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We were on our way back from Gold Hill Nevada passing through Tahoe when this commercial came on the radio.

Make diamonds out of your loved ones ashes.

It felt like a synch but I was not sure
Later last night (Friday night) Pam and I were sitting in a Denny's writing. I had a satual of writings from several years ago that I had not looked at since I wrote them but I was drawn to this one paper by itself.

It had written on it the two words I was having a synch with when I wrote the paper a couple years ago.... Ashes and Diamonds.

Ashes of the fathers
Those who went before us
Ashes and sorrow,, Lamenting,, because of those words that did survive
Exercising a game between You and I, that enmity with the snake.
Crying over the fathers, ashes and sackcloth (cheapest heavy woven cloth where we could use to tear the veil intent/ritual.
The Spirit is rejoicing at the fathers
The first came from words
The second of it's own source
Rejoicing dancing singing
originate in all cultures
Indicating it was one thing that survived the veil of time.
Further indicating the source of Joy and truth
Not the words, but the spirit within each of these.
Each are primal aspects of the original Romance with Spirit

The diamonds in the Ashes

Because of Spirit's like I saw in Jesus
I knew YOU existed
So I sought YOU and each day waited for a whisper from YOU.
YOU took the experiences of my old life and showed me the diamonds in the ashes.

Other synchs... Urgent, 11th hour,

Off the record....war outlawed by obvious direction of the earths environment and need for change... This is meaningless ,,, don't bother reading,,, rubbish. No we would rather kill the earth and each other to cover up the truth..... Silly rabbit,, was rabbit food effected by the pet food scandal? Stop! Stop!! Go to sleep! Good Night John Boy and Happy Easter... What will we find tomorrow.. Colored fertility symbols?
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes entirely everything and renders all interpretations meaningless.