This is only for my family whose hearts are breaking.


There was so much presumption and use of the mind to predict on the forums and they did not know what they were getting into.


Just before Mother found out she had a Tumoranother on the net was experiencing it also which points to a synch.


Here is the original post about the predictions made about California and an earthquake.

Posted Nov 27th 2012

Trees Swaying wrote:

There is a lot of things that can be predicted other than an earthquake. But I see this forum is intent on the creation of an earthquake and specifically in Cali. An awful lot of energy put into it and for what intent. The intent is most important You know. Is it to save folks from what we think is coming? Our intentions can be seen through what happens vs what is said on this forum. Is our intent to reveal the SPIRIT? Reach Loved ones? One thing that holds a lot of folks back from getting anything from the SPIRIT is if they are trying in their flesh/mind to predict something for the purpose of lifting up the self. Point to the SPIRIT and You will have more success in at least understanding Your own self.

Remember in some versions of Chicken Little all the fowls get ate. (A lot of energy put toward this tale so I am beginning to sense the tale begin to play out.) You need to get Your intent from SPIRIT that You do not lead astray by the mind into what You do not understand. What we want is for the SPIRIT to create miracles in those that need it to lift up the idea of pointing away from the mind toward the infinite SPIRIT that IS GOD. All men will know HIM. Let's get our intentions right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The passion that is love (1h 18min)


So they all ignored the synchs as my family also has and then if you read the synch exactly when the earthquake happened in the bay area I was gone to Tennessee. And at that same moment the poster (Jonathan) got a brain tumor. Coincidently.

Here are the posts he was putting out

Starting here

They still donít look at the connection.,

Here is the exact date of finding he had the tumors

The predictions about the End of the Presumptuous Woman (Meaning Humans as the woman who never knew him/SPIRIT)

I love my family and have desperately wanted to reach them with what I found about SPIRIT.

This is how we can heal the family

I donít want to get to the point of the other predictions, I want to reach them.

Hearts will break!