This is just a subject that came up and notes I made as to my experience that day regarding it. Just look over it unless it speaks to You, because unless it does, You have already misunderstood.
The Spirit Serves you by giving you EXACTLY according to how you give
The religious give to others according to their misinterpretation and do not know what they are actually doing/ giving. They do not know how their arrogance without Spirit is perceived by those they join together to defeat.

The Spirit said that it is what he does with it that is what someone focused
on the Spirit would see and not the person/creature that is focused on. Like many of the things in nature that You would not agree with such as how a black widow female spider treats her lover but it is the poetry and intent of the Spirit that matters, not Your interpretation of how these creatures should treat each other. You treat others according to how the Spirit has taught You to love. Pam finds out she is hurting others by giving according to her interpretation rather than giving according to the Spirit’s mutual intent with each person and the needs of the whole. (place link here later as to Pam's experience)

Even the Spirit Serves such by giving them EXACTLY according to how they give,
for if they were not aware that Contrived Love is a misunderstanding then what they get from the Spirit is an indicator of the smallest of points they have overlooked. (like in an argument when both sides feel bad then both sides are overlooking something.) The Religious give unto others according to their Interpretation and self rightness but when the Spirit is allowed to flow it is given according to the “True Intention of the Heart”.
No the love You want me to extend to those that love their own according to Contrived Love is not Love, it is enabling them where they are blind. Everyone that says they are right according to Interpretation and gives that to another believing they love them, they do not know what it feels like to the other, but there is coming a time when those blinded by a veil will see how they are seen and see that they have also misinterpreted the heart of everyone.

The Door to Spirit for me in Christianity was to not judge anything, or anybody and to know nothing except what You deliver to me and this the world has blinded the religious to so that they Misunderstand. Love is silent and patient for far longer than contrived love can ever understand but when it comes out (bursts forth) You find whom You have overlooked.

If You see that You have overlooked the Spirit in the building then if I reach your heart by tearing down Your house it is better than waiting until when there is no time to rebuild through the Spirit.
Religion always stole the garments and so they stole what was to bind them because if You don’t start with the Spirit in Your interpretation You have not yet started. Their idea of love is a lie because it never knew the source. It is an imitation.The only true love is the Spirit loving Through You for only the Spirit can “hit the mark” concerning what they need. It is arrogant to conceive of love that is not the Love of Spirit through You.

My experience with love as a judgment

Pam played her new album but as it got into the second song she thought “this is not what I like” and later “I don’t like this album” I then knew to tell her “just skip past until You FIND something YOU love in it." Immediately she found the next few songs she did like but she was going to REJECT the album because it was not her INTERPRETATION of perfect. Can You imagine if You were rejected by such a perspective. The religious judge others as well as themselves before they have come to know the heart of the beloved, for if they knew how they were seen they would find it easy to overlook everything in others except what they love about the Spirit in the other. That is the misunderstanding taught by the world about love. I saw when I first began to understand the love of Jesus through the Spirit that I had to find something to love in those I meet or let go and not get attached to what I did not understand about them. Love was seeing ONLY YOU, my life and thus even in them looking only for YOU. Contrived love quarrels over interpretation not trusting the Spirit even it that trust takes a lifetime.

Now after finding how the Spirit (source) sees others and learning from so many even those that I in my earlier training would have discounted I found that the more Interpretation a religious person had the more closed and misunderstanding about what love is. Instead they contrive to love as they thought Jesus did but they did not know the “True intentions of the heart” and in their “rightness” they misunderstand others and are perceived by others in a way they are unaware of. When they misunderstand my intent toward them they believe it is not love for if they did the same thing I do according to their understanding they would be right for they misunderstand the intent is not to be right but to REACH THEM and a salt pillar is required to be trampled on by chance to reach them. Because Jesus said that those that followed what they thought to be holy were to be trampled under the foot of man, because now You understand the love post expression.


A religious man imitated the prophet and told the people the same exact phrase saying " a storm is coming that will effect every person on the planet". And then the religious man found himself in a terrible storm but the prophet did not experience the storm like the religious man. So he asked the prophet why it was different for him when he said the same thing. The prophet told him because the religious man said it according to the interpretation that this is what I want to send to You but did not know the "intention of the heart of the prophet was only to reach You" and it was the Spirit that said "this is what they draw to themselves". You see the prophet does not want others to experience these things but only wishes to reach the heart while those he wishes to reach choose according to what they believe.
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes entirely everything and renders all interpretations meaningless.