Expose on the true experiences of coming to know the spirit and of being rejected and denied by everyone that accepted religions answers instead of waiting for the spirit to gain each and every stone upon which the building was to be built. And of the storm that is even now upon us that will reveal all those merely hiding behind a veil of religion or even interpretation that was not given directly to the wearer of the veil by spirit.


The writer of this “expose on life coming out of religion” it must be told had also predicted fires and recent hurricanes in order to reach YOU (family and YOU) Like a tree I gradually took on this form.


            And of the coming fire, so hot it will melt any veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those merely hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide.


Get ready for the wild ride!


I was touched by the passion and truth that was obvious in the parables of Jesus.

So much so that I began to consume day and night the words of the writers of the bible. I studied hours each day and then when I  began to see what it was saying because the words said something that in reality if it were true than none no matter how intent ful could escape a wrath due to missing the mark. And even what was to be done in order to have true experience to know these things true would require abandoning all if necessary to reach this most sanctified and holy spirit as was required to know him.

And it was obvious both through the words written in the book and the evidence of separation over interpretation that it was not through man or flesh having explained it to me that I was to reach this requirement. So it became my sole purpose to be filled with the knowledge of the stories and writings of the book about the faith of those in other times but that I would wait  without knowing or taking an interpretation (husband) so that I would only believe what was given to me through experience with the spirit for all the interpretations of denominations about the book revealed a great misinterpretation and a building built without spirit. As I began to study and pray I found that especially when passion is mixed with an intent that certain intents the likes of which passion is a formidable ingredient, that these intents did sprout, and to the measure that some layers were formed from fear, guilt or joy the same was it dished out to me, so was the pain of the fruit of my own intentions that drove me into the wilderness seeking true intent. So I most desperately needed to find how to clean my intentions so that what I received was all that I could possible dream rather that a fearful lesson. In my desperation and passion I focused my intent and longing squarly at the spirit that is “MY LIFE”. It is through the clear fruit appearing after unrelenting passion in my longing started the first SYNCHRONICITY  which was focused on the word inheritance. Read story in testimony at www.dnatree.us . And as I observed these seeming coincidences occur I took note as to where I sowed and where it was from that I did reap. Taking note that the actual place I reaped the greatest synchronicities should be where I turn my attention and begin to further sow but in this field that has the greatest results from the sowing. But it was clear from the beginning that where the synchronicities were leading was not at all the pillars of interpretation that the world and religion had interpreted as important or the weightiest of intents as the world or even religion had judged. So it made me see that the words of Jesus saying that the spirit was to be contrary to the law was meaning a great deal more that what the public interpretation of the words of Jesus had meant. So it became clear that I had to let go of the veil of interpretation which the church, society and even parents had given me and learn to treasure only my moments with YOU, my life.

I was taught in my moments alone through synchronicities how the blood of billions, or lives of so many before me, had added unto the experiences related to the poetry of living. And how these selves just like myself, I will call them the fathers, how they had sown in the heart seed before me through the synergy of YOU and I as patterned in male and female to create all that is, for there has always only been YOU and I and when the veil of this flesh is lifted YOU and I are really ONE. How this sowing alone without what might be called civilization, and even before language developed in capability to shall we say spell out ideas caused all the natural experiences of love, and relationship with both another or a thing to create and map all that is called life. I FOUND THAT BY FIRST AFTER LEARNING THE QUESTIONS TO ASK OF LIFE THAT I BEGAN PASSIONATELY SOWING thoughts, questions and intentions to see what would then germinate. After much intent in that single direction and unrelenting a bud appeared. I let go of everything else that I had intended and poured my love into guarding and nourishing this bud. As this first bud grew I then noticed that the experiences that I then recognized as synchronicities were themselves woven experiences into my moments so that the fabric had other wonders woven in. Now as I awed at the marvel of these woven wonders which revealed the grace and most loving nature of the original intent of the owner of the heart I possessed within me, I then found myself abandoning the earlier questions and giving nourishment to these seeds which flourished in these fields of heart. But those that were merely hiding behind a veil of religion that made them feel safe were immediately troubled by my experiences and very active in their intention to lead me back to the safety of religion where the fearful and unbelieving gathered in droves and they all were quite fearful of something that did not match their interpretation of the book. The experiences I had because of the fears and because of the taught beliefs of these religious fearful masses made my experiences in spirit explode in magnitude and frequency. It was becoming extremely evident what Jesus true intention of the heart was when he spoke in hard sayings that the fearful in the churches had the official interpretations of their meanings but which the spirit was making completely new. These misunderstandings and experiences of being denied by everyone in my reality led me to a life alone for a long time as I continued to learn from the experiences of synchronicity growing over years into ever more layered and real experiences yet still I could not share what I was taught but longed to reach YOU. (family and fellow beings) Now the experiences of synchronicity became moments of vivid poetry as I began to be holy into it alone. Each season producing fruit and seed which then became the next seasons experiences causing yet further sowing to a new season yet again and fruit with seed cleverly woven in. To which now though once I sowed in my heart alone I now have sown in yours. Now the spirit said that in order to create the depth of longing that was necessary to cause a thirst sufficient to be shall we say born again with true faith leading to salvation and in order to learn what it is that makes salvation necessary the requirement had to be such as to cause experience and a struggle to such depths as the experienced be able to share in the loss and emptiness of the original intent that after learning over and over came to see a time of letting go and of new birth and of relinquishing the old life that was used to reach the fathomable life of the only begotten which is the spirit of man. But after the deluding influence that was necessary to experience the life of the one that came to a place of new birth from what had been learned from this old life. Seeing that all the crème of lives past had a common poetry that was as the bride that was created to comfort and accompany the now established son of God.