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Overlooked by Religion


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By Stephentree

Prayer and Synchronicity  ( I see men walking around as trees) Confusion has come from so many interpretations that were never given from spirit. To grow in the spirit as a tree grows is to collect your synchronicities with spirit and to ask the questions relative to the original intent of life. Prayer and synchronicity

It is my intention to agree with the Original Intent of Jesus and therefore agree with those that see truth in Jesus, however what the builders of Christianity have done to cover up that truth is what will be exposed. And what the fears of those hiding behind Christianity have done to so many that have passed through the church seeking to know him. (Jesus)

(The fearful and unbelieving hiding behind a veil of interpretation in Christianity will soon have that veil removed revealing the true intent of their heart. For a deluding influence that is bait for the fearful was placed within the writings that they who worship their interpretation and do not know the spirit will be revealed)

My Christian Experience (Testimony)


It was through Jesus that the spirit spoke saying; I am the door. But it was a man that said believe on the name of Jesus. A subtle difference yet it changes everything. For though the intent of his heart he knew what he was doing, (and so did some of the generation he spoke to) succeeding generations would misinterpret. Therefore it was again spoken by the spirit through Jesus; The spirit was to lead you into all truth. Being dead to the reality interpreted as sin and alive to you, the spirit. The idea of you learned not by reading about you but by coming to know you.

       The savior you look for (is) and has always been the spirit. Now the spirit may work through a donkey but even the donkey knew it was the spirit that spoke. For those that look for a man do not know the spirit. This most smallest of points as given from the spirit has the power to change entirely every point believed now by interpretation and reveal the original intent of the heart of Jesus.

       Here in the dream with you. This dream more real than the interpretations that man demand we worship, what they call reality. The smallest of points (glances, from spirit) from you makes real (new) what was formally only a dream. The synchronicities are reflecting that this reality with you, though you are a dream, and a spirit, you are more real than what men BELIEVE is reality. And though the spirit being incomprehensible to the religious because they do not know the spirit but they know a myth, or theory of you and a misinterpretation of you, revealed by interpretation not given by spirit but by man, therefore it was written, they will follow a lie. Consider that it was always those led by spirit that did not do what was expected yet were totally knew in their relationship with God. But it was always the religious such as the Pharisees that imitated the scripture to veil themselves of shame.




Which of the following will be shown to be made RIGHT in the last day



1. An individual that has read the bible and has been taught by the most perfectly correct interpretation offered by any church. This person has accepted the notion that Jesus is his savior and believes this.


2. A man from another country has indeed found the spirit that spoke to Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, and Jesus though he knows none of these names. This spirit frequently speaks with this man and this man believes he will spend eternity with this one he has come to know. This man cannot read, and has never read the bible.


Hint: The Pharisees followed the letter of the book, of the accepted interpretation. But Jesus using the smallest of points overlooked by the religious proved that they did not know God. Jesus also indicated that it was not by searching the scriptures that you have eternal life but by knowing the spirit.


The fearful and controlling have taken over the interpretation of the book



Now the law was given because of the hardness of their hearts, but the one thing that you were never to do was to use it to control another. The law was given that in the absence of the spirit you do not destroy yourself. The moment you are in the spirit you live by the spirit. Example: Abraham was in the spirit at the moment he lifted the knife to kill his only son. If he were not in the spirit then he was under the law and he would have no offering. Yet the spirit fulfills the original intent of the law. But the fearful seeing him would because of their fear and their own separation at that moment from the spirit would not know that this man was in the spirit and would seek to use the law to stop him not knowing the ways of the spirit for this man. (these are the fearful and unbelieving) So the law was created for you, not for you to offer another, for if you are to offer anything the original intent of offering was that given you by the spirit not something given by man to fill the place of Spirit. There is no offering except that which is in the spirit so the greatest sin of Religion is this separation, not knowing the spirit they seek to quench the spirit with their fear and misinterpretation by their reason, using the law in a manner not given them to use it. Not knowing that in their interpreting apart from spirit they are creating greater and greater separation (sin). Even those close to Jesus did not know the true intent of his heart but were commissioned to send out the stories of what they remember about the moments with him. To understand how it can be fulfilled in the spirit that “you do it unto them you do it unto me” and truly how to “Love thy neighbor as thyself is not accomplished by duplication, nor by imitation, nor by searching the scriptures for the right interpretation. But that through seeking to know the spirit you find her/him and learn from her/him (my life) the power of the separators (as Israel was “ONE MAN” so the man of sin is as one man hiding behind a veil of interpretation)

       All of my passion is focused on that which will replace that veil of interpretation, which separates us. For this one man that which replaces the law is the memory and collection of my "Moments with you, my life". And what I learn from knowing you. Not knowing words in a book for they are easily reinterpreted, but knowing YOU.


There is only “YOU and I”


In the world to come,,,after the storm, there will be a new vision of what life is..who "YOU and I" are. Imagine the world before language grew like a tree into it's present form. A world where you see yourself in different terms of "I". Where you see everything on the other side of this veil as "YOU", my life. For God is all and in all. Now you have learned from the moment and the gift of the great storm, that reordered your life as you know it. For you have learned to only feel that which is Joy in the spirit of who you come to know as "YOU". MY LIFE. If a thought arises that is not as the spirit would allow then I look to "you" to replace this thought and I look for you (fragrance,wonder after you, my life) in this moment and realize that I only want to feel things that bring Joy for I know that everything I feel, everything I dream, especially everything I give my passion to is that which is filling my heart and therefore what I am drawing more of to me in my dream. So I look for you in the moment to fill the emptiness where that thought is and I have learned through knowing you to cherish that which I am given to replace it. (As something I was to place on the altar) In this way, day by day knowing you I have come to trust you and have learned the subtle romance which is how "YOU and I" meet together. (See tent of meeting, tabernacle) And after learning this alone with you I found how to see "YOU" in them,( in the moment with them) and if I cannot see it I am to let go and go seek your face.

       So we do not need to get rid of the law and the prophets but only the notion that it is given to control others. In the same manner that the original intent of Public Servant was never to be one that lords it over you but is there to serve you, in the same manner the law is there to serve not to demand, for he who does not know the way of the spirit in his own life is as the wife which when the husband leaves beats the children and uses what was offered to the heart as something that was to be used on the bottom like a paddle. We see that the misuse of the original intent by government and religion is what will be taken from them by spirit soon.

       Now if you are in any other than a state of trust and joy then you are best to adhere to every jot and tiddle of the law of man and what was called the law of God. But if you are in the spirit you will without exception be fulfilling the original intent of the law.

       Take the original tent of meeting between you and I, the tabernacle, if I dream of you in the form of a lover and you come to me and we both recognize “you” in that moment then “when he (dreamer) and she (dream) meet they KNOW it is right!” Now the others who not being in the spirit fear this and not knowing the dream they were not part of this “marriage” made in dreams. So they take it on themselves to break the law and covenant put together by God by their misinterpretation when all along they should have been dreaming of which form “YOU” were to come to them. For living with “you” in every form you come to me is my life.





Faith in God does not mean faith in the interpretation that is offered by this church or that group. Abraham did not believe a church, nor a book, he believed the spirit of God. Faith based on Protestant or Catholic theology will be seen by spirit as in the days before writing where the original intent of the idol is lost and the descendents are controlled by the popular interpretation. The interpretation as strong as a law because of popular belief blocks the door to the original intent. So you have the two principals governing where your understanding should be developed.


1.    Though shall not worship any graven image, for that ends up worshiping man’s interpretations of the image.

2.    Not by the will of man, but by God.


Writing and interpretation by teachers other than spirit as pernicious ways.


The true teacher as spirit expressed: But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it (Deut. 30:14


You see the problems and fighting are over Misinterpretations because of man taking the place of spirit. So to tell the stories as the indigenous people of old have done is good for the spirit is left to use it. But the right people modern religion have thrown that out and overlooked many things understood in past civilizations to push this interpretation or that one on their neighbor. This will be the great sin (separation factor) in the world to come as is indicated by this change in spirit.


For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,' for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them (Heb. 8:10,11). This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them (Heb. 10:16).


This page reflects only a few points that will change how man see’s scripture and what the true intent of the heart of Jesus was. As knowledge increases a spark of new understanding will start a prairie fire of love and understanding. Jesus said “How I wish it was already kindled”. My writings in the free ebook are designed to show how the smallest of points revealed by the spirit changes all things.



(For more on the spirit through Stephentree listen to the poetry and read the free ebook but above all seek the spirit in your own moments as it is written The word you seek is very near to you even in your mouth and in your heart and you do not need a teacher. DEUT )