Camp San Luis Obispo

Aug 2007

Camp San Luis Obispo Sign


This is an amazing story of how the Spirit showed up just when we needed a campsite. All the motels and campsites were taken and we laughed it off as “we will find a place”. So we went into a shell station in San Luis Obispo and I pointed to a fellow that walked in and said “You know where we can camp tonight” and he said. Well, yes,, I work at Camp San Luis Obispo (The National Guard armory) and they have an rv park if you have any card that relates you to the military. Well I did, I had a Veterans disability card. What was really funny was I had begun to tease Pam by calling her Soldier when she wanted to go back to get her toothbrush before we went walking on the beach I said “You can suck your teeth soldier. (Just joking of course)

And this place was wonderful except you got woke up at 7am by cadence.



and It had all the amenities Pam really liked the bathroom facilities.  

It was perfect

While I was there I noticed something about folks in the military as I came up to people and had to get out my meter and help them figure out why the breaker in their camper was tripping. But that got me looking at our military. The emphasis is on how we look, but not on the actual abilities. You see I looked rather rag-tag compared to the officers there but I was (through the Spirit) able to actually fix several electronic and tactical situations while I was there that they would not have attempted. I began to think about how fifty Might men of valor (guided by synchronicity) could be used by the Spirit to reach into a situation and change it, such as Iraq.

Instead of having the emphasis on throwing money and equipment at a region to strong hand them. For the smallest of points overlooked defeats money and might. Instead this country will turn to Spirit to find solutions after the great Whirlwind.



Foot in the Pic

It is a little thing I do, (put my foot in the pic to prove I was there and it was me taking the pic)

foot and fish heads (also had fish head synchs on this trip                foot and star having siesta

This can go tooo far



Blue Star Synchs

Been having synchs with a blue star

There was the blue star synchs at Point Arena, on this car as we were on the way to San Luis Obispo, and in Morro bay near the rock we found this plastic blue star on the ground and had fun with it.

I walked up to these children fishing and asked if they caught anything and they said

We are fishing for starfishes

So I pointed to where they could find them over by Morro Rock attached to rocks

Here if you look closely you will see a star piñata under the tree where the man is sitting.

Morro Bay



Writing while on this trip


The Idol/ Creature/ Beast Christianity Worships

They are all caught in a net

The Mis/ interpretation that comes from trying to INTERPRET the person (Jesus) rather than go to the Spirit for truth (smallest of points overlooked) will be revealed to be

Following the BEAST


That would be like trying to figure me out rather without first asking the Spirit what is (The true intention of his heart)

They saw the reaction in the books called Gospels when Jesus revealed the people were following interpretation instead of Spirit.

What must we do to be saved.

Since the beginning of time it has not changed, for it is through the Spirit. The Story changes as the Spirit is always fresh, in the beginning, but the path has never changed.