Waves of Synchronicities happening right now

That were indicated by the Romance in Spirit

In The life of Stephentree and documented in the ebook.

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Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intention of my heart

I am a house of wonder, I am a house of dreams

I wondered if I could make a living wondering and my life became wonderful

All day long I ponder your poetry, you who made the mountains and the trees, you who made my life and my dreams


Letter to my Children


The following letter to my children explains to them in the same way the spirit through synchronicity taught me to follow my own experience. Experience based on synchronicity and the poetry of life. This experience has taught me to value different things than what societry and even religion and science teach us to value.



From: Your Father                                                 Date: Nov 2003


     I have waited since you were three to be able to say anything,(now in your 20’s) and after what has happened I now know it is time to send you this letter and book. I cannot tell you straight out what it is I have to say because you would never comprehend that way. And so I tell you this way.

          The book (Wild Hearted Romance with Spirit) Read it, don’t interpret it and the spirit will tell you what it is I wish to tell you. The spirit will reveal to you through your life experiences the “true intent of my heart.” It is how you look at it, those that hate me will see a different interpretation than those that love me.

          For your eyes only. (p49 book P115 electronic version) Your moments in wonder will reveal the “true intent of the heart.” (mine and the Fathers) A special message is hidden for each of my children. There will be no priest to interpret my words. Let no man tell you what I mean unless it was your own spirit in your own moments that revealed it to you. For what you seek is very close to you, even in your heart and you do not need a teacher.

          What has happened is documented at www.dnatree.us/change and what it means for my children is related in the pages of the book (P31 of the book I sent along with this message P68 download version.) Understand that I never have stopped dreaming of our reconciliation but that I could not do it. I had to wait for the seed to grow in spirit. And it is the spirit that has promised that you will receive the message.

          The “right people” love their interpretation more than they love each other. And when that is taken from them they will see what they truly have.


          A big change will happen soon, many will not survive it, this is why I had to go away and find a way to tell you these things. The synchronicities witnessed by many in my family and by many whose stories will be available soon have to do with getting you ready for the experience. So rather than think I am crazy, search out these things yourself. I have spent my life being rejected by religious groups and society to prepare for what is coming shortly. I ask that you get to know me in the poetry, and in your own moments come to understand the “true intent of the heart”. P. Steven Spence

          This is a copy of the email I just sent to Sarah because of what is happening lately in my moments alone. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: I recognized a stirring in my soul From: steven@stephentree.com Date: Sun, August 01, 2004 1:43 pm To: Sarah. On friday 30 July 04 I was walking along a path in Lake Tahoe thinking about YOU. I recognised a stirring in my soul It was YOU You have always been there The heart of Girl That began three days of coincidences about YOU. Excerpt from the book "Wild hearted Romance with Spirit" I had gone through so much about emptyness in a deserted canyon wilderness. I was crying because I had lost home and children and was alone and my life had indicated that "she (my life) is even now at the door". So I was in this basin crying "girl, girl, why have you forsaken me" speaking of spirit from my perspective. I then found myself in a layered cave with no ceiling. The spirit said that I was in the "heart of girl" I was crying and digging because I needed so much and did not know where it would come from. I found this ugly small stone "beginning of a pearl" I did not know what was to happen in the days to come but now I know it was to layer that pearl. (Cameo)