The love they teach You is contrived love, the only real love is KNOWING YOU my life and SEEING YOU in the least of them.

There is only one love and that is to know and love YOUR LIFE. A partner is a shadow of that true love. Everyone WILL eventually deny You.

All love leads me to YOUR door.

After tasting this love, I realized an eternal love between YOU and I, but really YOU, my life and I are ONE. You might see this YOU as the poetry of what your moments are really telling YOU. Now if you still believe in love of a person above this love then you are waiting for that cross that reveals the heart after which there is only YOU.

When a woman has a child and something kicks in, it is not her love but the Spirit in her loving the child. Contrived love is empty, but the love that wants to flow through us is true. As the Rumi poem says


The inner secret, that which was never born,

you are that freshness, and I am with you now.

I can't explain the goings,

or the comings. You enter suddenly,

and I am nowhere again.

Inside the majesty


There is a thread about madness, one about obsession, one about what men and women are looking for, and many more spelling out who loves who madly.


Other synchs: The humility and love needed to hear from Spirit is related to a husband that is rejected by his wife and she slams him. She wonders why he never communicates with her again as he does not want to feel the negative emotion and wants to put it behind him. In the same way if you slam or reject the bum on the street "You have done it to me" so you do not hear from the bum or the spirit. The humility needed to open up to the Spirit is the same as loving the bum on the street for you listen to them looking for the love and synch from the Spirit. The last will become first. So Dogma Separates/ Love Integrates means that the dogma that keeps religious people rejecting You in your true experience with Spirit is related to why they are rejected by Spirit and that True Love (not contrived love which is the majority of what American women worship) True Love is being open to the Spirit in every person and everything and learning to recognize that voice. True Love only looks for spirit and does not point out the failings of others as the smallest of points overlooked will reveal the failings of Interpretation.