The Coincidence that all the places I have been has later caught fire and burned up to the home but did not touch the home.


As in my experience at the Farm in Milton Florida where the fire came up to my house three times but never touched my home.


Like in my book “Wild Hearted Romance with Spirit”

Where the fire cleared away the chaff and left what was weighty.  What is really Weighty remains. In fact fire reveals the weights and true intentions of the heart.


Listen to the tide slowly turning ,, listen to the ashes burning A door A passionate burning cross Shake the tree (dna) Shiver me timbers captain The virgins and their lamps waiting , drawing the fragrance of the heart,, the veil


You misconstrued my IN TENT Let it roll!!! do ya feel the power Fullness (passionate,burning,cross, mobile, fullness) Wait upon the dream, then, when he and she meet,, it’s right.



And this tree cannot be described except that it grow in you. All my past interpretations were as the grass and the thornbushes that when the fire (time of trouble in my own life came) these burned up and the tree remained.



My writing is a Spell

A Constant Prayer

That YOU will reach them through me


This Prayer started 30 yrs ago and was bumped up in energy each experience related to “A Great Passion To Reach You”

Which would have killed me if I “Truly could not have given it to YOU”. That YOU would accomplish a seemingly impossible thing THROUG ME.



Catalina Island

Our Experience in Catalina Just before the Fires




Meadow Cliff

Our experience at Meadow Cliff

Email from Meadow Cliff

Good Morning All -
Today is Wednesday June 6 at ~4:50 am. 
The recent fire that originally started last week and was thought to
be out, flared back up with heavy winds (up to 75 MPH) at ~ 9:30 am
yesterday morning. After Tim being on the tractor and cutting fire
breaks, and with heroic efforts by some many firefighters, Meadowcliff
was spared. In fact, except for the burned property to the north of
us, most looks the same.  The fire did come all the way to the base of
the cliffs and was held there. No structures were lost, but some
pinions and sage were lost.

Florida Fires Related to the Song Rain


Prayers and intentions to reach all hearts.

The poetry of the fires


Coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet. And leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide.

My intent and poetry of the Rain as suggested by Spirit the last few years.


Wash away my sorrow take away my pain, your love is coming down like rain.

Rain by Madonna (My daughter is named Raine)


I feel it, it's coming


Rain, feel it on my finger tips
Hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like
Rain, wash away my sorrow
Take away my pain
Your love's coming down like rain

When your lips are burning mine
And you take the time to tell me how you feel
When you listen to my words
And I know you've heard, I know it's real
Rain is what this thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I'm not
I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your


When you looked into my eyes
And you said goodbye could you see my tears
When I turned the other way
Did you hear me say
I'd wait for all the dark clouds bursting in a perfect sky
You promised me when you said goodbye
That you'd return when the storm was done
And now I'll wait for the light, I'll wait for the sun
Till I feel your


Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say, never go away

Waiting is the hardest thing
[It's strange I feel like I've known you before]
I tell myself that if I believe in you
[And I want to understand you]
In the dream of you
[More and more]
With all my heart and all my soul
[When I'm with you]
That by sheer force of will
[I feel like a magical child]
I will raise you from the ground
[Everything strange]
And without a sound you'll appear
[Everything wild]
And surrender to me, to love

Rain is what the thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I'm not
I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your

Rain, I feel it, it's coming
Your love's coming down like


Rain, I feel it, it's coming
Your love's coming down like




Burning Down the House


In Christianity I have had this Synchronicity


As this 27 Aug 2003 15:15:56 –0700  post on the net


The smallest of points,,spark that will start the fire

Burning down the house.... Yehhhhhh

Yes these are synchronicities of late. Burning up the chaf of
interpretation by the spirit. Without spirit proving each point in the
equation..... they suppose and interpret in vain.

I am a house of wonder
I am a house of awe and dreams
I wondered if I could make a living wondering
and my life became....... wonder--full

Don't try to interpret me..... I was meant to wonder after, for wonder
is the rhelm of the spirit.


It will be as you BELIEVE or judge others. If you were taught by the
spirit then it is as that relationship or covenant dictates. But if
you believe the accepted interpretation that man says is correct then
you have judged that everyone goes to hell but yourself and a select
few then your fate will be in similitude to your judgment. Within my
life the spirit revealed that I am to see through a thin veil given me
by the spirit and through this veil I am to see "spirit" as I have
come to know spirit in all. Or to put it simply, "looking through the
veil, I only see YOU in them". No, actually you are perceived much
more wonder-full than you perceive yourself. But without spirit
building your interpretation, you labor in vain. My testimony which is
also in a book I wrote about "Wild hearted Romance with Spirit"
reveals my experience with spirit. You see that is the smallest of
points overlooked that all even though we believe we have the right
interpretation without spirit we will be made wrong when the original
intent returns and the first according to interpretation will be last.
For they required the whole world to believe what they did not get
from God. After many years alone seeking the spirit I found that
without the spirit those that believe every point is correct within
their equation will find that the smallest of points that they
overlooked will alter that equation and render their
interpretation.... meaningless. And the least of the brethren will be
shown to have been more in touch with spirit though their experience
seems ....unbelievable.


So this is related to the fire in the heart when the spark hits the powder.