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She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:42 pm    Post subject: She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble) Reply with quote

This is related to many of the synchs of late of horses heads above water boat sinking and learning to stay in Sanctuary.

My darling daughter has gotten herself in a real mess as the world would see it. But I see it as she is finding herself and wanting to learn from Spirit. The misunderstandings that come from trying to interpret have gotten her in a real fix with the law and with her life. So I was reminded by my life of when I was in such a fix.... This might be called Jacob's Trouble. Now Jacob's Trouble was related to the Son of Abraham and how the Spirit reached him and taught him through his very difficult ordeal. Writing Your own story. My daughter is at an age where she will not listen to mother or even the world. Perfect for the Spirit to reach her.

I also want to reference the posts related to JBK and her dreams of horses heads above water. Fears of Money and Sak's synchs of Birds and Whales and Dolphines which are topics at this moment.

When the boat is sinking and those You love are having trouble keeping their head above water.

Don't worry about the holes that are sinking the boat just keep your heart on the fragrance and wait for the Spirit to catch You.

Now one of my own has lost their way (on purpose) and their seems to be no way out. Instead of saying they are wrong the Spirit will say You are in such a fix in order to learn the true intentions of the heart.

Last night in a very beautiful place I had this experience related to those I care and love (lovers/horses)

Remember Jacob when Your life was troubled (For as God suffered his only son to experience such a trouble) The Spirit calls me Jacob when I am experiencing the life of the one. YOU said to not feel shame or blame for You suffer for the sake of the SPIRIT, to know the
SPIRIT that is LIFE. The world will try to blame You but remember "who You are in ME". Live unveiled and uninhibited. In sanctuary You showed me how YOU would do this through me and fulfill their intentions, even those that misunderstood my intentions.

You got in sanctuary with ME
You forgot the trouble in order to hear what was present in the moment. You replaced the worry with Joy.
Even in the midst of the trouble.

As I learned to LIVE IN SANCTUARY with YOU.
YOU told me to love myself, to fill the layers with YOU.
YOU are fragrance
YOU are singing
YOU are Dancing alone in my closet/sanctuary

In the bird sanctuary Pam said the birds sing to forget the fear.
Here I will post the story of how sanctuary worked for me in LIFTING ME OUT OF MY COMPLACENCY.
I waited for YOU in Joy until YOU said "All is well"
I learned to Stay in that Joy... To carry YOU with me for nothing could go wrong with YOU near. I learned the meaning of freshness, of morning, of new birth and Springtime. I filled my heart to overflowing with YOU and sure enough what I had overlooked showed up and rescued me from the flood. I remember how YOU rescued me and now YOU are all there is. For there is only YOU and I. The reason for the trouble was not shame and blame as the world sees, but to get me to see only YOU.

Last night I was with YOU in a beautiful sanctuary and the PHEONIX was in the sunset and I taped some of the experience for those on OROBORUS.

Here is the Sanctuary I was in thinking about loved ones trying to keep their heads above water.

I have three videos I am posting, one mentions Yall on oroborus.

Bird sanctuary 1 is "The birds sing to let go of fear"

Bird sanctuary 2 is "The Reflection of Beauty in Sanctuary"

Bird sanctuary 2 is "Oroborus and Sandhill Crane sunset"
On this video we said it was Oct 16, 2009 but it was Oct 17, saturday

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for sharing!
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks JBK, such is life in sanctuary

I want to give an example of one days experience during those years alone in Sanctuary. I have posted this a long time ago but I cannot find it so I will tell the story again.

As I always did I was at home one evening alone and wanting to connect with the synchs. I had a table like an altar in the middle of the living room that I often spent my moments in ROMANCE with Spirit dreaming and wandering the halls thinking about synchs. Because of earlier synchs my moments had grown to profound experiences.

This one night I got the sanctuary ready by lighting incense and saying it was good. Fragrance is the connection to memory. By lighting a candle and getting the lighting good for dreams with YOU. (candlelite is best for romance and dreaming) By turning on music that was pleasing on the radio. I would put a few 3*5 cards on the table to write any synchs that came up in the moment. I would let go of all preconcieved thoughts and worries, this is not a time to go back to old but to be open to freshness.
Almost immediately the synchs began with a song to which I wrote the words down "baby hold on". Now the song was not about horse riding but I knew the Spirit was.
The next thing to come on the radio was a commercial about the rodeo coming up soon. To which I took the phrase and wrote it down "Get ready for the wild ride". Next the song "I want to ride wild horses, I want to have...." well never mind the rest as this was the part the Spirit wanted to me pick up on. I then turned tv on as I felt the Spirit move there and Lawrence Welk was singing "I am sitting on a rainbow and have my life by a string". This also was the equestrian.
The synch went on with a circus and the relationship between the horse and rider. How the man could jump through a fiery hoop and the horse was right there. Subtle intentions between horse and rider were communicated. This also was related to Spirit and beloved.

Now the next day I took off walking, loosing myself in wonder waiting for YOU to show up in some form. A Bronco truck pulled up next to me and dust was everywhere. The fellow said, "hey, what are You doing today?" To which I said "nothing, why" Then he said "would You like to help me tear down a barn?" It felt right, "sure", I said.

After helping to tear down the barn the man paid me and I began to walk the several miles home which I love to do. He called out to me "have You ever rode a horse?" I said Yes, even though the last time I had rode was 15yrs old. I knew it was right because of the synchs the night before. We coraled the horses from that site to my road I lived on. (Hay Meadow Rd.) He loved our conversation and invited me to ride for free each Wedn. when he gave paid rides.

Here is a pic of folks riding in Milton area near my house.

This is an example of how intentions found through synchs grow into experience. I had thousands of these experiences over the years that have led to the growing tree that is my life and the lives of loved ones.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wanted to place this here from
Totem Animals
That was our synch with the Round cloud there Brock

I presume they are antenna in the image.

Those antenna always tell me that I am 5 miles from home when I am traveling on I-5. But we did talk about a ship in the clouds when we experienced this the other day. One of the clouds looked like the Moscow Cloud. Also a synch with clouds is happening right now as I began to play with the software idea while we were there that google has of all the applications being on the net in a cloud and not in the computer. I told Pam that the program when called up would be descending and when finished and You send it back to the cloud it could be called ascending. Then later as we discussed Jacob's Trouble and how he left his parents to go find his life and take a wife in the old country on the way he "fought with an angel" and his heel was bruised and he had the vision of angels ascending and descending a ladder. This is forming the experience of the child learning from Spirit as my daughter is and having the heel bruised is the attention getter so that they will listen to Spirit at an age they do not listen to mother as my daughter is right now.

The poetry of Jacob's ladder related to life and loved ones leaving/ascending and new folks/babies and lovers descending.
The poetry of this young man Jacob who fought with the angel/girl is that when his heel was bruised it started him on a quest to know the Spirit of his father that he might be what the Spirit wants mutually from him.

She, MY LIFE, comes to me in many forms
and it's like poetry, like synchronicity
and, when he and she meet they know it is right
they dance like waves on an ocean of romance
He, builds a house from the ground up
She cleans the home from the top down
when he and she meet they know it is right. Dnatree


Last night Pam and I were playing with the synch of ascending and descending.
Jacob's Ladder by Mark Willis Note here to my daughter LOL "and getting caught didn't seem to matter. Very Happy
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