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Wow, another strange synchronicity as Pam and I went to watch Tenacious D and it was about the Pick of destiny but ended the movie as the bong of destiny, where after they smoked they could write some really cool lyrics.

But those that have gone through the experience of the INTERPRETATION of Christianity that does not recognize the Spirit will note that they will believe that such things as are being written in this thread now as fulfilling the interpretation that in the last days their will come mockers. Saying "Where is the promise of his coming" (rapture) But all will be misled as the coming of the Spirit that was in Jesus is not that you are taken but that you experience the rapture of knowing he/she is and that she/he is on your side.

Like our recent adventure at the Naked Lounge with the two seats pointing two different direction and the two trains going two different directions where the two sides have built tracks to keep the two separated. But in experience with spirit all opposites unite. Male/female, dem/repub east/west young/old.

Through love in the Spirit, all opposites unite.
For only the spirit knows the true intentions of the heart. Society has judged all according to their interpretation of the intentions of the heart, which means, society and religion has misunderstood the heart.

Recent email from my mother about the word RECKON in the bible inspired this writing.

That you reckon yourself dead to the interpretations and to sin and the law and only alive now to experience in the spirit which by putting out an intention that is based on love would surpase any INTERPRETATION by it being the love of spirit through you and not your feeble attempts to love.
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes everything and renders all the interpretations not given of Spirit,,,, meaningless!!!!