The Eternal Tree

The Meaning of the Resurrection



I took the van on a long trip from Stockton to Gilroy to Eureka through the my favorite area, the Avenue of the Giants.


I have been spending more time alone as spending too much time with even those we care about leads to the frustrations and misunderstandings of human relationship as it is defined and preached in every media. Time alone allows me to gain perspective and remember the great synchs that led to all that has happened in the Great Passion to Reach You.


I’ve needed a lot of alone time lately because of all of the feelings and synchs coming so fast. I want to really get the benefit that his MOMENT has in the Spirit. The wonderful moments I spent there with the big trees this time and the synchs I had leading up to the experience in the café above. I was on a trip up the coast and was making time available to experience with Spirit. I found myself all alone with the stones and even wrote that on this pad where I was at.

Alone among the Stones


The place where I was had many stones all around and it took me to Ezekiel’s dream of the field of bones as far as he could see. And how the Spirit would Raise up all these that had died. I had had earlier synchs with this related to Bonneville. A part of me related to the Spirit and to my loved ones wanted to give me a certain experience that showed up in many forms.


The Reason You must live a wonderful life that is based on Shared experience is because I/Spirit am alive in You.

I live through You

And I am the life that fills these bones.

I will raise them all up in You

After writing this I came upon this plaque


This plaque to the loved ones of Pepperwood

To Pepperwood

And It’s Loved Ones

Gone but not forgotten




This theme had followed me all day among the stones/bones.

And then after dreaming about how YOU are alive in me and all loved ones have gone to be a part of YOU as when the veil of this flesh is lifted ALL are really one.


So then I drive up to the Eternal Tree Café and go in the Eternal Tree House and sign the guest book in the tree house When I go to order in the café I feel that what I want is just like the waitress would want the sandwich for herself and I tell her that. She said well that means You want a lot of mayo and I said exactly, folks think I like mayo too much. And she said “and You want buttermilk bread” to which I said, exactly my favorite bread is Bodega Buttermilk bread. And this went on even to where it turned out she had the same such VW camper. Now the folks around were not used to synch and strange coincidences like this but the waitress it turned out was used to synchronicity happening like that but not to the degree happening in this moment.



I also kept running into burned out trees that looked like they had been made into homes by Indians and this felt related to the Eternal tree house


Among the Big Trees


About this Spirit and the misinterpretations of Religion


I have not come to destroy You but to Reach You. I want to double the synergy of our combination.

Say it will not end here.

Religion speaks of it’s own end but I am with You always.


All day was programs about the broken hearts in Hiroshima and then even Jack Black was reading a Hiroshima book later as well as all the nuke things happening at the UN yesterday. This however seems be related to the change of heart at the end of ww11 in the Japanese which I also posted before.