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The Ultimate Gift

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A life experience becomes a gift.


I was afraid to rent this movie because it was related to foxfaith but it turned out to be something very different.

Like my story about Inheritance, loss, gifts and the love of a father,,,well each one of those are what this story is about. I was overwhelmed with the intentions that matched my life and story. Wonderful Movie

Spoiled trust beneficiary playboy Jason Stevens is angry with his incalculably rich grandfather Red Stevens, and with his own life. When Red dies Jason shows up late for the funeral and makes a scene when he does show. But Red has prepared a "gift" for Jason's inheritance, unlike anything he leaves to the rest of the family. Indeed, Red leaves the rest of his self-absorbed and greedy Stevens family merely money. However, Jason's "gift" must be earned, and so Jason sets off on the quest. The quest for what Jason initially has no idea. In essence, Jason's quest is the quest of the aspiring knight who must slay his dragon to prove he is a man. Consequently, some may find the plot contrived or even hackneyed. But, as with all fables, it is the struggle that matters, not the circumstance, and what this movie shows is the very real struggle of all young men to find meaning in and a purpose for their lives. For some reason this kind of sentimentality is lately acceptable in war movies, but rarely elsewhere. Thus, it is refreshing to see in a context if minimal violence. When Jason finally gets his "gift" he has become a man that Red could be proud of, and who can be proud of himself. This is a deeply moving picture, and a well constructed one. But it is also one that one must be ready to watch.

Rain and Salt


The free things come (labor day "sowing")
On labor day the gifts from the Universe that were sowed for in past years began to show up all day. A valentines cup left under a tree and forgotten. A brand new stuffed monkey falls off a truck as I walk across the street, and a call that I have been having synchs about for a week.

I wrote this from the synchs of that day

They "will see" their abundance and if they have two jackets they will give away the other anonomously (for you give to Your life) Laying it down. American households as possessing enough to equip many households.

Be to us this day (as) our daily bread

YOU, my life come to me in many forms

The membrane and surface of the earth as "this is my body"
which was given to You, Be unto us as those things we hunger for. YOU come to me in the form I dream YOU.

The synch between this experience and the gifts related to the movie.
A TREE bearing Gifts

Many in my family experiencing "love across time" and an ultimate gift. Be one of Mine

dnatree poem:

Wild hearts cannot be broken
The preacher and lawyer have taken my bride (bride,wife,life, freedom in Spirit)
and by their view she is made to abide.
Is this the reason that I died???
Itís love across time get ready for the RIDE!

This is my passion play!!!

Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes entirely everything and renders all interpretations meaningless.
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