreams and the manifesting of dreams make a flurry of wild hearted experiences going on all around  and at every moment. In the days of my conservative upbringing I would have seen through that veil I was taught about such hippy freaks as something to be looked down at and suspicious of and they certainly resemble the energy and activity in the spirit “wild as flies”. But the synergy and the way synchronicity works with true intent of the heart is that I meet “YOU” in the moment and we share what the moment has prepared like bread. And it is perfect, resembling the spirit that I dreamed her (my life) to be.

          There is no leader at the gathering, for they know that a leader eventually only leads you astray. The group works on anarchy or the synergy of individuals and tribal groups.  There is no government nor the mark of government (money) at the gathering. There is the constant wandering through with a pad of tickets by the Law Enforcement to which many call out six up or six pack or such to warn some that those that might misinterpret your activity are passing through. Each person at the gathering could best be described as a distinct country with it’s own beliefs and stories generated by their moments. See original intent of True Servants/ public servants and the law. www.dnatree.us/serve

Broken hearts were everywhere at the gathering. YOU (life) in them would appear and in our sharing we experienced tears of joy and knowing. Life has come to use this most natural of occurrences to refer to the new life such as in the unveiled or circumcised heart. There is the veiled and the unveiled, the circumcised and the uncircumcised. In religion the veiled or uncircumcised are concerned with scripture, and the law and all that is presumed right. Flocks of fearful and unbelieving have been drawn to religion and have worked to reinterpret each point so as to cover the true meaning and to create confusion. That is why religion was not the original intent but derived by the fearful to create a group or gang to hide behind. The circumcised have died to that and now there is only YOU found in the questions of why and who am I.  Having traveled the world I am coming to recognize a distinct difference between the west and the east. More people in the east have the tell tail signs of a broken heart. A broken heart changes the weights and measures of the heart, it changes from mundane wants and ways of living with little depth to questions of why, to who am I and the experiences of life begin to layer in answer to these questions. As the heart layers these questions, the experiences change and what the layers have in common begin to appear as a beautiful cameo to the owner of the jewel unrevealed to those not of his world. The increased synchronicity of events center around these jewels of experience and become a gift from God through the bearer of the jewel. Fruit of a growing tree, a seed planted in the fertile heart which grew in true spirits fashion to produce fruit. The Gathering represents the least of the brethren, this is signified by the desire to offer all that they have to each other. Money is not needed for YOU are my substance. The unbelieving cannot understand the ways of the heart and synchronicity to insure all have what they need.

After the broken heart which included for me the loss of home over and over, such as in my experience I was working for home for 20 years for others and when it was time to separate the home was revealed to have never been mine to begin with. So no longer do I seek home in the same manner as before. I have joined the wanderers and live in a world of the moment where ever I find myself meeting YOU my life, fresh and new in each moment. Something fresh, something new, something like YOU my life. The uncircumcised law enforcement officers with their veil of what they believe about those at the gathering covering their face could not see the synchronicity they only saw the wildness that is a byproduct of living in the spirit. They and the media already had these images in mind before the gatherings and though they walk to and fro they never met YOU there though YOU were everywhere.


Further Gathering Notes


The rhythm of the drums and the waves of dancing people. Oh did I mention that about every twentieth person was naked. Unveiled!


Montana Mud, it is coffee. French press, generous. A dirty darling young girl digs some sugar from the container to put it in my cup. I would not have it any other way!


          Pink Sunset on the way to trade circle, so beautiful that I felt they might part and a space ship appear. I said it among the walking crowds. It’s love across time, get ready for the ride. I got into the moment with others about the spaceships arriving. The next morning the theme of the space ships arriving was most prevalent on the signs put out in front of tribes.

          The spirit at night is most wild. Laughs cries and occasional screams are the roar in the background darkness of certain debauchery. This roar is often pierced by a didgeridoo or a horn blast or a chorus on one side of the gathering calling out “I love you”. Occasionally the dogs will enter into a fight but this seems to be what dogs live for.

           Circle for peace

Unveiled and Uninhibited before “YOU”

My life

Romance and sex are the memory

Of the passion, love

And the unveiled intention

Necessary at any sacred altar



    The spirit of the Rainbow gathering as the earth and her tribes. The tabernacle and the twelve tribes with no king but the model of the heart as the tabernacle. The tribes and “NO KING” spirit. Anarchy as natures government. The tabernacle and the two rooms as individual relationships with God. Each person has individual covenants with their lives. Many covenants exist for each person. Core beliefs as covenants with “my life” X 40,000 people and you get a heart core flux that creates a Mecca of synchronistic manifestations. The understanding of how the temple, veil, rooms and YOU and I work.


Original intent of community and tribes.


The right interpretation as “not the rightness of god” for even if I were wrong the spirit would make me right. That is why the unbelieving that cling to the bible misinterpret the book and cling to “what is right” and never learn from the spirit being so veiled by the official interpretation.


For further information http://www.dnatree.us/ or call 1-800-224-8493 written by P. Steven Spence


Pics of the gathering