Catalina Island

            A new experience with You to share. Boy did I need it after some of the things that had gone on lately. I had dreamed that Pam her sister and I would have a wonderful day on Catalina as I drove to Southern California to get my Pammy. I had worked more than four days this week as I did not have my helper. I don’t know how those that work five days or more a week keep perspective. (I would loose it.)



The freshness off the boat

The first thing we heard getting off the boat from other passengers was, “look at how fresh the water is”.


Crescent synchs



Pam's sister lived on Crescent in Buena Park and then having many crescent synchs on the way to Catalina we found that the curved road in Avalon on Catalina was called Crescent. Met another couple having crescent synchs themselves and also living on crescent avenue in Buena Park. Many synchs with this couple. We had crescent synchs having to do with Islam just before 9/11. We were looking at the full moon as being unveiled emotions and the crescent moon as being mostly veiled emotion.


Butterfly earrings (orange)

The orange butterfly seems to be related to healing related to misunderstanding. For this symbol keeps showing up. First at Pismo Beach where the monarchs gather.

And then when we got off the boat in Catalina Pam was drawn to the orange butterfly earrings.

The sub and tours


The girls wanted to take some tours so we went on the sub and inside tour of the island. It was great seeing so many fish in the windows as we shot food like torpedoes at them. Pam and I were intent full on manifesting a big ugly fish with big teeth as there were just flocks of them everywhere.



The ravens



The decision to stay (Hermosa Hotel)

When we found out how cheap the Hermosa Hotel was we decided to stay and that day trip turned into three days. Hey, it was 25 dollars a night during the week.

We had to step on a chair outside our room to see the City and bay.

The view from our cheap room

Down the stairs to the showers



The Joy of Avalon


The voyage there and back

Pam and I outside the boat



Great story about Catalina Island