Before being called to Lake Tahoe I was writing about the synch of Fire and Rain




Rain, fire, ice, water kept showing up as names of Galleries and in each place we wandered to.



This was also related to healing


Wow what a time we have had here in Tahoe especially about Fire/rain as the synchs were every step here.

There are galleries called Fire and Rain and Also Fire and Ice. Then walking on the trails they have displays about the health of the the envirement "holy tablets" All my synchs before about "living on the edge"
Baptism in Water (understanding) and in Fire (Spirit/ experience/ wine)
Keep the "home fires burning". Also about when I was on the edge of death and the Spirit indicated to "let go of the fear" and "what does it matter if I died" except in this moment I am with YOU. So at the door to that fear corridor was written on my heart "to be in this moment with YOU" and not to look at tomorrow or yesterday as that is where the pain and fear came in. I will be writing all that has happened here with pictures when we get back later as we are still here in Tahoe. Spring heals winter and winter heals summer. On death 444, hey get it over with as it is just letting go of the parts that do not go on. Like Jesus was the new birth of the old Testament and our experience is the rebirth of that Spirit which will not look like the old man.

Other synchs

Hot and Cold compresses "Edgar Cayce"

Sun (fire) and wet (water) soil and a plant growing

Experience (fire baptism) and understanding/learning (water baptism)

Summer fire and winter ice/water

The fear corridor and toothaches as my filling just fell out.. HEHEHE No Problem

From tablet on trail: It takes all the pieces to ensure that clear and clean water is delivered.

Galilee/ tree / circle water flows through/ Jordan water that descends.

The overlooked importance of freshness and experience in healing.

I too felt like I was falling apart before this trip but getting in the moment with YOU and no thoughts of the fear I begin to feal great.

Pam exacerbated? her symptoms when she got in fear about her health. Written on the door to her fear corridor/cross was "I will catch You" as she was afraid of death and falling. MS depth perception.


The edge is where all life exists.  I am He, Victory, driving his chariot along the EDGE of life and death. She, she is as the horses, and the crack of my whip only excites her.  DNATREE


One of the things I felt reading this was “Quick as a Flash”


He makes a sign for her out of the materials he finds in the moment


In the same way synchronicity takes the pieces of my experience and uses them in unique ways to convey meaning.



The Tahoe Watershed



There is Still Snow on the Mountain this late in Spring